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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

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Physical description
  • Black slit dress uniform
  • Black gloves
  • Black boots
  • Cybernetic enhancements
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Organizational skills

Gae-Na was a member of the Dark Legion. She operated on board the Legion's Battle Cruiser in 3236 and provided advice to Lien-Da during her emotional crisis while Dimitri was dying. She also supervised a never-revealed experiment regarding a back-up plan in case the High Council of Echidnaopolis rejected the reunification plan proposed by Dimitri. She later accompanied Lien-Da to retrieve Dimitri after Knuckles sacrificed himself to save him; her later history is unknown.


Lien-Da's Right-Hand Woman[]


Gae-Na speaking with Lien-Da

Gae-Na served as Lien-Da's right hand woman and helped her in many situations such as assisting on board the Dark Legion's Battle Cruiser by delivering information to the Kommissar. She also supervised a secret experiment crucial to a back-up plan against the High Council of Echindaopolis should Dimitri's efforts to unify the Echidna population with the Dark Legion fail. (StH: #115)

Gae-Na was later put in charge of tracking Knuckles and gave advice to Lien-Da while Dimitri was dying and only Chaos Knuckles could save him, as Lien-Da had promised her great-great-great-grandfather not to act against Knuckles and how Kragok would be ashamed of her for letting the Guardian save Dimitri. (StH: #117)

When Knuckles used his power against Mammoth Mogul, the Battle Cruiser and most of the Floating Island were shaken as a result. Gae-Na reported in to Lien-Da that there was minimal damage to the ship, and that the sensors were picking up strong energy readings. Reasoning that the reading must be Knuckles and Dimitri was likely to be with him, Lien-Da ordered Gae-Na to assemble a team immediately. Gae-Na accompanied Lien-Da in her hovercraft as part of the team to discover what happened. (StH: #118)


Gae-Na appeared to be a good organizational leader in certain projects, and appears to be considered quite trustworthy by Lien-Da, and may even be good friends with her. She is also rather logical and seems to admire Dimitri like many other Dark Legionnaires. (StH: #115, #117, #118)

Background Information[]

  • Gae-Na's current whereabouts are unknown, though it's possible she was killed in the Egg Grape Chambers in 3237 along with many other members of the Echidna population. But there is no evidence of this and Gae-Na was also absent on Ian Flynn's unofficial list of character deaths. (1) However, Ian Flynn has said that unless he can think of a reason to re-introduce her, she should be considered another victim of the Egg Grapes. (2) If she did survive, she presumably ended up as either a member of the New Megaopolis Dark Egg Legion or one of the inhabitants of Albion, eventually being banished by Thrash the Devil.
  • The female Echidna Lien-Da was speaking to in StH #117 appeared different than Gae-Na, lacking the cybernetic eye, and her name was never specified. However, writer Ian Flynn confirmed the two to be the same person. (3)
  • It has been speculated that Gae-Na was a relative to Gala-Na given their name suffixes being the same and their first names being similar. When Ian Flynn was asked if they were related on his message board, he overlooked the question, leaving it unanswered for the time being. However, given that Gae-Na is from the Angel Island Echidnas and Gala-Na lived in Albion before her death, they are most likely distantly related if at all.
  • In Ian Flynn's character Q&A topic made in February 2009, Flynn as Lien-Da revealed that the back-up plan she and Gae-Na organized was to replace all the members of Echidnaopolis's High Council in a more proactive version of the Benedict scheme. (4) But this Q&A was stated to be unofficial, so it will not be accepted as canon by Mobius Encyclopaedia until it is revealed in the comics or officially confirmed by Ian Flynn or another writer.