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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
Wild! Absolutely wild!

–Julie-Su upon first arriving in Echidnaopolis, KtE: 4

Echidnaopolis was the second largest Echidna settlement on the planet Mobius, it was located on Angel Island.

The city was originally located in the continent of Downunda, until Angel Island was separated from Mobius' surface following the White Comet incident. It remained on Angel Island proper for several generations, until a nuclear incident forced its relocation to another Zone. It was eventually returned to Mobius proper, but saw great turmoil as the Dark Legion, Dingo Regime, and various other threats came into conflict with the inhabitants. The city was eventually destroyed by the Dingoes, having received support from the Eggman Empire, it saw a brief period of rebuilding before being leveled yet again. A village was named after it, but with the transport of all its surviving inhabitants to Albion it was left abandoned.



Long before the foundation of Echidnaopolis, its future site in Downunda was visited by a group of Albion Echidna scientists during the Forgotten War. The group were sent to develop means of helping the Albion Knights of Aurora defeat the Order of Ixis. However, they turned their efforts to crimes against the integrity of other species, and their colony was destroyed following their imprisonment by the authorities of Albion. (CSE)

Second Colonization-wave from Albion[]

Many years later, another group of Echidnas departed from Albion in search of new adventures and opportunities in other lands.

Initially, the pioneers arrived in Soumerca where they began a colonization. However, shortly afterwards they discovered they had attempted to settle in the Mysterious Cat Country. Soon, the Felidae and the Echidna settlers became engaged in a war. The warrior and advanced sciences castes, the Knuckles Clan and the Nocturnus Clan respectively, both wanted to remain and fight for their new land, while the scientific elite and intellectuals wanted no part of the conflict. Thus, the latter left on their ships to find a new land, while the Knuckles and Nocturnus Clans remained behind to continue their war with the Cat People. (StH: #82)

The scientists traveled to the continent of Downunda where they constructed Echidnaopolis, modeling the city after Albion. For many generations the Echidnas of the city lived in peace, only having to contend with occasional threats of Dingoes and Tasmanian Devil Dogs. The Devil Dogs were the product of the experiments of the first Downunda colony, which turned the proud Mobian race into savage Mobini. (KtE: #12; CSE)


Echidnaopolis ascending into the sky

The White Comet Incident and the Acension of Angel Island[]

After years of development, Echidnaopolis was one of the most advanced cities on the planet.

While two of the city's top scientists, Jordann and Kayla-La, were observing and charting the stars, they discovered a massive comet, viz the White Comet, on a collision course with Echidnaopolis. To avoid destruction, the two scientists proposed a plan to lift their city into the air using the power of numerous Chaos Emeralds. In coherence with the plan the Echidnas launched a massive excavation of the planet in search of the Chaos Emeralds. Once enough had been obtained, the emeralds were placed within the deep caverns below the city, letting their energy resonate through the city's infrastructure, providing a lifting force to the surrounding area. Meanwhile, the Fire Ants dug the surrounding landmass free from the planet's surface separating Angel Island from Mobius. With every force contradicting the lifting force from the emeralds, save for gravity, removed, Echidnaopolis was lifted into the sky, just before the comet struck the planet. (StH: #34)

However, not all inhabitants of the city liked the idea of living airborne. Thus, future mitreArakkis proposed the idea that those who wished would be given the opportunity to leave the city and return to Albion. While the High Council disagreed with Arakkis, they provided the defectors with supplies for their voyage and made sure that all inhabitants would be given the individual freedom of choice in the matter. The descendants of the defectors led by Arakkis would eventually become known as the Lost Tribe of Echidnas. (KtE: #10)

Edmund and Dimitri's Plan to Restore the City to Downunda[]

The society of Echidnaopolis would suffer another, larger schism about 400 years ago, The conflict stemmed from the decision of the High Council, particularly Menthor, the High Councilor at the time, to deny Dimitri and Edmund's plan to restore Angel Island to its original site on Mobius' surface. Furious, Dimitri took matters into his own hand using the Chaos Syphon to drain the power of the Chaos Emeralds so that the Island supposedly would slowly descend onto Mobius. The plan backfired sapping the harnessed energy into Dimitri, turning him into the god Enerjak. Enerjak then proceeded to conquer Echidnapolis and enslave its inhabitants, planning to use the city and island as a vessel for his planetary conquest. Despite the immense power he obtained, he was believed to be defeated when his tower was demolished over him by Fire Ants. Arguing that the use of technology nearly had resulted in the destruction of their civilization, the High Council deemed technology banned. Thus, all technological devices was confiscated and stored in the Grand Conservatory. (StH: #35, #36)

