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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
You may be looking for the Great Peace from the Anti Mobius universe.

The Five Years of Peace is a time period that took place in the Light Mobius universe. After the fall of the tyrannical King Shadow at the hands of Sonic the Hedgehog and Lara-Su, Sonic married Queen Sally and peace reigned once more on the planet during his rule for five years. (SU: #5)

This period of peace would come to an end in 3267, as the Dark Presence attempted to kill the royal family, only for the missile to be caught in the telekinetic grip of Silver the Hedgehog. Later that night, Castle Mobius came under seige by the Dark Presence, while Lien-Da freed King Shadow from imprisonment. (SU: #5, #6)

Key Events[]

  • King Shadow is defeated by Sonic and Lara-Su (Around Spring 3262).
  • Lara-Su's Unveiling occurs. She is also appointed Guardian of Angel Island. (Spring 3262)
  • Sonic is married to Sally (Summer 3262).
  • Prince Manik and Princess Sonia are born (Spring 3263).
  • Celebration for the Five Years of Peace (3267).
  • Assassination attempt by Lien-Da and the Dark Presence on King Sonic (3267).
  • Silver the Hedgehog returns to Sonic's present (3267).
  • Dark Presence takes over Castle Mobius and re-awaken King Shadow (3267).