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Forget Me Knots
Forget Me Knots
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Republic of Acorn


Eggman Empire


The Forget Me Knots were a popular band of musicians living in New Mobotropolis. They named themselves in homage to their original home of Knothole Village which has since been destroyed, and as a pun on the myosotis flower. The band consists of their lead singer, Mina Mongoose, bassist Sharps the Chicken, guitarist Max the Monkey, and drummer Mach the Rabbit. The band is managed by Mina's boyfriend, Ash Mongoose. After they finished their world tour, they were hired by the people of New Mobotropolis to perform a concert to celebrate Sonic's defeat of Dr. Eggman and the supposed fall of the Eggman Empire. However, the concert was disrupted by Monkey Khan. Later, after the fall of the Iron Dominion, many in New Mobotropolis were now wary of NICOLE's level of control over the city; harboring such feelings, the band decided to reinvent its sound in order to send a message and voice their concerns. However, they were unwittingly manipulated by Ixis Naugus, and subsequently held a concert calling for NICOLE's return after she was temporarily exiled. (StH: #175, #200, #201, #219, #220, #241)

Background Information

  • The three Mobian band members besides Mina are actually scrapped characters for the "Sonic the Hedgehog Band", who appeared in concept art prior to the 1991 release of the first ever Sonic the Hedgehog game, and were supposed to play music when a player accessed the "Sound Test" option of the game. The original band members consisted of Sonic, an early version of Vector the Crocodile, Sharps the Chicken, Max the Monkey, and Mach the Rabbit. Everyone in the band wore the same shoes as Sonic.
  • The band Mina was originally with was called the "Knothole Knuts", making some wonder if she left it to join the Forget Me Knots or if the band just renamed itself.