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GUN Colonel

G.U.N. Colonel

The G.U.N. Colonel was a Colonel of the Guardian Units of the Nation. Fifty years ago he was responsible for the raid of Space Colony ARK to try and capture Gerald Robotnik's Project: Shadow so it could be used for G.U.N.'s own purposes as a weapon. The raid on the ARK resulted in the death of Gerald's granddaughter, Maria Robotnik, who had managed to evacuate Shadow from the ARK. Enraged by this, the colonel had Gerald brought back to Mobius and ordered him at gun-point to build another Shadow. When Gerald inquired about the fate of his granddaughter, the colonel coldly revealed she'd been killed. His men then reported in that the original Shadow hadn't escaped them, and had him brought to Gerald to finish his work. As Gerald worked on a new Project: Shadow, the colonel felt there was too great a risk that the professor could "pull a fast one", thus he ordered him executed and Shadow sealed away. (StH: #98, #157)