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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

The Galactic Space Race was an interstellar competition between various competitors, with a monetary prize available for the winner. In need of repairs to his ship, Sonic the Hedgehog took part during his trip back to Mobius, and won the race by default after the winning racer was disqualified for cheating. (StH: #129)


  • Sonic
  • Scarabb (disqualified for cheating)
  • Brre-Die
  • Greebo
  • Nordon
  • Kir-Ta

Background Information[]

  • Scarabb, the crab-like alien who defeated Sonic through cheating and was disqualified, has a name only slightly altered from that of the scarab beetle.
  • Greebo's name is fairly similar to that of Greedo, the Star Wars bounty hunter infamous for being involved in a confrontation with Han Solo which, depending on versions of the original film, depicts either Han or Greedo shooting first.
  • Nordon's name resembles that of Zordon, the original mentor character from the Power Rangers franchise.
  • Kir-Ta, a female alien, shares the naming convention among female Echidnas of the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Timeline outside the Knuckles Clan and Nocturnus Clan.