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The First Downunda Colony

The First Downunda Colony was an ancient Albion colonization effort on the continent to create a research center, for the purpose of combating the Order of Ixis during the Forgotten War. The main result of the research was the mutation of the local Tasmanian Devil population into savage beasts.



During the Forgotten War, the Templar Knights of Aurora from Albion were locked in combat with Mogul's magick-wielding Order of Ixis, who sought to conquer the world for their master. To defeat the Order, the scientific elite of Albion were sent to form a secret research center on the continent of Downunda. (CSE)

Crimes Against Nature[]

Instead of "working miracles," as was the intended purpose of the colony, the researchers set up their base in the native Tasmanian Devils' own village and used the native Devils as their test subjects, turning the majority into vicious Mobinis called Tasmanian Devil-Dogs. Eventually, the scientists' crimes were discovered and they were arrested and convicted, but Albion ignored the plight of the natives. (CSE)


The Order of Ixis was defeated shortly after the colony was disbanded, but the Tasmanian Devils' gene pool was permanently altered, with most infants born to the tribe being Devil-Dogs rather than babies. Over time the Devils were reduced to a population of just two Mobians, while all others were mutants. The remaining Devils passed down stories of how the Echidnas were to blame for the crimes, and eventually one of the last of their line named Thrash the Devil avenged the fall of his people by banishing most Echidnas from Mobius. (CSE, StH: #244)

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