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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

The Egg 'Stache Flyer

The Egg 'Stache Flyer was a massive carrier aircraft created by Dr. Eggman with its main shape based on his own mustache.



The inside of the Egg 'Stache Flyer

It was first was used by the Eggman Empire in 3237 while pursuing Snively, after he betrayed Eggman and fled the Death Egg Mark 2. After tracking the Egg Jet to Central City, the Flyer remained in position above while deploying drop pods filled with Egg Swats into the city to support Egg Camels engaging G.U.N. defense forces. Once Snively was sighted leaving the city, Eggman order a full withdrawal and returned to the Flyer's bridge with Orbot and Cubot to continue the chase. (SU: #37, #38)

Background Information[]

  • The ship appears to be the mustache piece of the Death Egg Mark 2's face.
  • It's currently unknown whether the Egg 'Stache Flyer survived the Super Genesis Wave or not.