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The subject of this article appeared after the Super Genesis Wave.

Gold the Tenrec
Gold the Tenrec
Biographical information




Physical description
  • Brown sari with blue and golden edge markings
  • Brown boots with light brown feet cuffs
  • Light blue hand cuffs
  • White gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Telepathy
  • Psychokinesis
  • Minor mental healing/mind control
  • Above-average education in sciences and civics

Gold the Tenrec is a Mobian Tenrec native to an unknown world or dimension, who wound up in Silver's Future after her home was ravaged by the Second Devourer. She went on to become a member of the corrupt Onyx City Council, before turning rogue and becoming an ally to Silver the Hedgehog and Professor Von Schlemmer.


Gold hails from unnamed alternate reality that was one day left petrified by a giant monster known as the Second Devourer that appeared via a Genesis Portal. She almost fell victim to the creature herself until she was able to escape through a Genesis Portal that took her to Silver's future world, specifically the Science Center. Once she arrived there she encountered the Onyx City Council who offered to take care of her. Gold thus underwent training under their watch, eventually becoming a member of the Council. However, she soon realized they were only using her abilities to study the Genesis Portals and used her powers to subdue the mind-control devices they placed on her. (SU: #81)


Gold is forced to open the council's Genesis Portal.

Later, Professor Von Schlemmer came before the council, with Silver the Hedgehog in tow, and warned of the impending danger of the Genesis Portals, unaware that the council themselves were in the process of trying to create their own man-made portal. The council dismissed the pair, then Gold communicated with Silver via telepathy, instructing him and the professor to return after hours. Gold later revealed herself to Silver and Von Schlemmer at the lab as an ally, before her fellow council members ambushed the group. Subduing the trio, Gold was forced to open up their own Genesis Portal despite her warnings that something was waiting on the other side to come through. The portal was opened and, sure enough, the Second Devourer made its way through and began to petrify the city. (SU: #80, #81)

The trio devised a plan to use the professor's Bigger-Maker Machine to make Silver grow in both size and power, enough to let him combat the monster, but the machine needed to be recalibrated to work on a full person, something that Von Schlemmer accomplished with the combined brain power of everyone present (including The Bits) and Gold, thanks to her telepathy, which she also used to give Silver words of encouragement during the his battle against the Second Devourer. Silver eventually succeeded shutting away the monster through Genesis Portal, but the heroes celebration was short-lived as, at that moment, yet another portal opened below their feet, sending Gold and her new friends falling to an unknown fate. (SU: #82)



Gold in her Council uniform.

Gold, as her name states, is a golden tenrec who wears a brown-colored sari with blue and gold markings akin to Silver the Hedgehog's on the edge of the sari. The inside of her ears are colored black with the tip being colored gold. She has blue eyes with light blue eye markings, and on the top of her head, she has an incomplete-circle colored slightly yellow. She wears brown boots with light brown cuffs. Her hand cuffs are light blue, her gloves are white, and she has light-gold fur on her chest. Her muzzle is peach colored. When wearing her Onyx City Council uniform, she bares the five-dotted mask.



Background Information[]

  • Gold's species was confirmed by her creator Evan Stanley, writer of the Sonic Universe arc of which she made her debut. She further clarified that she was a Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec. BKC
  • According to Evan Stanley on her personal Tumblr blog, Gold was created as a replacement for Nicole, whom she originally planned to include in the "Silver Age" arc. Early on, Gold was intended to be an AI "descendant" of Nicole from Silver's future, although this idea was later scrapped in favor of Gold being a Mobian tenrec with no relation to Nicole.
  • Gold's name goes in tandem with Silver's: they are both types of metal often paired together.
  • Evan Stanley stated on her Tumblr blog that she thinks of Gold as being either bisexual or lesbian. However, this was never established in-canon before the series was cancelled.
    • This marks the first time a member of the creative team has stated a character to be LGBT while still working on the series. Previously, former head writer Ken Penders stated his belief that Rotor the Walrus was gay, as well as confirming his own character Knecapeon Mace was intended to be gay, all of which was after he'd left the series.
  • The same Tumblr post also revealed various other aspects about Gold, including that her ethnicity is "whatever the Sonic's World equivilent of India is", she has a phobia of being bound or controlled, and she excells as a civic planner.
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