Pre-Hyper-zone Projector Conflicts[]

However, Dimitri's son, Menniker decided to follow in his father's footsteps. He gathered together rebels and dissenters and created the Dark Legion, a technocratic group of cybernetic-using Echidnas loyal to Dimitri's cause of restoring the Island to Mobius, as well as maintaining technology in their society. The Dark Legion succeeded in murdering Guardian Edmund and nearly conquering the entire city, but Edmund's own son, Steppenwolf, stepped forward and confronted the Legion, using his Chaos powers to banish them to the Twilight Cage. From that time on, however, the Legion posed a threat to Echidnaopolis. (KtE: #2, #3)

In addition to the Dark Legion, the Guardians had to contend with another native species on the Floating Island, the Dingoes. A militaristic and brutal race, the Dingoes nearly wiped out Echidnaopolis via nuclear strike, but were stopped by the current Guardian at the time, Hawking. To prevent all life on the island from dying to the radiation, he transported Echidnaopolis to its own pocket Zone, and the Dingoes to another, using the Hyper-zone Projector. He then began the tedious task of restoring the island to its former state, a process which took several generations. (KtE: #4, #5)

Some time after the city being transported to its own pocket zone, the Dark Legion instated an attack against the city led by the Grandmaster Moritori Rex, wich managed to find a way to break free from the Twilight Cage. The city was defended by guardian Tobor who led the cities defense. The attack resulted in the legion retreating after their leader disappeared to Mobius Prime. (KtE: #16)

Return to Mobius Prime[]

Eventually, the Ultimate Annihilator created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik accelerated the breakdown of the barriers between zones. As a result, Echidnaopolis began to return to Angel Island, but its transition was initially turbulent as it kept moving between the two zones. Making matters more complex, the Dingo city of Cavem Canus was trying to return as well, to the exact same spot. Eventually, the aged Hawking was forced to use the projector again, restoring Echidnaopolis to its proper place and destroying the Dingo city, but leaving the inhabitants of both alive in a shared home. Caught up in these events was the Guardian at the time, Knuckles the Echidna, who proved a voice of reason to the conflicting parties. Tensions continued to mount as the unlikely neighbors tried to get along, but more trouble came in the form of the returning Dark Legion, with Enerjak at its head. Echidnaopolis would subsequently become the site of a battle between the villainous Mammoth Mogul and Knuckles, the latter backed by Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower, all four employing Super transformations. The Dingoes, Echidnas, Chaotix, Knothole Freedom Fighters, Ancient Walkers, and even the Brotherhood of Guardians became involved in the battle, which eventually led to Mogul's imprisonment in the newly created Master Emerald. (StH: #56, KtE: #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9)

During the time directly after the fight against Mogul, the city saw a large boom in construction, both due to the cities need of repair after the battle and because of the Dingo need of houses. The city was also subject to a breakout of the lethal drug Lemon Sundrop Dandelion due to the industry Axis putting it in its hot dogs. Echidnaopolis was affected by the most recent Day of Fury with extreme weather such as blizzards and heavy rainfall. (KtE: #5, #15, #16)

Echidnaopolis hosted an election in the year of 3235 for the office of High Councilor, unexpectedly the High Councilor of that time stepped down to endorse a new candidate, the pro-Dark Legion candidate Benedict. Benedict was in fact a robot used by the Dark Legion to try to gain political power in Echidnaopolis. Benedict was ultimately destroyed after his campaigns headquarter was blown up by Knuckles being subjected to experiments. The election was rigged by Benedict and when he won, it enabled the Dark Legion to walk freely in the city. An important political topic for the election was the topic of Dingo housing construction, with some candidates believing that the Echidna construction teams worked to slow. (KtE#22, #23, #24)

When the Dark Legion fired their quantum beam from their Cruiser, the inhabitants of Echidnaopolis was transported to another zone. This left the city uninhabited and unguarded from the legion, which moved in to secure several places in the city. However, the city was transported back to the island after Chaos Knuckles reversed the effect of the quantum beam. (StH#100#107SSS#14)

Directly after the quantum beam incident, the Dark Legion, led by Dimitri, wanted to become integrated into the city and to live peacefully with the inhabitants of Echidnaopolis, the proposal, which was supported by guardian Knuckles, met with protest, both in Echidnaopolis by the Mitre and in the legion by Lien-Da. A committee was instated by the High Council to lessen the gap between the legion and the other residents of Echidnaopolis. The unification was not yet completed when the Xorda attack on Mobius made all factions in the city work together to fight against a common enemy. (StH: #107, #108, #109)



Echidnaopolis is destroyed during the Eggman Empire's invasion.

