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Genesis Portal

A Genesis Portal

A Genesis Portal is a type of gateway that exists between realities, which are in fact holes torn in the fabric of space and time by the broken "shards" of the version of reality destroyed by the Super Genesis Wave. The portals allow travel between parallel universes, both within and outside of the Multiverse.


Creation and Use

According to Professor Von Schlemmer, Genesis Portals are essentially shards of the previous multiverse, created when the Super Genesis Wave shattered the Prime Zone and destroyed the old multiverse. Regrettably, the Council who ruled Von Schlemmer's time sought to use the portals for their own twisted agendas. At some point after their creation, Silver the Hedgehog began traveling through time to close all of the Genesis Portals. One such portal allowed the Ifrit to travel to Apotos, forcing Sonic the Hedgehog and Silver to force it back through. As a result of this, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik became aware of the Genesis Portals and began plotting to use them to his advantage. (SCO: #6, SU: #75, #79, #80, #81, #82)

At a later time, Metal Sonic was chased into one by Sonic the Hedgehog, during a fight for the Cyan Chaos Emerald, taking them to Burning Ruin Zone. They once again encountered Silver here, who told Sonic that they were appearing all over time and space, and that many led back to Sonic's world and time. After retrieving the Emerald from Metal Sonic, who Silver trapped on the other end of one portal, Sonic took another back to his own world. Silver, meanwhile, followed the last remaining portal to an unidentified snowy area. (SU: #75, Battles: StH)

Sigma eventually discovered the existence of the Genesis Portals and a means of controlling them, and began employing them as part of a scheme to take control of the Multiverse. After observing Mobius for some time, he beamed his virus form through one and took control of Orbot on the Lost Hex, and swiftly took control of Dr. Eggman's operation there with the assistance of the Deadly Six. After having a new body built for him and becoming Sigma-1, he used another portal to abduct Dr. Wily and enlist him in his plan. Unbeknownst to him, his enemies X, Zero, and Axl made use of his portal generator back in their world to pursue him after receiving some guidance from Silver. However, they ended up in the Sonic Boom Zone by mistake, but managed to open another portal with help from the Orbot and Cubot of that reality. Sigma continued to make use of the portals to facilitate his plans, between deploying the Deadly Six to Mobius' surface and Earth 20XX to abduct Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man to sending Roboticized Masters Sonic Man and M'egga Man to Mega City and Mobotropolis to plant Unity Engines. (SU: #76; SB: #8; StH: #273; WUB: MM)

Sigma opening portals

Sigma opening Genesis Portals to various worlds

Xander Payne gained the ability to open orange-colored Genesis Portals after the Unity Engines were activated and the Unified World was created. After using one to escape prison, he traveled to the Lost Hex and saved Eggman and Wily from the hunting Deadly Six, and then to the Sky Patrol in order to inform the heroes of Sigma's plans. Having gained even greater control of the Genesis Portals, Sigma began employing them to Time-Clone Mechaniloids and Mavericks to serve as his minions and defenders. During a battle between an army of these duplicated Mechaniloids and the crew of the Sky Patrol, a Genesis Portal opened that sent Sticks to the Street Fighter Zone. She soon recruited a handful of Street Fighters, and they used another portal to come to the aid of the Sky Patrol crew. This came shortly after Sigma, in his new giant body, opened several new Genesis Portals in order to send his Mavericks to other worlds and plant more Unity Engines to grant him increased power. The heroes then split into smaller groups in order to pursue their foes to the various worlds. (MM: #50, #51; SB: #9; SU: #77)

After facing a series of battles and recruiting a number of allies, the heroes set out to defeat Sigma once and for all. Unfortunately, their victory over Sigma was a hollow one, as they discovered that his use of the Genesis Portals was threatening to destroy all of reality. Their efforts to close them failed, and all might have been lost had it not been for an unlikely hero: Xander Payne. Using the power of Sigma's Master Engine, he opened another portal of his own to the moment when Sigma was about to travel back in time. He then destroyed Sigma's virus form, thus undoing all the events of his conquest. Reality was thus repaired, but the Genesis Portals continued to exist, with Sticks theorizing the existence of a Genesis Nexus that connected all worlds. (SU: #78; SB: #10; StH: #275; MM: #52)


Sonic entering portal

Sonic entering a Genesis Portal

Silver closes portal

Silver closing a portal

The Genesis Portals are rifts in space and time that can presumably connect virtually any locations together, as well as any periods of time. While they appear to occur randomly, it is possible to create them using technology, as seen in the case of Sigma. Xander Payne's cybernetic eye also gained this ability due to previously being exposed to tachyons-it is unknown how his portals may differ from those that occur naturally. Sigma also discovered a means of combining the Genesis Portals with the power he absorbed from the Unity Engines to Time-Clone beings, though the process appears to have its limits. Closing Genesis Portals is also a difficult proposition: artificial ones can apparently be closed by their source, but if this is not done they will remain open. Silver's psychic abilities are the only other known means of closing them.

Background Information

  • The term "Genesis" in the name is undoubtedly intended as a reference to the SEGA Genesis gaming console, on which many Sonic the Hedgehog games and at least one Mega Man game were released.

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