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Fanny Dupin

Fanny Dupin.

Fanny Dupin was a Mobian Turkey who was one of the many members of the Kingdom of Acorn to be captured and Roboticized by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. In 3235 shortly after Robotnik's death, she had been caught by Tusk Luza and a horde of other Mobians trying to go into Dr. Robotnik's old lab which was off limits after being dared to by her friends. The horde advanced on her only for her to be saved by Sir Charles Hedgehog and his Photon-Flash Pellets. After she explained why she was near the lab to Tusk and he didn't believe her, Chuck agreed with him to take the matter to Princess Sally, only to discover that was out on a mission with Sonic and Antoine after Geoffrey St. John told them. Chuck then explained the situation to Geoffrey and then none other than King Maximillian Acorn himself appeared and said he would settle the matter. Unfortunately, King Max had grown paranoid about the Robians recently and ordered all of them dismantled for treason, starting with Fanny. But this order wasn't received with much enthusiasm, even by Tusk Luza, and King Max later changed his mind after he had recovered from his ill state and regained his sanity, only to be turned again by Ixis Naugus posing as the Knothole Freedom Fighters to make King Max's hate consume him and then take control over him and the entire Kingdom. Presumably, Fanny tried to escape the wrath of King Max and his soldiers along with all the other Robians until Sonic managed to restore King Acorn back to normal using the Sword of Acorns, and peace was restored between the Mobians and Robians. (StH: #55 SSS: #4)

It is assumed that Fanny was De-Roboticized along with most of the other Robians by the Bem in 3236. (StH: #123)