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Geoffrey Reveal Profile
Geoffrey St. John
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #20

Final Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #241

Biographical information
  • Commander


Physical description


  • Fur: Black/White
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Green Combat Uniform (formerly)
  • Cross Bow Weapon
  • Tuxedo (formerly)
  • Purple Beret
  • Purple Boots
  • Purple Utility Belt
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Advanced hand-to-hand combat skills
  • Archery
  • Novice-level magical skill

Geoffrey St. John was the leader of the Kingdom of Acorn's Royal Secret Service. Following the organization's destruction at the hands of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Geoffrey reestablished it in honor of his father, Ian St. John, who was also his predecessor. Following Robotnik's military coup, he gathered the few remaining members of the old Secret Service and formed them into the Rebel Underground, an organization originally proposed to King Maximillian Acorn but never put into action. After some time working independently, his group met the Knothole Freedom Fighters, and after a number of meetings began working together with them. Geoffrey served the Kingdom and later the Republic of Acorn loyally, but eventually revealed that he recognized Ixis Naugus as the rightful monarch, having served as his apprentice for years. He ended up having his body taken over by the corrupted king when he attempted to defect from his position.



GeoffreyStJohn child01

A young Geoffrey in front of his father

A young child during the last years of the Great War, Geoffrey idolized his father Ian St. John, who had instilled a sense of duty and honor into the young Geoffrey. The last he saw of his father was during the Great War, when Ian departed on a mission to transport Queen Alicia Acorn and her son Prince Elias Acorn to Angel Island for their protection. When their vessel was shot down by Overlanders, Ian perished. (StH: #20, #118, KtE: #20, #21)

Geoffrey eventually came into contact with Ixis Naugus through an ancient artifact that could communicate with the Zone of Silence. Naugus easily foresaw that Julian Kintobor would undoubtedly one day take over the kingdom, and promised to guide Geoffrey in his plan to "save" the kingdom. Once Julian Kintobor became Dr. Ivo Robotnik and seized power, Geoffrey went into hiding. He spent years in hiding, physically training by day through his father's manuals, and trained in Ixis Magicks by night through communication with Naugus. Eventually Naugus explained to Geoffrey that he had found King Maximillian Acorn and that the king had sworn the crown to him. Not knowing when his new master would return, Geoffrey began plans to overthrow Robotnik so that the kingdom would be ready for the day Naugus would return from the Zone of Silence. (StH: #233)

Rebel Underground

Geoffrey established the Rebel Underground towards the latter end of Robotnik's dictatorship, determined to strike a blow for his kingdom, for his lost father, and for his new master: Ixis Naugus. The idea for this organization came from notes stolen from Armand D'Coolette, and he recruited former members of the Royal Secret Service into the group before leading them east to begin preparations for Naugus' return and Robotnik's downfall. On one particular mission into Robotropolis, he ran into none other than Sally Acorn, who had just set an explosive device in one of Robotnik's facilities. Naturally suspicious due to his years of training, Geoffrey held her at crossbow point up until the bomb went off, knocking them both off their feet with the explosion. Realizing that the same facility he himself had been targeting was now gone, Geoffrey thanked Sally and introduced himself. Given the anonymity of his group, Sally was skeptical, but that didn't keep her from being intrigued. The two then came under attack by SWATbots, and with a little teamwork were able to make and escape to rejoin Sally's temporary backup team, the Substitute Freedom Fighters back when they were still recruits.

Geoffrey immediately gone on the wrong foot with Hamlin due to their similarly volatile personalities, and Sally had to intervene to get them to stop fighting. With that done, Sally introduced Geoffrey to the other members of the group—Arlo, Penelope Platypus, and Dylan—and announced that he would be joining them on their current mission. The nature of that mission: to knock out three energy substations providing power to the Robotropolis defense grid, leaving the city open to ground attacks. Joining in the attack on the first station, Geoffrey helped the team as they dealt with Robotnik's Orb-Bots, security robots armed with lasers that held the group pinned down. Fortunately, they managed to turn the tables and escape, with Geoffrey even rescuing Hamlin from being crushed by a falling robot. Despite this act, Hamlin remained suspicious, and the two continued to be at each others throats as time went on. (StH: #20, StH: #233, PSM: #1)


Geoffrey sparring with Hamlin during the latter's training

Hamlin soon approached Geoffrey for combat training, though he seemed more eager for a chance to beat the Skunk to a pulp. Geoffrey soon demonstrated his superior skill, only to have Princess Sally show him up in a similar contest. He then accompanied the group in the attack on the final substation, infiltrating the installation by using hang gliders. Landing, they made their way into the interior of the island holding the station, and had almost completed their task when an Octo-Pod robot attacked, grabbing Sally. Evading the attacker, Geoffrey planted the last of the group's explosives, including setting one on the pod, and then ran alongside the others in escaping. He then reported in to Dr. Robotnik, having apparently placed Sally in a stasis pod and replaced her with an Auto Automaton duplicate in order to sabotage the Freedom Fighters. (PSM: #2)

