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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
You may be looking for the counterparts of this group from Silver's future, the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy from an alternate future Mobius, or for the Dark Freedom Fighters of Dark Mobius.

Future Freedom Fighters
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The Future Freedom Fighters were a group formed in the Light Mobius universe in 3267 to take back Castle Mobius from the Dark Presence. While they did manage to infiltrate the castle and were about to liberate it, King Shadow had given the entity called Tikhaos Chaos Energy to feed on until it became a water monster and the Future Freedom Fighters were forced to battle it and emerged victorious, though what became of King Shadow afterward is unknown.



When the Dark Presence took over Castle Mobius, King Sonic and Lara-Su left to get help while Queen Sally, Silver the Hedgehog, Manik, and Sonia Acorn fled to safety. Picking up Skye and Melody Prower, whose parents had been abducted by the Dark Presence, they took shelter at the home of Argyle the Crocodile, who had also called Jacques D'Coolette and his sister Belle. Determined to fight against the former King Shadow and the Dark Presence, the new team of Freedom Fighters took shape. (SU: #6, #7)

Storming Castle Mobius and Defeating Tikhaos

The Future Freedom Fighters after defeating Tikhaos, minus Argyle.

The group's first mission was an attempt to retake Castle Mobius from Shadow and the Dark Presence. After infiltrating the castle, however, they were met by the monstrous Perfect Tikhaos, a fusion of Tikal and Chaos whom Shadow released. King Sonic soon went in search of his family and Silver while the others did battle of Tikhaos. Sonic managed to get his family and Silver out of the castle before joining the battle as well. Lara-Su tried to initiate the Tikal's Prayer ritual while Melody, Skye, Jacques, and Belle assaulted the beast, but Tikhaos maintained the upper hand. Miles saved Lara-Su and Mina saved Melody and Skye, and after the Prower siblings calmed their mother down, the family rejoined the fight. Silver joined the fight as well, saving Belle and Jacques in the process. Sonic then attempted to defeat Tikhaos by striking its brain, but this was only accomplished when his children Sonia and Manik Acorn teamed up to do so. Their first enemy defeated, the new team stood ready to defend Mobius from any further threats. (SU: #7, #8)

Background Information

  • While Manik, Sonia, Melody, Skye, Jacques, and Belle are children of members of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, Lara-Su and Argyle are children of members of the Chaotix. Lara-Su and Argyle are also the only two young members that have no siblings.
  • Sonia and Manik are not only the most recent members to join the team, but they are also the youngest members, both being at four years of age when they joined. Their father is the oldest, at 47 years.
  • The group was never referred to by a specific name in the comic, and the only source for the name comes from the preview of SU: #8, which gave the story the wrong title of "The Future Freedom Fighters" when it was actually "The Freedom Fighters of the Future".
  • Given that 3437 P.X.E. has been identified as the official future of Mobius Prime, it appears that some version of the Future Freedom Fighters team existed in that timeline-or a version of it-as well as in the Light Mobius timeline.