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Egg Tarantula
Egg Tarantula
Biographical information

3237 (destroyed same year)


Dr. Eggman


Egg Tarantula

Physical description


Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Wall climbing
  • Agility

The Egg Tarantula was a battle vehicle made by Dr. Eggman to destroy Sonic the Hedgehog in the Eggdome for their final battle. Eggman started building shortly after the destruction of the third Metal Sonic and Metal Scourge by their organic counterparts when his descent into insanity was becoming apparent. The Egg Tarantula was put to use during the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Chaotix's attack on the Eggdome and Eggman fought Sonic in it one-on-one. While the Egg Tarantula put up a good fight, Sonic managed to destroy it and Eggman's latest defeat caused his sanity to shatter and fall into a complete state of madness.



Egg Builder

Eggman working on the Egg Tarantula.

Dr. Eggman started building the Egg Tarantula shortly after the third Metal Sonic and Metal Scourge were destroyed by Sonic and Scourge. During this time, Eggman's declining mental stability was becoming more evident as he ranted over his more recent failed operations while working on it. Snively had finally lost faith in his uncle at this point and put so little effort into constructing the mech that Eggman threw him out for being useless. As the doctor continued to ready his battle vehicle, Snively established contact (via the Egg Network) with the Sub-Boss Regina Ferrum of the Iron Dominion in the Dragon Kingdom and began discussing plans on how to usurp the Eggman Empire. (StH: #192, #194)

Fighting Sonic and Destruction[]


Sonic battles with Eggman in the Egg Tarantula.

After Sonic, the Knothole Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix stormed Eggman's base to defeat him once and for all, Eggman used the Egg Tarantula as part of a trap to defeat Sonic once and for all. However, the Egg Tarantula wasn't strong enough to stop Sonic as he smashed the mech with relative ease after a lengthy battle. This was the last straw for Dr. Eggman, as he went completely insane following this defeat. (StH: #198, #199, #200)


The Egg Tarantula's abilities and functions included wall-climbing, a grappling hook, a laser in its abdomen, blades on the tips of the spider legs, and a high level of agility.

Background Information[]

  • While the Egg Tarantula was never called as such in the comic, writer Ian Flynn confirmed the name of the battle mech on his message board. (1)