His absence from the group's following mission elicited further suspicion from Hamlin, which appeared to be well-founded. When they broke into the command center of the base they were attacking, Geoffrey was there waiting for them with Robotnik. Sally then held the group at weapon point before they could attack, and Robotnik revealed that the energy substations had been a ruse, and that Sally had been replaced by a duplicate he had created in order to lead the Freedom Fighters to their doom. However, when he attempted to Roboticize the "real" Sally in her pod, the process was halted by a feedback loop caused by the Roboticizer trying to Roboticize a robot. The Sally Robotnik had thought to be his creation turned out to be the genuine article, and Geoffrey turned out to have duped both Robotnik and the Substitute Freedom Fighters. Unworried, Robotnik activated his Stealth Bot sentinels and ordered them to attack, but Geoffrey's Rebel Underground arrived just in time, burrowing through the floor and disabling the automatons. Greeting his associates Fleming and Smiley, Geoffrey accompanied them and Sally's team in escaping Robotnik's self-destructing base. Afterwards, Geoffrey and Sally told the Substitute Freedom Fighters the whole story behind their deception, and how Geoffrey had told Sally of Robotnik's planned deception. By activating the robot prematurely, he had let it pose as Sally so he could figure out the specifics of Robotnik's plan, and then placed it in stasis while reawakening the real Sally. His mission done, Geoffrey took his leave, determining that it would be best for his group to remain separate from the Freedom Fighters. To remember him by, he left Sally with a kiss, and in doing so planted the seeds of a romantic rivalry for her heart between himself and Sonic the Hedgehog. (PSM: #3)

Geoffrey and Sally crossed paths once again some time later, when both the Knothole Freedom Fighters and the Rebel Underground went after the same target: the robot Dynamac 3000, an adaptable combat machine being shipped to the western part of the continent both groups inhabited. The two ran into each other in the compartment of one of Robotnik's trains where the robot was being stored, Geoffrey proving as coy as ever by suggesting that they were more than just friends. While his men worked to stop the engine, Geoffrey had come after the robot itself, only for it to activate due to a fail-safe installed by Robotnik to work with the engines cutting out. In the course of the ensuing battle, Geoffrey met Sonic for the first time, and immediately assumed that he was another of Sally's Freedom Fighter trainees, much to Sonic's anger. Just as with Hamlin, Geoffrey found himself butting heads with the hedgehog as they struggled to defeat Dynamac. Not even trying to work together, each tried his own method to bring down the robot, but neither Sonic's speed nor Geoffrey's gadgetry prevailed. The robot was soon destroyed, however, and Geoffrey took the train for the use of his Rebel Underground, leaving Sally with yet another kiss as he went off. (StH: #31)

Not long afterwards, Sally called upon Geoffrey to accompany her into the Zone of Silence along with Sonic to rescue King Max and plant the Neutralizer device to prevent the Zone from collapsing. Geoffrey insisted on going in alone as a means to save Ixis Naugus, not King Max. After arguing with Sonic about going in alone, Sally made the decision that she, Sonic, and Geoffrey would all enter the zone together. The trio made their way into the Zone and found themselves confronted with visions of King Acorn's past in the zone, and before they could make any progress the Zone began to collapse, dragging them down into a destructive vortex. Putting aside their differences as the King, his mind disrupted by his years in the Zone, attacked, Geoffrey took Sally to safety while Sonic stayed behind to confront the monarch. The Neutralizer proved effective, and Geoffrey and his friends escaped the Zone with the King in tow. (StH: #41, #233)

As King Max's body began crystallizing as a result of a deal made with the sorcerer Ixis Naugus while in the Zone, Geoffrey returned to Knothole to support Sally through the difficult experience. When Dr. Quack then proposed a way to travel into the King's fevered dreams and try to get through to him, Geoffrey flipped a coin with Sonic to see which of them would go, only to lose. Sonic proved successful in bringing the King at least partially back to his senses, and Geoffrey had to admit to a grudging admiration for him. (StH: #43)


Geoffrey St. John preparing to execute Sonic.

Like members of other major resistance groups, he would then arrive at a wilderness retreat proposed by Sally to help her friends unwind, only to disrupt their relaxation with his suspicions of Sonic's uncle Sir Charles Hedgehog being a spy for Robotnik. Geoffrey quickly angered the remainder of the Freedom Fighters, referring to them as children fighting a war best left to adults. When he persisted in his accusations of Uncle Chuck, Sonic attacked him, only to be defeated by Geoffrey's tactical skill. However, any satisfaction from that victory was short-lived as Geoffrey took a punch from Antoine D'Coolette, another Freedom Fighter who accused Geoffrey of being a traitor, as he claimed that the Rebel Underground had never really existed. Questioned as to his source, he revealed the history of the Rebel Underground's proposal by his father, Armand D'Coolette, as a precaution against King Acorn's enemies, but that it had never been put into place before Robotnik's coup. The two then continued fighting briefly until Sally stepped in to break them up, and Geoffrey left the group in as bad a temper as those he had angered. (StH: #46)

Barely any time passed before Geoffrey was back, this time serving a seemingly restored to normal King Max. While Geoffrey still saw Ixis Naugus as the true king, he decided that serving the Family of Acorn for the time being was the best way to create a strong and stable kingdom before Naugus' return. Geoffrey would eventually act as King Max's agent in arresting Sonic for his alleged part in murdering Sally. Taking him into custody, he brought Sonic before the King to stand trial, and soon saw his rival being sent to Devil's Island Gulag for life imprisonment. Geoffrey was charged with escorting him to the transport that would take him to the prison, and took grim satisfaction in beating on the manacled Hedgehog.

