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Egg Carrier
Biographical information



Dr. Eggman

Physical description

Air ship

  • Large, armoured aircraft
  • Red, yellow, black and white coloured hull
  • Missile launchers
Political Alignment and Abilities

Dr. Eggman

  • Hovering
  • Flying
  • Transforming between modes

The Egg Carrier was a large airship created by Dr. Eggman, and an important transport for the doctor during an attempt to conquer the world. The Egg Carrier was crewed by Eggman and various robots, including the first E-100 Series robots, and the most notable of them, E-102 Gamma. The original Egg Carrier fell into the ocean after a mighty battle. Shortly after, a second Egg Carrier was made to stop the rampage of Perfect Chaos, but the creature destroyed the ship with an energy blast.


Past Use

The Egg Carrier was used in the past by Doctor Eggman, The Egg Carrier was crewed by Eggman and various robots, including the first E-100 robots, notably E-102 Gamma. Eggman first used the Egg Carrier to find and destroy the Master Emerald at Angel Island in order to free Chaos. After succeeding, the Egg Carrier landed in his Final Egg base in Mystic Ruins for later usage. This usage came when Eggman brought the Egg Carrier to the place where Sonic, Tails and Knuckles battled Chaos, and then picked up Eggman and Chaos with a tractor beam. Sonic and Tails followed it with the Tornado, but the plane was shot down. The Egg Carrier then flew over Station Square, scaring the inhabitants. It then flew back to Final Egg, where it was infiltrated by Knuckles and Big the Cat, as pieces of the Master Emerald and Big's friend, Froggy, were located on it.

It then took off again and picked up a robot that had kidnapped Amy Rose, and was subsequently chased through a storm by Sonic and Tails in their new Tornado 2. This time the heroes managed to land on the Egg Carrier, where Eggman challenged them to get through the ship. the ship started losing altitude (it is not explained why, but Sonic, Tails and Knuckles had caused some destruction) so Tails, Amy and E-102 fled the ship. Sonic stayed to find Eggman, which he did, along with Chaos. Sonic, Knuckles and Big all fought and defeated Chaos, and everyone fled the ship as it crashed into the ocean below and started floating on the surface. E-102 later came back to the floating vessel in order to defeat his brothers, E-105 Zeta and E-101 Beta, which he did. Finally, Amy also came back to look for the relatives of her bird friend. She battled E-100 ZERO and defeated him. A lab in the Mystic Ruins known as the Final Egg served as its base. A second Egg Carrier was later deployed against Perfect Chaos, but was easily destroyed. (StH: #253, VG: SA/SADX)

Polluting the Ocean Floor

The Knothole Freedom Fighters later learned that the sunken Egg Carrier was the source of pollution afflicting the underwater city of Meropis. (StH: #263)


Background information

  • The Egg Carrier was based off its video game counterpart from the game Sonic Adventure.
  • In the games, the second ship is called the Egg Carrier 2, which is considered Tier 2 canon by this site's canon policy.