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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

The Freedom Fighter Special

The Freedom Fighter Special is a multipurpose super-sonic aircraft designed, built and operated by the Knothole Freedom Fighters in their war with Dr. Eggman's robotic minions. Initially operating out of Knothole with Antoine D'Coolette serving as its caretaker and pilot, these duties were passed on to Miles "Tails" Prower. During the year Sonic was in space, the ship was renamed the Freedom Fighter Special Mark 2 and upgraded by Rotor Walrus to have space-travel capabilities for increased usefulness with the Kingdom of Knothole's war against the Eggman Empire.


Freedom Fighter Transport[]

The Freedom Fighter Special was first used by the Knothole Freedom Fighters to bring them to the Hidden City of the Ancients. After the Chaos Incident when the Freedom Fighters left to return to Knothole, the Freedom Fighter Special was forced to land prematurely as it was sabotaged by Metal Sonic. (StH: #80, #86, #87)

The ship was again used when the Freedom Fighters went to Station Square to negotiate with the President to allow 70 Overlander families to immigrate there. Not long after this, they used it to transport the recently revived Dr. Ivo Robotnik into Robotropolis to destroy the device which brought Robotnik back. The Special was also used in a battle against Dr. Eggman's Über-Bot and again to bring the Freedom Fighters to the Southern Tundra to combat the Xorda's Quantum Dial. (StH: #106, #108, #120, #125)

Upgrade to FFS-M2[]

By the time Sonic returned from outer space, Rotor and his tech-team had upgraded the Freedom Fighter Special with improved propulsion. Unlike the first version, the FFS-M2 "soars directly up into the upper atmosphere where it moves into geosynchronous orbit around Mobius" to cut down long range travel times. The FFS-M2 was used to transport Bunnie Rabbot, "Antoine D'Coolette", Espio the Chameleon, Hershey and Geoffrey St. John to Old Megaopolis to stop an atomic strike launching from Dr. Eggman's battle ship. While approaching the harbor in Old Megaopolis, Antoine nearly crashed into the Tornado, as the bi-plane was under the control of A.D.A.M. (StH: #131, #132)


The FFS-M2 flying above Old Megaopolis into New Megaopolis

The next mission of the FFS-M2 was to bring the Knothole Freedom Fighters into New Megaopolis to locate the captured Tommy Turtle and rescue him, while also disposing of Dr. Eggman's Infiltrators. After Tommy was rescued and the Freedom Fighters were retreating while being attacked by Shadowbots, Tails used the FFS-M2 to create a smoke screen to conceal the ship and the Freedom Fighters before they made their escape. Days later, the FFS-M2 delivered Knuckles, the Chaotix and Sonic to Angel Island for their mission to rescue Knuckles' father Locke. After Locke was rescued, Hunter killed and the Master Emerald safely relocated to a hidden place, Knuckles, the Chaotix and Sonic were picked up by the FFS-M2. (StH: #137, #138, #141)


The FFS and Tornado are shot down by the Death Egg.

Following Knothole's destruction, which saw the destruction of the original FFS-M2, a new version created by Nanites was safely stored at New Mobotropolis's Frederick Airport. The ship first saw use when Dr. Eggman returned with the Death Egg Mark 2 flying above the city, and it was launched as part of a hasty counter attack with Antoine & Bunnie at the controls. Despite their piloting skills, they could not get the Special past Death Egg's laser defenses and were unable to do anything except be a distraction as the airship fired a reality warping weapon. Once the effects were undone and the Death Egg was damaged, Antoine had the FFS-M2 press on with its attack and launched missiles at the crippled fortress, while Bunnie leaped from the ship to deal with a Titan Metal Sonic inside the city. As the Special closed in on the fleeing Death Egg with the Tornado, both were taken by suprise when it fired its Egg Annihilator Beam and the aricraft got caught on their side as the shot went past them. Thanks only to Antoine's piloting skills, the majority of the FFS-M2 crash landed in relative safety with no major casualties, though the bay doors were stuck and Amy had to smash them off so they could escape. However the ship was totaled, and the weary heroes were forced to walk back to the city (StH: #179, #225, #231)

Background Information[]

  • The Freedom Fighter Special's design is based on the X-Men ship "Blackbird" (aka "X-Jet"). Coincidentally, recurring Sonic artist Steven Butler has also worked on Marvel Comics.
  • The design of the FFS has changed in some issues, though it is usually universal.
  • After StH #141 the use of the FFS was mostly replaced with saucer-like ships similar to the craft used by the Dark Legion, first seen in StH #152.
  • The Freedom One was originally depicted with a unique design in StH #145, but appeared identical to the Freedom Fighter Special in StH #147 and StH #149.
  • In The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia, it is confirmed that the original FFS-M2 was in fact destroyed in Knothole's destruction, and that the new one is comprised of nanites.
  • In one panel of StH #131, Sally was mistakenly drawn inside the FFS-M2, despite her remaining in Knothole.