En route to the prison, however, the plane was shot down by SWATbots and Sonic escaped. Geoffrey and his men soon came in hot pursuit, determined to bring Sonic to justice. Having placed a bug in Sonic's restraints, Geoffrey soon caught up to him in a tunnel network, where the two fought a grueling battle. Fully convinced of Sonic's guilt, Geoffrey attacked him while professing his love for Sally, while Sonic replied with his own declaration. In the end, Sonic proved too powerful for Geoffrey but was then forced to dive off a cliff to escape him. Surviving through his quick thinking, Sonic was able to evade Geoffrey's pursuit long enough to enlist the aid of Dulcy, his dragon ally who flew him out of Geoffrey's reach-temporarily, at least. (StH: #233, #47, #48, #49)

Following his quarry to Angel Island, Geoffrey found himself dealing with another of Sonic's rivals as well: Knuckles the Echidna, Guardian of the island and another old friend of Sally's. Geoffrey briefly convinced the Echidna that Sonic had killed Sally, inciting Knuckles to go after Sonic himself. However, with the intervention of Espio the Chameleon and a little time for Knuckles' temper to cool off, St. John found his pursuit blocked by Knuckles' jurisdiction over the island. Dulcy soon returned and with a dragon's inability to lie informed Geoffrey and Knuckles that Sonic had been framed by Robotnik. Humbled, Geoffrey redirected his efforts at an attack on Robotnik, which Sonic and Knuckles joined without hesitation. Together, the trio proved too much for Robotnik's minions, and Geoffrey kept up the fight while Sonic and Robotnik had their final showdown. In the end, everything turned out all right: Sally was revealed to have merely been badly injured and had recovered, Robotnik was dead, and Geoffrey was officially instated as the head of a new Secret Service by King Acorn, whose Auto Automaton duplicate had been the one to rule against Sonic. Around this time was also when Geoffrey met Hershey Cat for the first time. (StH: #49, #50)

After the defeat of Robotnik, Geoffrey sabotaged a probe that was sent into the Zone of Silence. Geoffrey's sabotage eventually freed Ixis Naugus allowing him to begin his takeover over the kingdom. Geoffrey however was displeased with how strong his master was imposing his will on the kingdom. He then continued his charade of only serving King Max, so that he could assist in salvaging the situation. Ixis Naugus apparently saw nothing wrong with Geoffrey's decision, and allowed Geoffrey to continue his charade. (StH: 233, #53)

Royal Secret Service


Geoffrey training his recruits to become Secret Service agents

Still focused on helping stabilize the kingdom for whenever Ixis Naugus would return to reclaim it, St. John focused on re-established the King's Secret Service. During this time, he became increasingly jealous of Sonic the Hedgehog, putting him down as a child, and as such did everything he could to put himself in the best light possible. Geoffrey and Sonic physically fought on numerous occasions, but made temporary amends in the end. Geoffrey also accompanied the Freedom Fighters when they traveled to Angel Island in response to a falsified distress call from Knuckles, only to be caught in a trap set by Master Mogul, who subdued Geoffrey and a number of others in his initial assault. Following Mogul's defeat at the hands of Super Sonic, Turbo Tails, Hyper Knuckles, and an assemblage of other combatants, Geoffrey would return to Mobotropolis to find the city caught in a war as a spell cast by Ixis Naugus turned Mobians and Robians against each other, forcing Geoffrey to help restore order. (StH: #56, 233, KtE: #9, SSS: #2, #4)

Upon forming a new Secret Service team-having recruited new members Hershey Cat, Valdez, Wombat Stu, Heavy, and Bomb-Geoffrey embarked on a quest to Angel Island to discover what had become of Queen Alicia. After meeting with Colonel Sommersby on Angel Island, Geoffrey soon learned of the existence of Elias Acorn, King Max's son. Skeptical for some time due to the King failing to ever mention a son, Geoffrey soon came to accept Elias' story after meeting the Brotherhood of Guardians and having located Alicia Acorn in their base Haven. (StH: #61, #62, #63, #64; KtE: #19, #20, #21)

Shard Past 1

Geoffrey and his team find the remains of Metal Sonic v2.5.

