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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
You may be looking for Frost Man or Frost Walrus.
Frost Legion

The Frost Legion being led by Remington.

The Frost Legion was one of the two splintered factions of the Dark Legion, so-called because of their cryogenic weaponry. They broke away from their brethren as a result of a power struggle between Lien-Da and Remington, the Frost Legion pledging loyalty to the latter. The two factions later formed a temporary alliance when Dr. Finitevus made Knuckles the Echidna into the Chaos-demigod Enerjak as opposed to either of them. Their weapons proved ineffective against Enerjak, who used his powers to strip both sides of their cybernetic enhancements. Some members of the Frost Legion and Lien-Da's Flame Legion allowed Enerjak to transport them to the former site of Albion to merge their population with the other Echidnas who survived the Dingo occupation of Angel Island. (StH: #165, #181, #186)