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For other organizations named G.U.N., see G.U.N. (disambiguation).

G.U.N. (short for the Guardian Units of the Nation) was a military organization in the world of Dark Mobius. As with many of the powers of this world, it came into conflict with the evil Dark Enerjak, and launched a major offensive in an effort to defeat him. This included a major assault by the G.U.N. Air Force (G.U.N.A.F.) and navy as well as Team Dark, the latter group attacking Angel Island in order to secure the Master Emerald. Enerjak decimated the entire assault force, leading Commander Abraham Tower, who had led the organization, to resign in disgrace. Tower hoped that his actions would be perceived as those of a renegade, thus sparing G.U.N. any reprisal by Enerjak, but the villainous Echidna later crushed them. (ASUB)