Following Sonic and Tails' encounter with Metal Sonic v2.5, the Royal Secret Service was sent to investigate the now-dormant site where they found Metal Sonic's slagged remains. Heavy determined Metal Sonic's core programming to be part of the still functional Power Gem. (SU: #43)

Upon the rise of Dr. Eggman, the fall of Mobotropolis and re-colonization of Knothole, Geoffrey witnessed Sonic being knighted, and reluctantly called Sonic "Sir" as he now surpassed him in rank, and was privately embarrassed when the Secret Service and Freedom Fighters were sent to work together on numerous occasions. Following the theft of the Sword of Acorns by Sonic, and King Max's paralysis due to his injury, Geoffrey, desperate to bring order to what he viewed as a badly run kingdom, approached the inexperienced head-of-state; Elias, and manipulated his gullible nature to allow him to become his behind-the-scenes adviser. Using Elias as nothing more than a puppet, Geoffrey had Sonic's knighthood taken away, and as a child, confined to Knothole. (StH: #78, #93)


Geoffrey and Hershey preparing to go on a mission

During a mission into Robotropolis to retrieve the Sword of Acorns, Geoffrey and his team were captured by Eggman's SWATbots and imprisoned - infected with nano-probes that left them vulnerable to Eggman's manipulation. Sonic rescued the group and the Sword was eventually located and retrieved. (StH: #97, #99)

Geoffrey and Hershey were forced to undergo intensive treatment to destroy the nanites they were subjected to during their time as prisoners in Robotropolis. During a time of reflection, Geoffrey felt that he has reached his lowest point ever. With his team now disbanded, and Ixis Naugus no longer communicating with him, since the wizard busy fusing the Zone of the Silence and the Void, Geoffrey felt like a failure and had no one to turn to. However, his long-time admirer Hershey the Cat convinced him otherwise, leading them to develop a relationship. For a time, Geoffrey turned away from his service to Naugus and focused on being the best he could be for Hershey's sake. Seeking a way to redeem himself, Geoffrey and Hershey journeyed across the world to find Elias, who had abandoned his position because of everything falling apart due to Geoffrey's advice. After weeks of searching, Geoffrey and Hershey managed to track down Elias in Feral Forest. Although Geoffrey failed to convince Elias to return home, the arrival of Sonic and Sally had Elias promise to keep in touch. (StH: #233, #118, #121, CSE)

Shard Past 2

Geoffrey steals the Power Gem from Robotropolis.

Some time after recovering the Power Gem from Mount Mobius, Metal Sonic's core was captured by Dr. Eggman, forcing Geoffrey St. John to steal it back from Robotropolis on a solo mission before it could be put to misuse. The gem was then given to Sir Charles Hedgehog, who used it's data to build the Metal Sonic Troopers. (StH: #238, SU: #43)

Wedding and Near Execution

Hershey Geoffrey Married1

Hershey and Geoffrey St. John getting married as their final wish before their scheduled execution

Continuing to work with Hershey over the year of Sonic's absence following the Xorda attack, Geoffrey would later be captured with her by Dr. Eggman after the two learned of his stockpile of nuclear weapons. They escaped the prison, only to be captured once again by a legion of Shadowbots controlled by A.D.A.M., Eggman's computer virus "son". Feeling generous, Eggman offered the pair a last request, and so Geoffrey and Hershey asked to be allowed to get married. Their ceremony, held at gunpoint, was brief, but fortunately what they thought would be a marriage of only a few moments was extended by Sonic's timely return and his destruction of the Shadowbots. After overcoming his shock at seeing Sonic again after thinking him dead for a year, Geoffrey told the Hedgehog what he had learned regarding Eggman's plans before Sonic raced to inform Knothole. (StH: #130)

Later, following the defeat of Eggman's nuclear assault scheme, Geoffrey and Hershey met up with Sonic at Mina Mongoose's celebratory concert. After exchanging a few brief salutations, he and Hershey left for their next "secret mission": their honeymoon. (StH: #134).

Back In Action

Rouge & Geoffrey

Geoffrey working with G.U.N. agent Rouge the Bat while in Mogul's Casino Night Club.

Geoffrey later took up residence in New Mobotropolis after Knothole's destruction, and began to run the Secret Service from the top floor of the army headquarters. His first known mission after arriving in the city was to accompany Rouge the Bat to a Casino Night Club run by Mammoth Mogul to investigate the villain and his many 'business associates'—Badniks and the Destructix—though Geoffrey also had to contend with his partner's flirtatious attitude. He later joined up with Sally Acorn and Amy Rose when the two came to liberate Sonic, who had been abducted by the Destructix. Although the rescue was successful, Geoffrey and company were humiliated when they were unable to prove their claims of Mogul's involvement in the incident due to lack of evidence. Mogul's plan had, in fact, been to discredit his enemies all along. (StH: #176, #187, #188)

Soon afterwards, Geoffrey went on a mission in the United Federation, while Hershey was taking on a separate mission in Soumerca. When Geoffrey traveled to Soumerca to check upon the whereabouts of his wife, the Felidae natives, whom she had apparently been living with, told Geoffrey that she had died while working under cover. Geoffrey investigated the scene where she had supposedly died for days but couldn't find her body. He then presumed that his wife was dead. (StH #233)

Not long afterwards, Geoffrey returned from a mission to find the city under siege by the Iron Dominion, and joined up with Amy and Antoine to escape to an underground shelter whereupon entering he was surprised by the appearance of "Iron NICOLE". After being brought up to speed (and understanding that NICOLE was essentially working undercover), he came to assist Amy and Antoine in an attempt to free prisoners from a public display in the Coliseum; while somewhat hesitant when it came to Amy's more direct methods, he joined them in battle, taking on numerous Yagyu ninja and Dark Egg Legionnaires with ease and taunting them all the while. It was only when the Iron King entered the fray that he found himself in over his head, but that was when Sonic, Sally, Tails and Monkey Khan made their timely arrival. He subsequently aided the Freedom Fighters in battling the Iron King, and then helped Antoine in leading away the Iron Queen following her arrest. (StH: #210, #211)



Geoffrey takes the purple Chaos Emerald from the Special Zone.

