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Foxy Reynard was one of Ebony Hare's high-ranking lackeys and he was virtually never seen without her. She appeared with Ebony Hare briefly during his Angel Island operation to use black market seasonings to force customers to keep returning to Happy Land Amusement Park run by Renfield T. Rodent, but he was thwarted by the Chaotix and Constable Remington. Foxy, fleeing the scene, was caught by Vector the Crocodile and taken to jail. Despite her ditsy bearing-something that it is possible even she was convinced of-she possesses a pragmatic mind (KtE: #13, #14, #15, CSE)

Background Information

  • Foxy seems to speak with a Brooklyn accent, by calling herself a "goil" and calling Vector a "joik".
  • Foxy was featured in The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia along with Ebony Hare, and this was the first instance in which she received a surname. The surname comes from the French word for fox, and may have been inspired by Jean "Foxy" Reynard, the ex-wife of the late American actor Fred Gwynne.
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