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Golden Axe is a video game franchise created by SEGA that was included in Worlds Unite.

Characters and Concepts

Golden Axe Crew

Ax Battler, Tyris Flare, and Gilius Thunderhead in Yurian Forest.


  • Ax Battler-a male human who leads the heroes of the Golden Axe series. Despite his name, his favored weapon appears to be a sword.
  • Tyris Flare-an Amazon warrior who wields a sword and wears an outfit resembling a bikini.
  • Gilius Thunderhead-a Dwarf warrior who wields an axe.


  • Death Adder-the main antagonist of the franchise, who facial features are obscured by a horned red helmet.


  • Yurian Forest-a forest location that serves as one of the game's levels.

Background Information

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