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Froggy is a frog native to Sonic's World and a friend of Big the Cat.


Lively Life for a Frog[]

Froggy and Big lived peacefully near the Mystic Ruins for some time, uninvolved with the greater affairs in the world. That changed when Froggy unexpectedly swallowed a Chaos Emerald and a portion of the substance of Chaos, which caused him to grow a long tail. He was subsequently taken by E-102 Gamma as part of Dr. Eggman's schemes to control the full power of Chaos, and Big went after him to rescue him. After the Emerald and portion of Chaos were removed, Froggy was reunited with Big and the pair returned home. However, it would not be the end of Froggy's adventures, as Neo Metal Sonic would subsequently abduct him and Chocola the Chao in order to copy Chaos' data. Fortunately, the pair were rescued by Team Rose, though not before Neo Metal Sonic achieved his goal and transformed into Metal Overlord. Following the defeat of that menace, Froggy wandered off and got Big mixed up in Eggman's schemes involving the Wisps. (VG: SA/SADX, SH, SC)

Shattered World Crisis[]

Big and Froggy subsequently returned to their home in the Mystic Ruins while Rotor the Walrus was working on the Sky Patrol. They were thus present when Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower arrived looking for their teammates, and showed them the way to the Sky Patrol. After helping Rotor fend off an attack by a Badnik Horde led by Silver Sonic, Big and Froggy remained aboard the Sky Patrol while Sonic and Tails went in search of the other Knothole Freedom Fighters. (StH: #253)

Froggy and Big later joined a ragtag squad led by Cream the Rabbit on a mission to rescue Team Freedom and Team Fighters, who were caught in a trap laid by Dr. Eggman in Sand Hill Zone. (StH: #267)

Background Information[]

  • Froggy first appeared in the video game Sonic Adventure.