Unable to find anymore direction in his life, and due to his worries that the kingdom might be invaded by a force similar to the Iron Dominion in the future, Geoffrey decided to rededicate himself to his original mission of helping Ixis Naugus become the true king. However, Naugus had recently fallen into a near mindless state and Geoffrey knew that he would need to obtain a Chaos Emerald to restore the mind of his true master. Presenting a fake story to Sonic, that he wished to obtain a Chaos Emerald to appease the addled former King Max, Geoffrey and Sonic traveled to the Special Zone via the Star Posts. Once inside the zone, the pair were met by an angry Feist. However, after they explained themselves, Feist considered letting them take one of his challenges, and Geoffrey further appealed to the demigod by suggesting he pit himself and Sonic against each other to make things more interesting. While Sonic raced off after the purple Chaos Emerald, however, Geoffrey merely stood back, loading a stun dart into his wrist-mounted gauntlet. Sonic soon returned with the emerald, taunting the skunk for "not even trying" - but was caught by surprise when Geoffrey fired the dart at him, telling the hedgehog: "I didn't need to, mate," Geoffrey took the emerald and kicked Sonic off into the abyss, much to Feist's amusement. He then left the Special Zone and took the emerald not to New Mobotropolis, but rather, Mammoth Mogul's Casino Night Zone. There, Geoffrey forced his way into Mogul's office; the latter was casual, saying that he had no need for a second Chaos Emerald, but Geoffrey told him that he didn't intend to give it to him. Rather, he was on a mission to restore Ixis Naugus as the true king. He promised Mogul that the completion of his mission would lead to an increase of his business and, most importantly, would cause Sonic misery. He was soon allowed to use the emerald, which was able to restore Naugus' mind to normal. Naugus quickly reprimanded Geoffrey, grabbing him by the throat and showing displeasure towards Geoffrey's apparent lack of action all this time. Geoffrey escaped by turning to smoke and reappearing on the floor, gasping for air. Geoffrey insisted that everything he had done (or not done) in Naugus' absence had been necessary, and promised that he would ensure Naugus' rightful place on the throne if he were to follow his instruction. (StH: #233, #219, #220)

Later, one evening, Geoffrey and Naugus appeared in the empty upper section of New Mobotropolis' Coliseum where the Forget Me Knots were about to give a concert, having emerged from the shadows using magic (a technique Geoffrey found extremely uncomfortable). Naugus showed some displeasure in Geoffrey, but while the skunk admitted his magical skills were lacking, Naugus would still need his help if he wanted to take over the kingdom. The day before Naugus planned to finally make his move, Geoffrey secretly observed Sonic and Sally spending time together by the Lake of Rings; he glared, but then looked saddened before drifting back to Naugus. (StH: #221, StH: #222)


Using magic, Geoffrey escapes NICOLE's trap.

The next day, taking advantage of the fears of the people, Geoffrey stepped out into public and announced Naugus as the "true king" before a massive crowd. Sally immediately attempted to have him arrested, but, pulling rank as commander, he called off the royal guard. In order to keep the Freedom Fighters away from Naugus as he made his way to meet the Council of Acorn, St. John ended up engaging the group in battle. However, they distracted him long enough for NICOLE to create a nanite-made enclosure around him. To their surprise, St. John dissolved to smoke and escaped via the airholes; the Freedom Fighters were shocked to realize that St. John seemed to be an Ixis wizard as well. Sally demanded to know what Geoffrey's wife thought of his siding with Naugus; Geoffrey glanced away sadly and told her, "Hershey's dead. She's been dead for a while." During the battle, Sally accused him of murdering his wife, which shocked Geoffrey, who stated that he and Hershey were on separate missions and when she failed to report in, he went to investigate for himself. He went on telling the Freedom Fighters to think of him as they wished, but to not belittle his wife's sacrifice and then claimed that she went down fighting the Eggman Empire. Sally convinced him to stop the battle, that fighting would not help his cause. When the Death Egg Mark 2 appeared, Geoffrey was kept on watch by Amy Rose in the Freedom Special so he would not interfere with the battle. (StH: #223, #224, #225)

