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Georgette brainwashed

Georgette the Walrus was the mother of Rotor and Skeeter Walrus and the wife of the late Sherman Walrus. She hails from the subterranean city of Iceborough in the Northern Tundra, though she lived in Mobotropolis for a time. Along with her people, she has three times endured enslavement at the hands of Dr. Robotnik and his successor, Dr. Eggman, but was freed permanently after the third ocassions.


Early Life[]

Georgette and her husband Sherman Walrus left the Northern Tundra in search of opportunity in Mobotropolis, where their son Rotor was born. Sadly, despite living through the dangerous times of the Great War, Sherman perished in the early days of the First Robotnik War while resisting Dr. Robotnik. While Rotor was evacuated to Knothole with other children, Georgette-then pregnant with her son Skeeter Walrus-returned to their native home amongst the Walrus Herd. Owing to its isolation, they enjoyed peace for quite some time. (CSE)


Sadly, Robotnik's campaign eventually made its way north, and Georgette barely managed to send Rotor a distress signal using an antiquated radio system before being brainwashed along with the rest of her herd. They were to be used in a scheme to freeze the entire planet, but the efforts of Rotor and two members of the Arctic Freedom Fighters set them adrift on an iceberg. Later, the effects of the Ultimate Annihilator freed the Herd from this control, allowing them to live peacefully for some time. However, Dr. Eggman soon made his first foray into the region, placing the Herd under his control and driving Rotor-who had returned to spend time with his family-out of the region. Fortunately, the Arctic Freedom Fighters were able to get him to safety, though the Herd remained in Eggman's hold for the time being. (StH: #31, #32, #72, #85)

The Knothole Freedom Fighters eventually returned to the region, using the magical Sword of Acorns to free the Walrus herd from Eggman's grip once again. Following this, they entered a period of peace, and their city of Iceborough became a prominent area of the region. (StH: #109, #215)

Dark Egg Legion[]


Georgette with her two sons

The Arctic Freedom Fighters later contacted New Mobotropolis to inform them that a chapter of the Dark Egg Legion had captured the Walrus Herd. Sonic the Hedgehog was dispatched to aid the team in freeing them, and learned from them that the Legion had constructed a Psionic Emitter to aid them in using their sonar abilities to once again brainwash the Walrus Herd. The enslaved Walruses were employed in maintaining the Legion's new Totem Base above water, and a horde of them armed with spears, axes, maces, and swords stood guard as the Freedom Fighters arrived to liberate them. Sonic was fighting them until he was hit in the back by Georgette and Skeeter. Not wanting to hurt them, he tried to talk some sense int them, but Erma Ermine had to interfere to keep him from getting clubbed. Eventually, Rotor and Silver the Hedgehog arrived at the vicinity and broke into the base. Silver then used his psychic powers to permanently free Georgette, Skeeter, and the rest of the herd from the legion's control, as well as forcing the legion to retreat. On the way to Iceborough, Georgette repeatedly explained to Silver that Boomer was actually Rotor's childhood nickname. She later complimented Rotor on being a Freedom Fighter at heart and helping to run Mobotropolis. She also says that his father would have been proud of him. (StH: #214, #215)


Georgette is a caring mother who is very proud of her two sons.