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The Egg Army is the primary fighting force of the Eggman Empire, with its rank-and-file consisting of the Egg Soldiers. The various Egg Army factions are overseen by an Egg Boss and are stationed across the globe, aiming to establish footholds in nations and eventually overtake them. The primary method of recruitment is Cyberization, although the army also utilizes the Badnik Horde to achieve its goals.



A Shattered World

From the perspective of readers, this picks up following the events of the Worlds Collide crossover.

Some time after crash-landing in the Efrika Plains in the wreckage of the Egg-Wily Machine X, Dr. Eggman was greeted by Axel the Water Buffalo and the Efrika Egg Army unit. Due to retaining his memories of the old reality from before the Super Genesis Wave and not yet receiving his memories of the new one, Eggman did not initially recognize his subordinates, but quickly adapted. After resting and having his Egg Mobile repaired by the Efrika unit, he proceeded to the unit base in Avalon only to find it under attack by G.U.N. forces deployed from a carrier. Modifying his Egg Mobile into a walker mech, he promptly destroyed the carrier and seized one of its fighter planes to continue his journey, thus freeing Lord Hood's chapter from harassment. (StH: #253, #254)

While Eggman made his way north, the Metropolis Egg Army was forced to deal with the intrusion of Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower, who arrived to retrieve infiltrating agent Bunnie D'Coolette and a shield generator intended for their new Sky Patrol base. Unaware of these events, Eggman rendezvoused with the Artika Egg Army under Tundra the Walrus, who provided him with a transport back to the Death Egg Mark 2. Like the other denizens of Mobius, the Legion was caught up in The Shattered World Crisis, which left them initially unable to assist Eggman in a plot to kidnap Professor Pickle and obtain the Gaia Manuscripts he had been researching. Succeeding despite this setback, Eggman subsequently put at least one unit-the Efrika one-on high alert, based on his suspicion that the ancient structure they had repurposed as a base was in fact one of the Gaia Temples. (StH: #255, #257, #259)

Two Egg-Bosses were later alerted to a break-in at an Eggman Empire installation in Crystal Cave, and discovered that a Chaos Emerald had been stolen from there by the Knothole Freedom Fighters. This fact was reported to Egg Army forces in Soumerca, who laid a trap using a Chaos Emerald they themselves had recovered. Three of the Freedom Fighters and their allies Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel fell into the trap, but it was broken by Sonic the Hedgehog's transformation into the Werehog. The Soumerca Egg Army laid a second trap with another Chaos Emerald, while also launching an attack against the Werehog. Eggman was disappointed by the failure of his subordinates, but surprised to learn that his forces had actually managed to seize additional territory in the midst of the crisis. The chapter under Cassia and Clove was then tasked with guarding the only Chaos Emerald Eggman's forces had managed to secure, while other units were deployed to hunt down the Guardians of the Gaia Keys. (StH: #263, #264, #265, #266, #267, #276, #277, #278, #279)



Background Information

  • As a new version of the Dark Egg Legion, many of the Egg Army's units reflect Legion chapters from the old continuity in terms of location and membership. However, given various changes made in the altered reality, the following discrepancies occur:
    • The Efrika division of Eggman's forces is led by Axel in the new reality as opposed to Diesel in the old; additionally, the unit is made up of mixed Mobian races while the Legion chapter was comprised solely of Bear Pack and Nasty Hyenas members. This is most likely due to the Bear Pack having been created by Ken Penders; the Nasty Hyenas are under no such restrictions due to being SatAM characters, but Ian Flynn has expressed no real interest in adapting them.
    • The Mercia and Eurish Legions have apparently been combined, as the Eurish Egg Army operates in the same region but is made up of Mobians under Mordred Hood as opposed to brainwashed humans under Regina Ferrum.
    • Whereas the Northern Tundra Dark Egg Legion consisted of Akhlut and his Orcas, the Artika Egg Army appears to be made up of mixed races and led by Tundra; Akhlut's chapter was relocated to the Northern Oceans.
    • While neither New Megaopolis or Albion is known to have existed in the altered reality, the all-Echidna New Megaopolis/Albion Legion chapter appears to have been replaced with the mixed races of the Metropolis Zone Egg Army.
    • The Soumerca Legion has been replaced by the Soumerca Egg Army, led by Thunderbolt as opposed to Drago and Razorklaw. Like the Efrika division, this group is now made up of assorted Mobians as opposed to Felidae and Wolf Pack outcasts/conscripts. The most likely reason for these changes is that the Felidae and those members of the Wolf Pack exclusive to the Archie comics were created by Ken Penders.


Unlike their Dark Egg Legionnaire counterparts, Egg Soldiers wear uniforms that all tend to be modeled after Dr. Eggman's wardrobe, albeit in different colors. Different colors appear to be associated with different Army factions, and each faction soldier also sport helmets-emblazoned with the Eggman Empire logo-that tend to either accommodate cranial features of their wearers or conform to a trait of their Egg Boss, such as the Cobra-hooded helmets worn by Lord Hood's soldiers. For the most part, Egg Bosses have attire that further distinguishes them from their underlings, though in some cases-such as the Foreman of Metropolis Zone-the Egg Bosses are virtually identical in attire to their underlings.