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The subject of this article appeared before and after the Super Genesis Wave.

Free Comic Specials are single issue comic books published by Archie Comics, containing Sonic the Hedgehog related material, such as reprints, data files, and original stories, distributed for free for promotional purposes. The most common of these distributions occurs on Free Comic Book Day, for which a Sonic title has been published annually since 2007. Material printed in these issues is considered canon unless stated otherwise.


Free Comic Book Day[]

This event, an effort by the American comic book industry to help new readers into independent comic book stores, occurs annually on the first Saturday of May, in which publishers distribute specially made one-shot issues for free to commemorate the event. Archie Comics began releasing Sonic issues for the event in 2007, and have continued to do so to this day. The contents of these specials have varied from brand new stories to reprints.


These specials were released to coincide with Halloween, with the third specifically being a part of Halloween Comic Fest, the only issue released for the event to date.

Digital Game Tie-ins[]

These comics were released digitally in association with the Sonic video games they promoted.



Background Information[]

  • Sonic #1/4 is the very first Archie-produced Sonic comic to ever be published.
  • While the comic itself was free, the "Sonic and the Secret Rings" special was distributed on a bonus DVD with copies of the game bought at specific Target retailers.