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The Frozen North Sea was an ocean that enclosed the Northern Tundra of Mobius. It was located north close to the north pole and was the coldest of the large oceans. (StH: #31, #32)

The Frozen North Sea was one of the large oceans loctaed on Mobius and a part of the Mobian Sea. It was the smallest of the four Oceans on Mobius. Due to its cold climate, a large part of the Ocean was frozen forming the northern tundra, the environment around the sea was largelly unpopulated apart from the walruses. The Northern Tundra Dark Egg Legion chapter was loctaed in the sea.

Adjesent continents and bodies of water[1][]

The northern coasts of Yurashia and Nortamer bordered to the Frozen North Sea. Due to the Great Continetal Bridge between the continents, the ocean was almost completely isolated from other bodies of water, apart from a small straight to the Great Mobocean. The ocean bordered to the northern tundra to the north.

Large Ports[]

Iceborough, the capital of the Walrus Herd was the only large city on the oceans shores, this is mainly because of the small population on its shores due to the cold climate. The Dark Egg Legion operated a base in the region but it was not connected to a city.

Countries with coast towards the Frozen North Sea []

Background Information[]

  • The Frozen North Sea has most likely evovled from the Arctic Ocean.