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Feist was a gigantic being of unknown origin and power, and resembled a Mobian Panda. At some point, he was banished to the Zone of Silence, where he met and was defeated by Ixis Naugus. After Naugus escaped the Zone for the final time, Feist seized control and, using the power of all the galaxy's Chaos Emeralds, reshaped it into the Special Zone. He guards the emeralds he has in the Special Zone, but will allow those who complete his most difficult challenges to take one. He willingly gave up a Chaos Emerald to Sonic the Hedgehog for his part in granting him domination of the Special Zone, and later he forced Team Dark to undergo various challenges to obtain a Chaos Emerald, but after failing them the team simply stole it, enraging Feist. Though not overtly good or evil, Feist judges others entirely on whatever satisfies or upsets his whims, such as when he let Geoffrey St. John leave the Special Zone with an emerald he stole after betraying Sonic, simply because it amused him.


Under Naugus' Rule[]

Feist's past before his initial meeting with Ixis Naugus is unknown, including whether or not he is yet another exile to the Zone of Silence or is actually native to the strange dimension. Feist and Naugus them did battle upon meeting, and though the gigantic being was a mighty adversary, Naugus defeated him using his magic and forced Feist to swear servitude to him, whereupon he established a territory for himself within the Zone, attacking any new intruders who would enter and bringing them to Naugus. Feist was first seen by Sonic when he entered King Maximillian Acorn's dreams while the king was comatose and succumbing to a crystallization spell set on him by Naugus. In the dream, Sonic learned that Feist attacked King Acorn while he was being targeted by his former Warlord Kodos shortly after his arrival in the Zone. At that point Feist was already one of the most powerful beings in the zone and proved so by seemingly vaporizing Kodos when the Warlord defied him, but King Acorn escaped and eventually made an alliance with Ixis Naugus. At some point following Naugus' acquisition of Maximillian, Kodos-who had survived their encounter-and Uma Arachnis as minions, Feist attacked and captured a visiting Dr. Ivo Robotnik, bringing him to Naugus. (StH: #43, #66, #234)

Ruler of the Special Zone[]


Feist confronts Sonic and Tails in the reshaped Special Zone

When Naugus and his other minions made their escape from the Zone of Silence, Feist was left behind within it. Following the battle between Sonic the Hedgehog and A.D.A.M. and the transport of all Chaos Emeralds into the Zone of Silence years later, Sonic and Tails traveled to the Zone in search of one. There, they found the dimension miraculously changed, Feist having fused the countless Emeralds into seven jewels and taken over, reshaping the Zone of Silence into the Special Zone. Apparently content with the Zone as his realm and considering the pair his loose allies due to their shared antagonism of Ixis Naugus, he granted them the grey Chaos Emerald, which was used to help King Acorn recover from poisoning. As they left, Feist stated the others would have to be earned if Sonic wanted them. (StH: #169, #170, CSE)

Omega Attacks Feist

Feist is attacked by Omega

Fair & Unfair Games[]

When Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat entered the Special Zone to collect a Chaos Emerald for GUN, Feist greeted them and told the two they could have an emerald if they completed his challenge of going through an obstacle course in one minute. At first Shadow attempted to simply use his Chaos powers to teleport to the end, but Feist prevented him from using the ambient Chaos energy. With half the time left to complete the challenge, Rouge grabbed Shadow so he could use his jet shoes to give her more lift and get to the Chaos Emerald. However, they failed to reach it in time and Feist forced them from the zone, but they later returned with E-123 Omega, now as Team Dark. Feist provided a maze to test them for reaching the emerald. With Feist adding to the challenge as they went, they failed again, and Feist mocked them, hoping they would continue to entertain him another day. Not willing to put up with this any longer, Rouge simply ordered Omega to fire upon the godlike being; catching him off guard they then stole the emerald and Shadow used it in their escape from the furious Feist before he could retaliate. (SU: #4)

Later, Geoffrey St. John and Sonic the Hedgehog entered the zone for another emerald, and were confronted by a still-enraged Feist who was displeased to see more "mortals." Alarmed, Sonic quickly diffused the situation as they'd been on good terms in the past, and Feist calmed to some degree. He offered a challenge, though he also warned that he would not tolerate any defiance of his rules (as had happened with Team Dark). Sonic and Geoffrey agreed, and St. John even suggested Feist could even pit him and Sonic against each other to make things more interesting. Feist then set a new challenge, requiring they simply race to the emerald through an obstacle course. Sonic completed the challenge without noticing that Geoffrey never even left the start. When he returned with the emerald, Feist watched as Geoffrey shot Sonic with a stun dart and took the emerald, kicking the hedgehog off into the abyss. The self-imposed god found delight in this turn of events, and allowed Geoffrey to depart with the emerald while Sonic was left behind. When Sonic accused him of doing nothing to stop this, Feist merely replied he had thought it amusing as all things in his zone should be for him. However his amusement soon faded to boredom as he watched the hedgehog just fall. With some goading from Sonic, Feist summoned a series of floating balls and devised a new challenge for Sonic to use them to get to the portal out of the Zone. Feist observed Sonic with intense interest as he bounced off the balls and once he reached the exit, applauded with great satisfaction, declaring Sonic to be his favorite as the hedgehog left. (StH: #219, #220)