Genesis Aftermath

Geoffrey St. John was seated across from Amy Rose, his eyes glassy and his body lax. He finally seemed to be coming around, and after Amy asked Bunnie and Antoine if they were okay and Bunnie told Amy that she thought they were okay, Amy roughly prodded Geoffrey's boot with the handle of her hammer and warned him that he better not be up to something. Geoffrey gave her an impatient glare, and told her that he did not know what she was talking about. She sarcastically accepted his response and told him that Ixis Wizards are all about tricky stuff, but he retorted that he was an apprentice and that all he had was his meager wind magic. She then said that regardless, the quarters were pretty tight and hefted her hammer while giving him a warning glare, further stating that she would not miss. Geoffrey rolled his eyes but said nothing. The Freedom Fighter Special lurched to the side, and a moment later the hiss of laser-fire could be heard resuming outside. (FCDS: #6)

During this time, Eggman initiated Operation: Clean Sweep, the effects of which awakened the spirits of Agunus, Suguna, and Nugsau - the three Ixis wizards whom Naugus used to be - inside of Naugus himself. Eggman failed in the endevour, but then attempted to destroy Mobius with a giant roboticizer. That plan also fell through thanks to Sally and Sonic, but Sally was roboticized in the process. After the Death Egg was sent packing, Geoffrey helped the people of New Mobotropolis invite Naugus as their new king, even swiping the crown from Elias' head and crowning Naugus. Sonic berated Geoffrey on this, but the skunk brushed it off, saying he had a mission to complete. Shortly after, Antoine arrested Geoffrey for treason and he remained in custody throughout the Battle Bird Armada's attack on New Mobotropolis even though he pleaded that he could help fight them off. Despite Geoffrey's actions being in the best interests of the now current King Naugus, he was found guilty by the court for acting against what was the current authority when his act of treason began. Using his power as king however, Naugus gave Geoffrey an official royal pardon, allowing Geoffrey to be proven guilty and free of all charges at the same time (StH: #231, #232, #233, SU: #35).

Later, Geoffrey came to remind Naugus to say his farewells to the previous King (Elias), his wife, and her daughter, who were leaving New Mobotropolis with Antoine, Bunnie, Sonic, Amy, and Tails escorting them. However, Naugus, hoping to get rid of Elias for good, informed Eggman of the departure. Their conversation had just ended when Geoffrey entered Naugus's quarters. Despite having been too late to discover his master's intentions, Geoffrey gave his master a suspicious look as they walked outside. (STH: #234).

Thanks to Naugus, the heroes came under attack from the Death Egg. During the battle, Metal Sonic latched on to Elias' vehicle with the intent to destroy it and its occupants; Antoine thwarted the robot, but was severely injured and rendered comatose by the resulting explosion. Upon learning of this, Geoffrey came to Antoine's room to pay his respects. He entered to see the departure of a newcomer, Silver the Hedgehog, whom Sonic had just dismissed in a fit of rage; the blue hedgehog tried to do the same with Geoffrey, but the skunk stood his ground. Turning his attention to Antoine, Geoffrey gave a salute and, stating the fallen commander had "had him all along", asked him to come back as soon as possible so they could have a man-to-man talk. Geoffrey then left, though not before giving his sympathies to Sonic for the loss of Sally and stating that, while they may be on opposing sides, that doesn't mean he can't respect his enemies. (STH: #234, #235).

Servant of King Naugus

Geoffrey was later sent to the Windy Valley in Soumerca by Ixis Naugus to retrieve the remains of Ixis Vale, one of Ixis Mogul's Four Elite. He was unaware that Agents "Ace", "Jack" and "Joker" of the Secret Freedom Fighters were also dispatched to the same location to follow him. Despite the team's best efforts to stop him, Geoffrey managed to trap his pursuers in the crypt and escape, despite being a little worse for the wear. He then departed the scene and flew back towards New Mobotropolis on his Extreme Gear, unaware that Jack - in fact the original Metal Sonic (now renamed "Shard") - had planted a tracking device on it earlier. (SU: #41).

Geoffrey arrived back to New Mobotropolis and ventured into the pit caused by the Armada. Inside, he reported back to Ixis Naugus, who, much to Geoffrey's shock, had been hideously deformed due to the spirits dwelling inside his body. After Naugus undid his mutations, Geoffrey presented the remains to his master. However, after hearing what Naugus planned to do with them, he snatched the remains back, arguing that Naugus was going too far with this plan. Naugus, though, retorted that Geoffrey was not one to lecture on "morality" when he himself had committed questionable acts in order to serve the crazed wizard. In addition, Naugus noted that Geoffrey could not defy him as no one would trust him for his treachery and he had no chance of taking on Naugus himself even if he wanted to. Upon this reminder, Geoffrey reluctantly returned the remains, horrified at what he had done. Later, Naugus dispatched him to search the bottom of the pit to for the bodies of the Secret Freedom fighters. There, Geoffrey found them alive and uninjured as they discussed Naugus' plans. He was surprised to recognize the power gem core attached to Shard and as the same one he retrieved from Mount Mobius with his former team. There was, of course, only one Mobian Geoffrey knew of who could have created such a unique Freedom Fighter group: Harvey Who. As that moment, he heard them plan on capturing and interrogating him. However, Agent Ace - in fact Silver the Hedgehog - suggested simply asking him, to St. John's surprise. Elias is quick to dismiss the idea, but Silver persists, thinking that he can appeal to Geoffrey's better nature. Elias starts on a rant, but is defused as Lyco advises him to listen to Silver. The Hedgehog continues, remarking that he has experience with going into a plan with good intentions only for it to fail, and he thinks that Geoffrey is the same way. Elias relents, deciding that they will approach him Silver's way, but that if that fails to work, they'll ambush him. Geoffrey, hearing the conservation, looks off wistfully at the psychics's understanding. (SU: #42, #43).

