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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

Big Fluke

Fluke the Blue Whale, also known as Big Fluke, was a Mobian blue whale and member of the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters and perhaps the largest sea creature on Mobius.


Freedom Fighter[]

Fluke assisted in the battle against Octobot, and flattened the mechanical octopus under his enormous bulk. Due to migrating, he was unavailable when the team faced off with another aquatic nemesis in Eel Capone. However, he later repeated his robot-curshing performance to deal with Pseudo-Sonic, the Misfit Badniks and their island. (TMS: #1, MM, StH: #185)


Despite his great size, Fluke is a gentle Mobian, and enjoys a good laugh over fighting. That aside, he takes his duty as a member of the Freedom Fighters seriously.


Fluke's greatest weapon is his size: at over eighty feet long and with weight to match, he is easily one of the largest things in Mobius' ocean. His favored method of attack is using his massive bulk-often through means of his powerful tail-to crush opponents, which has proven quite effective against robotic enemies.

Background Information[]