Some time after, Dr. Eggman and Snively entered the Special Zone and immediately came face-to-face with Feist. Seeking new entertainment, he created a tubular track with a Chaos Emerald at the end, and told them to race each other and claim the prize in order to win. Feist was pleased with the energy in their rivalry and watched them progress through the course in their Egg Mobiles. Once Dr. Eggman won, Feist added a twist to the challenge by making the dictator choose between taking Snively or the emerald back with him. The god seemed taken aback when Eggman cut his short and told him to hand over the emerald and left, but was satisfied regardless and mused over what to do with Snively. His ponderings turned to surprise as Snively was suddenly teleported out of the zone by Eggman, and Feist roared in rage at being cheated by mortals a second time. (StH: #223)


Feist believes himself to be a god of judgement within the Special Zone. He enjoys the power of shaping the Zone simply through his will. He can be benevolent, willing to grant a Chaos Emerald to any mortal who enters his realm, but only after completing a trial of his own design. Feist enjoys subjecting others to trials of skill, speed, or strength merely to entertain himself. Ultimately, Feist only seeks personal enjoyment, usually at the expense of others, and in his arrogance is not above altering his challenges to make them impossible to beat, however should competitors lose his challenges, he enforces no penalties and simply sends them back home and gives them another opportunity to come back a day later. If attacked and cheated, his rage knows no bounds and he will alter his form into that of a chaotic force of fury. He is willing to freely give a Chaos Emerald to a noble being such as Sonic the Hedgehog due to his many good deeds and heroic endeavors, showing that he is a reasonable and benevolent entity to those who've proven themselves and will not force them into a trial, but will nonetheless have them participate in a trial should they return for an emerald a second time.


Feist's appearance has changed throughout his encounters with the Freedom Fighters, initially resembling a Badger but later coming to look more like a Panda. In his first, the fur on his mostly black, with white around the mouth and down the center of his face. In his second, his face is white with black around his eyes, and his ears have a white outline. In his third, the outer part of his ears were fully black. Since then, his design has been more dedicated to continuity and appears generally the same.

All Feist's appearances have included what appears to be a large silver belt, his only known article of clothing. Feist's sheer size is such that his feet have never been seen on panel. Feist's eyes are also consistently colored yellow, with no visible irises or pupils.


As master of the Special Zone, Feist can control the very physics of the realm and give himself immense power. Feist also had his own powers before achieving omnipotence, such as being able to shoot energy beams from his eyes. Those who enter the Zone also become subject to his power, enabling him to shut off their special abilities, though this can apparently be fought through use of a Chaos Emerald. While he may be incredibly powerful within the Special Zone, he is not omnipresent, meaning he is unable to be everywhere at once. At the same time he also is not omniscient, and cannot know everything that happens in his realm, such as when Team Dark launched their surprise attack against him to steal the second emerald. He has also shown to have some vulnerability, as Omega was able to stun him with an attack. (StH: #43, #170, SU: #4)

Background information[]


Feist's early appearance when his species was uncertain

  • Originally, Feist's apparent species was uncertain, some thinking he could be a badger or skunk, but he was later revealed to be a panda. This later became referenced in StH 220. It is also unknown whether he is actually a Mobian, or some strange native to the Zone of Silence.
  • It is currently uncertain whether Feist is a hero or villain, as he was imprisoned in the Zone of Silence, likely for some evil deed (or possibly for opposing Robotnik), but now he protects the Chaos Emeralds from hero and villain alike, and even allowed Sonic and Tails to use one to save former King Max, but he said it was for their past deeds and may just be protecting the emeralds to maintain his power. He also called Sonic his "favorite" and apparently applauded his efforts after Sonic managed to escape the Special Zone. Mobius Encyclopaedia shall have Feist remain under the category of "Anti Hero", unless new evidence reveals him to be otherwise.
  • In his Q&A, Flynn stated that the Original Freedom Fighters-along with other contents/residents of the Zone of Silence and The Void-were reduced to raw material and used by Feist to build the Special Zone, meaning that he is responsible for the deaths of that group's members. (1)
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