The next day, Geoffrey was approached by Silver at the Lake of Rings. After the skunk shocked the hedgehog by slyly addressing him as "Ace" (therefore having guessed his identity), he invited him to sit down and talk. All throughout, Geoffrey made no effort to put up resistance, as he had previously overhead the team agreeing to attack him if he did so. Silver, who was from the future, revealed that he had done a great deal of research on Geoffrey since he had arrived in the latter's time. With this knowledge, Silver had drawn the conclusion that Geoffrey never wanted to bring harm to the city or its citizens. After Silver brought up the subject of his wife (much to Geoffrey's displeasure), the skunk informed him that Naugus planned to cast a spell that night under the Royal Military Headquarters to enslave the citizens of the city and left the scene. Silver tried to convince him to help them, but Geoffrey solemnly said that it was "too late" for him; Silver had a future to save, while Geoffrey did not. (SU: #43).

Naugus and Geoffrey preparing spell

Geoffrey and Naugus while Naugus prepares the Eldritch Rites.

That night, Geoffrey unenthusiastically joined Naugus in his underground lair as he prepared to unleash his spell. The wizard asked his apprentice if he had found any traces of the Secret Freedom Fighters in the pit, to which Geoffrey lied, saying he had seen nothing of them, whilst secretly hoping they would thwart Naugus's plan. Seconds later, the Secret Freedom Fighters themselves - minus Joker (actually Larry Lynx) - burst into the room and attacked. (SU: #44).

In the ensuing fight, Geoffrey was up against Agents "Queen of Diamonds" and "Queen of Hearts". Though he admitted they had great form in their fighting skills, Geoffrey knew they were only distracting him. He thus turned his attention to Agent "King", who was setting explosives to destroy the chamber, and fired a crossbow bolt at him. King attempted to shoot back with his own crossbow, but Geoffrey disarmed him and the two then engaged in a brief but intense one-on-one brawl, ending with Geoffrey knocking punching off King's goggles, forcefully removing his mask, and throwing him against a wall to reveal none other than Elias Acorn. After taunting the dethroned ex-prince about his own callsign and the time when he had him "wrapped around his little finger", Geoffrey unexpectedly gave Elias his mask back; whether this was a gesture of respect is unknown. Geoffrey then prepared for "round two" - which was short-lived, as Shard destroyed Naugus's chalice and Ixis Vale's bones. Geoffrey told Elias he should have done that to begin with, but Silver telekinetically threw him into a wall, saying he did not get to judge them, allowing Elias to detonate the explosives. As the chamber collapsed around them, the Secret Freedom Fighters made their getaway and Geoffrey, shooting the beaten Naugus a dirty look, tried to follow them out, ignoring his master's cries for help. However, the enraged wizard trapped St. John and cornered him in the caverns in his mutated form. As he struggled to free himself, Geoffrey told his master that he was only trying to chase down the enemy agents, and suggested that Naugus play for sympathy in order to avoid suspicion from the Acorn Council. Buying the story, Naugus, again undoing his mutations, released Geoffrey and, commended him for his "good thinking", to which Geoffrey responded "Of course. I live to serve," with a stern look on his face. (SU: #44).

Geoffrey continued to serve Naugus even though his views of his master have been changed and with Naugus' mutations getting out of control. He guided Naugus to the Royal Military Headquarters, where Naugus preseded over the swearing of the new Council of Acorn member, Isabella Mongoose and took the Sword of Light away from him when it caused him pain. He continued to follow Naugus during the day, overhearing him talking to his voices and searching for a vessel. Later, he escorted Naugus to attend Mina's concert with it being his last public appearance of the day. As Mina dedicated the concert to NICOLE, Geoffrey tried his best to have Naugus keep a good public image. When the concert started, Tails Doll caused the stage to collapse and Team Freedom rushed to save Mina and the Forget Me Knots. Geoffrey accused Naugus of causing the stage collapse, but realised that he was in pain. He helped escort Naugus out of the public eye to his thanks, but Geoffrey snapped with his true views of Naugus betraying the public. He tried to convince Naugus to ask for help and to accept that the citizens want to help as well. He believed that his message was helping Naugus, when Naugus revealed that Geoffrey was in contract with him and possessed his body. Using Geoffrey's body, he returned to the Council of Acorn, who were welcoming NICOLE back to the city. He pretended that Naugus gave his support with NICOLE and confessed that the king was sick-apparently dying-and needed their support to help him. (StH: #241).

Naugus Possesses Geoffrey

Geoffrey is possessed by Naugus.

