Li Yuen and Li Moon are among the clanless.

The Free People are residents of the Dragon Kingdom not aligned with the clans or the Iron Dominion; due to a prophecy, Monkey Khan is considered the King of the Free People, their appointed protector. After the Yagyu Clan's Bride was slaughtered and the other three clans joined forces to the Iron Dominion, the Dragon Kingdom Freedom Fighters, aided by Monkey Khan, protected them from outer threat until the Iron Queen used her powers of Magitek to control the Monkey King and force him to destroy his own allies. Still, Monkey Khan regained his free will and continued to oppose the Iron Dominion to help his people, and journeyed to New Mobotropolis when the Iron Dominion took over the Eggman Empire. After various events taking place on that side of the world, Khan journeyed back to the Dragon Kingdom with Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower and Princess Sally Acorn to weaken the Iron Dominion back on their own turf by turning the clans that were serving as their soldiers against them. Monkey Khan insists the free people want only to live peacefully in the Dragon Kingdom. (StH: #200, #201, #204, #209, SU: #13)