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The Freedom Fighters are a group of Mobian heroes who came together to oppose Dr. Eggman's tyrannical rule over their planet. Inspired by the heroic efforts of Sonic the Hedgehog, who later became a member of their group, they managed to reclaim their home city of Mobotropolis and keep it and their old base of Knothole secure. They later built a new mobile headquarters, the Sky Patrol, in order to travel the skies of the world and challenge Eggman's evil wherever it appears.




The Freedom Fighters set out on their first mission together.

The Freedom Fighters were formed soon after Dr. Eggman had taken over Mobotropolis by a young Sally Acorn, out of a desire to stop hiding and make a difference. The team first formed after Sonic's victory against Eggman in the Final Zone. Among their many victories were liberating Mobotropolis from Dr. Eggman and rescuing King Acorn from the Special Zone. Despite Sally's fears, King Acorn allowed her to stay with the Freedom Fighters, realizing how valuable she was out there despite his own fears for her safety. Some time afterwards, Bunnie was sent undercover on a mission to the Metropolis Zone to steal an Eggman shield generator and Sally infiltrated the new Death Egg for files as Rotor and Tails worked on a secret project. (StH: #253, #255, SCO: #1, #2, #3, #4, #8)


A 3-D rendition of the Knothole Freedom Fighters.


The Freedom Fighters in 3-D with Nicole.

Shattered World Crisis[]

The team was subsequently separated as Amy disappeared, while Sonic and Tails were assigned to rescue King Acorn from Walter Naugus. Sonic retained his memories of the original reality, and Tails regained his after contact with NICOLE, who suggested that they seek out the other Freedom Fighters to get to the bottom of the matter. Having rescued King Acorn, the pair set out to locate their missing teammates. They soon found Rotor in the Mystic Ruins area, hard at work on their new Sky Patrol base, and restored his memories by having him hold NICOLE. He then informed them as to the last known whereabouts of the other Freedom Fighters, noting that Amy had vanished mysteriously. (StH: #252, #253)

Following Rotor's directions, Sonic and Tails traveled to Knothole in the Wood Zone, where they found Antoine serving as Uncle Chuck and Muttski's bodyguard. They soon restored Antoine's memories as well, and worked together to save the two scientists and their equipment from an earthquake. Antoine departed with Chuck and Muttski while Sonic and Tails headed for the Metropolis Zone in search of Bunnie, who had been on a deep cover assignment. Retrieving her and a shield generator for the Sky Patrol, they returned to the Sky Patrol and reunited with Antoine prior to restoring Bunnie's memories. This left only Sally and Amy unaccounted for. (StH: #254, #255)

By the time Sonic and Tails returned to Mobotropolis, they had the answers they were looking for as Amy, returned from her trip to the Sol Zone, and Sally were stuck in a battle with Metal Sonic. The two drove Metal off and retrieved the two, along with Cream the Rabbit and Cheese, taking them to Sky Patrol just in time for the planet to tear itself apart. The group quickly traveled to Station Square to provide relief to victims of the Shattered World Crisis until they were relieved by the arrival of G.U.N. forces aboard the Letter of Gabriel. Their next mission involved rescuing Professor Charles the Hedgehog and his colleague Professor Pickle from a Bullet Train run by E-106 Eta. While they failed to recover any of the professors' research, they did rescue the two scientists. After learning about the connection between the planet's shattering and the ancient Gaia Manuscripts, the group set out on their next mission-to recover the Chaos Emeralds and secure the Gaia Temples. (StH: #256, #257, #258, #259)

The Freedom Fighters split into smaller squads in an effort to accomplish multiple objectives at once, with one squad traveling to the city of Meropis while another went after a Chaos Emerald in Crystal Cave. The former squad made new allies as they defended the city from the evil Dark Gaia's Minions, while the second group battled Badnik Horde forces stationed in the cave. Both subsequently returned to the Sky Patrol, one with a supply of Power Rings and the other with a Chaos Emerald. Unfortunately, their movements were monitored by Dr. Eggman, who sent his War Walrus to attack the Sky Patrol en route to Soumerca and also instructed his Egg Army forces in the area to prepare for their arrival. Three of the Freedom Fighters were sent after a Chaos Emerald held by Egg Boss Thunderbolt the Chinchilla while two others went on a relief mission to Harbor Heights. The former team joined forces with old allies Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel to recover the Emerald, but Sonic briefly left the team in order to master his Werehog transformation under the tutelage of Moss the Sloth. (StH: #260, #261, #262, #263, #264, #265)

