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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
Original Continuity


Egg Mites are small spider-like robots designed by Dr. Eggman for utility purposes. A typical Egg Mite has a circular, disc-shaped central body, and walks about on eight claw-like appendages that are able to carry large objects of significantly greater weight with relative ease. Egg Mites do not feature any known weapons besides a single laser-cutting torch used in welding tasks.


Death Egg Minions[]

These robots were not seen until 3237, after Dr. Eggman re-emerged from hiding with the Death Egg Mark 2, where they were responsible for general maintenance of the airship. After the destruction of Silver Sonic v3.0, Egg Mites were also seen carrying its remains to a waste disposal area to be dumped. Following the overall failure of Operation: Clean Sweep, the Death Egg suffered heavy damage in certain areas along with extensive wiring problems, jobs for which the Egg Mites were put to their full use in completing. (StH: #225, #230, #232)