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Egg Pawn
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Dr. Eggman


Military troop and worker

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Dr. Eggman

Political Alignment and Abilities

Egg Pawns are a line of robots created by Dr. Eggman to serve as his primary robot forces in his efforts to conquer the world. However, their ineffectiveness against the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog and his various allies has led to their apparent replacement with the more advanced Egg SWAT series.


Eggman's Forces[]

The Egg Pawns first saw action under the command of Metal Sonic, who at the time was impersonating Dr. Eggman in his bid to gain ultimate power and become Metal Overlord. As such, they were pitted against Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose, and Team Chaotix. Later, under the command of their true master, they were put into service against the Black Arms during their invasion of Mobius. Egg Pawns were also utilized by Eggman and Dr. Nega during their joint operation to take over both their universes. (VG: SH, ShaH, SRu)

Cast Aside[]

Egg Pawns Deactivated

Several offline Egg Pawns.

With the advent of the Egg SWATs, the Egg Pawns were phased out of military service, though Eggman kept them around for labor purposes such as his mining operations in Crystal Cave. A number of Egg Pawns were later sold to Breezie the Hedgehog for use in her operations, and appeared as part of her staff in Casino Park. (StH: 252, 260, 268)

Variant Models[]

Egg Hammer[]

Egg Flapper[]

The Egg Flapper is the aerial variant of the Egg Pawn. They are around the same size as the Egg Pawns, but have wings instead of limbs.


Despite being machines, the Egg Pawns are apparently programmed with some emotion, notably demonstrating fear of Metal Overlord and their creator.

Background Information[]

  • Egg Pawns were originally a basic enemy in Sonic Heroes, along with other Sonic games, and were brought into the comic book as a nod to the Sonic game franchise.