The remaining Freedom Fighters soon embarked on a mission to recover another Chaos Emerald held by Eggman's forces. However, their attempt was anticipated, and Team Freedom was attacked by three units of the E-100 Series. When Team Fighters arrived to back them up, both groups were caught in an elaborate trap while the Chaos Emerald was flown to a more secure location. A reserve squad led by Cream the Rabbit managed to rescue them, but in the process a Tails Doll slipped aboard the Sky Patrol. Battered but alive, the group was rejoined by Sonic, who encouraged them following their defeat and was then one of three members to be accepted into the Chaos Emerald Championship roster. Their teammates observed the tournament, which ended with Sonic's group obtaining the Chaos Emerald and bringing Knuckles the Echidna and Chip-aka Light Gaia-aboard the Sky Patrol. The group was also contacted by Gregorios of Apotos with information regarding the restoration of the planet, which led to the Freedom Fighters traveling to his home. Before they did so, however, the group split up again, with a squad under Sally traveling to Isolated Island and battling the computer virus Phage to aid Dr. Ellidy. (StH: #266, #267, #268, #269, #270, #271; SU: #71, #72, #73, #74)

The Freedom Fighters were later contacted by G.U.N. regarding the location of the final Chaos Emerald, and moved to meet with one of their units in the Crystal Desert Zone. Unfortunately, Metal Sonic had learned of the Emerald's whereabouts as well and arrived first, seizing the Emerald and wounding the soldiers. Most of the Freedom Fighters remained behind to assist the injured troops while Sonic, Bunnie, and Tails went after Metal Sonic, only for Sonic to become separated from the others after chasing Metal Sonic through a Genesis Portal. Fortunately, with the aid of Silver the Hedgehog, sonic was able to recover the Emerald and return to his teammates. (SU: #75)

Four Heroic Teams and a Madman[]


The Freedom Fighters team up with heroes from three other worlds.

The Freedom Fighters were soon faced with a brand new threat in the form of Sigma-1, a villainous artificial intelligence from the future of Earth 20XX. Having press-ganged Dr. Eggman, Dr. Albert W. Wily of Earth 20XX, and the Deadly Six into his service, he had his minions capture Sonic and convert him and the hero Mega Man of Wily's world into Sonic Man and M'egga Man of the Roboticized Masters. In the midst of worrying for their absent friends, the Freedom Fighters were called back to Mobotropolis to deal with the attacking M'egga Man, who proved too much for them despite the aid of Knuckles and Gemerl. Sigma's Unity Engines, which M'egga Man and Sonic Man had set up near Castle Acorn and in Mega City on Earth 20XX, then began merging the two planets together. As a result, the Freedom Fighters found themselves face to face with Break Man, Quake Woman, and reformed members of Wily's Robot Masters. The growing force against Sigma was soon joined by X, Zero, and Axl from Sigma's time and their unlikely allies from the Sonic Boom Zone. After Sonic and Mega Man were restored to their normal forms, all the heroes boarded the Sky Patrol in preparation for the conflict against Sigma's forces. (SU: #76; SB: #8; StH: #273; MM: #50; WUB: MM)

Fixing the World[]

After the events of Sigma's attack were undone thanks to Xander Payne changing the timeline, the Freedom Fighters returned to their previous task of restoring the planet to normal through collecting the Gaia Keys. This led to conflict with Egg Bosses Tundra the Walrus and Clove the Pronghorn, as well as a renewed alliance with their old friend Lupe Wolf. (StH: #276, #277; MM: #52)

(StH: #287)


The Freedom Fighters originally used guerrilla tactics as they did not have the numbers or the resources for a proper army. However, since the reestablishment of the Kingdom of Acorn and Eggman's open declaration of war, they have abandoned these tactics for a more direct and frontal method of attack.


  • Sky Patrol - The base of operations for the Freedom Fighters in the Post-Super Genesis Wave World.
  • Tornado - A plane usually piloted by Tails.
  • Twister - A plane usually piloted by Antoine.
  • Extreme Gear - Small hoverboards employed by members of the Freedom Fighters incapable of independent flight or for high speed transport.
  • Speed Star - A transforming vehicle employed by various Freedom Fighters.

Background Information[]

  • The Freedom Fighters originated in the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series, upon which the early storyline of the comics was based. However, various modifications have been made to the group, including the addition of other SEGA characters-most notably Amy Rose-and comic exclusive characters to the membership of the group.
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