The possessed Geoffrey was notably absent from the restoration ceremony of Castle Acorn, something which NICOLE and Rotor where quick to remark upon. This would be the last time the situation was mentioned before Mobius was whited out by the second Genesis Wave. (StH: #247)


Geoffrey was extremely egotistical, self-righteous and uncompromising, often belittling Sonic and other members of the Freedom Fighters as mere children, rarely hesitating to make insinuations against others. He would even end up in physical conflicts with Sonic, Antoine and others due to his attitude. He holds an intense hatred of Overlanders due to them being involved in his father's death. While determined to do the right thing, sometimes his sense of self-righteousness causes him to be pushy or make poor decisions concerning others. However, he truly does hold the safety of his people at heart. He tries to come off as both suave and businesslike, though he isn't above casual taunting. His personality has become somewhat more relaxed since Sonic's year-long absence and his marriage to Hershey (StH: #46, #130).

Despite his loyalty to Ixis Naugus, Geoffrey was not blind to the wizard's flaws, and realized the horror of the monster he had unleashed after Naugus announced his plans to corrupt the Acorn Council. The incident with the Secret Freedom Fighters, which partly exposed just how twisted Naugus is in nature, seriously damaged Geoffrey's opinion of his master. Yet, he still believed that Naugus, evil as he was, could actually do some good with some of the positive things that Geoffrey himself learned from him, and tried to convince him to teach this to the common people shortly before the wizard possessed him. (SU #43, StH: #241).



Geoffrey St. John in his combat suit.

Geoffrey is a black-and-white skunk with blue eyes and white hair. In early depictions, he was often drawn with a somewhat thick, bulky build, though this has gradually lessened. His original attire typically consisted of bright purple boots, belt/bandolier, gloves and a beret (though the later was not a constant feature), as well as a green (sometimes teal or blue) neckerchief. He later wore a similar outfit featuring boots, gloves, and a beret in brown or olive green, with the additions of a closed blue/violet vest, a blue neckerchief and a clear visor. He's often been shown in a black tuxedo with a black bow-tie and red cummerbund. Artist J. Axer later redesigned Geoffrey, giving him a highly-detailed full-body combat suit in olive green, retaining the visor. However, following his betrayal, Geoffrey returned to his original attire; while possessed by Ixis Naugus, his irises have a slight red tint to them.

As a child, Geoffrey was depicted in a simple t-shirt and shorts with boots. He once donned a long, hooded brown cloak with a green clasp at the throat for unknown reasons. He's also been seen in some sort of green swimming attire and a tan suit with a blue neckerchief. While not often the subject of artistic errors, his hair has once been colored black.


Geoffrey is generally skilled in a variety of combat, espionage and tactical areas. He's shown to have some proficiency with a number of tools and weapons, though he primarily uses a small wrist-mounted crossbow. He was eventually revealed to have some low-level magical abilities (specifically, turning to smoke using Wind-Magic), though these are extremely limited and unrefined; he uses them with difficulty.


Sally Acorn

Geoffrey didn't take long to become attracted to Princess Sally Acorn following their initial meeting, having been impressed by her maturity and spirit despite being somewhat older than her. His feelings towards her soon became romantic, as demonstrated by his kissing her before leaving her for the first time and then again when they joined forces a second time. However, he soon found himself a rival for Sally's hand in Sonic, and the two fought heatedly whenever they met. Geoffrey continued to be there for Sally, supporting her through a number of hardships while still competing with Sonic. Eventually, though, he came to accept that Sally no longer had feelings for him as she had in the beginning, and so abandoned his romantic relationship with her.

Hershey Cat


Hershey and Geoffrey's first kiss

Geoffrey and Hershey met following Robotnik's death, and the two became fast friends before becoming members of the Secret Service. As Hershey continued to pass the rigorous tests Geoffrey set for her, he grew to be more and more impressed by her abilities, but was also more concerned when she went into the field alone than he might have been for others under his command. Presumably, his feelings of attraction towards her grew for some time following his breaking off romantic ties with Sally, but it wasn't until Hershey admitted her own love for him that Geoffrey responded in kind. She buoyed him up in the wake of losing both his team and contact with his master, Ixis Naugus. The two continued to work together for a year, and were finally married at the same time that Sonic returned to Mobius. Their marriage seemingly ended when Geoffrey learned that his wife died while on an undercover mission. In his grief over his apparent loss, he felt he had lost a direction in his life, which led to his return to Ixis Naugus.

Hershey's body was not found however, leaving the possibility of Geoffrey's wife still being alive.

Background Information

  • Originally, Geoffrey spoke with an Australian accent, then switched over for a strong cockney one, common among those from London, England. Ian Flynn stated in his message board that he plans on going back to the Australian accent for whenever he portrays Geoffrey, effectively dropping the cockney one altogether. (1)
  • Geoffrey and Hershey's romance is likely a nod to the Looney Tunes characters Pepé Le Pew and Penelope Pussycat, both couples involving a male Skunk and a black and white female Cat.
  • Geoffrey's absence from StH #247 and #252 were due to his being a creation of Ken Penders. As such, he never appeared since.
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