Echidnaopolis was destroyed when the Dingoes joined forces with Dr. Eggman and took over, overwhelming the Echidnas and forcing them into concentration camps as well as killing off 90% percent of them. The few survivors were later liberated by the Chaotix and relocated to a village, which they named after their fallen city, but with most of the Brotherhood gone they were ill-equipped to defend themselves. Locke the Echidna, Guardian and father of Knuckles, defended them briefly before turning the position over to Dr. Finitevus, which allowed him to go off in search of his predecessors. Finitevus and his Destructix minions defended the former residents of Echidnaopolis briefly, until the new Enerjak came to power. The demigod then transported them to Albion with the rest of the Echidnas in hopes of rebuilding their ravaged species, leaving any hopes of restoring Echidnaopolis extremely unlikely. (StH: #138, #139, #171, #181, CSE)



Echidnaopolis was situated on Angel Island, above the surface of Mobius, although it was formally located in the continent of  Downunda, prior to the island's ascension. The city was the sole large city on the floating island since the destruction of the Dingo city of Cavem Canus.

Echidnaopolis was located on the shores of the Eternal River in the centre of the island surrounded by a variety of unique biomes. Dragon Spine Mountain Range rose to the north of the city and Rainbow Valley, home to the chameleons of the island, was located to the northeast. Sandopolis desert was located south of the city, on the opposite side of the Eternal River, while Fire-Ant Hill, home of the Fire Ants, was situated to the east. (StH: #101)

Architecture and Cityscape[]

The city had a postmodern style of architecture expressed through the vast amount of colorful skyscrapers, modern parks and roads as well as generally odd shapes scattered throughout the city. Extended through the city was numerous large boulevards lined with fountains or trees. The city had a developed skyline which hosted numerous skyscrapers.

Various districts was spread through the city. Downtown Echidnaopolis was characterized by large skyscrapers while a lower commercial centre with small shops, cafes and shopping malls existed nearby. Both richer residential areas purposed for wealthy echidnas and poorer, slum-like, residential areas with torn and cheaply built houses, mainly purposed for dingoes, were found in the city. The city also had an industrial area where industries such as Axis Industries were situated. (KtE: #4)

The issue of Dingo housing appeared after the transport of Echidnaopolis from their own pocket zone to Mobius Prime. Due to Cavem Canus being destroyed, the dingo population was left homeless and had to live in tents and poorly constructed barracks in the outskirts of Echidnaopolis. The issue of good quality housing for dingoes was raised several times during this period, especially by dingo leader general Helmuth von Stryker, who accused the echidna construction teams of building to slow. The question became one of the mayor political issues in the 3236 election were dingoes rallied behind political candidates supporting dingo rights. Later this issue became a mayor reason for the Dingoes turning on the echidnas and joining the Eggman Empire(KtE: #7#23)


Angel Island, and thus Echidnaopolis, circled the planet travelling through many latitudes, therefore the city had a dynamical climate. Following from Angel Island's extreme diversity in biomes, Echidnaopolis is surrounded by both warm regions, such as the Sandopolis Desert, and cold, such as the Ice Cap Zone. During the most recent Day of Fury, the city experienced both extreme colds and heavy rainfalls. (KtE: #19)

Because of the city being located on Angel Island, which orbits the planet, sunrise may occur at a different rate than on the surface. However, it is unclear how this plays out.



Prior to its destruction Echidnaopolis had a population of 128,435 Echidnas, there were also a large amount of Dingoes living in the city, as well as other Mobians. (StH: #101)

Echidnaopolis was the second largest Echidna city of Mobius, the largest being Albion. It was also the largest city on Angel Island and the only larger settlement after the Dingo city of Cavem Canus was destroyed when the two cities were transported back to Mobius after being in separate pocket zones. (KtE: #6)

Echidnaopolis was probably the largest city on Downunda when it still existed on the continent because of the other races still being far behind the Echidnas technologically prior the the ascension. The city consisted of nearly only Echidnas prior to it being transported back from its own pocket zone, because of the reason that immigration to the city was impossible at that time. (CSE)

In the years prior to its destruction, the city saw a great increase in population, probably doubling its population. This was because of two major events that contributed to the cities population growth. The first being that the Dingoes from the Dingo City was incorporated into inhabitants of the city and the second being when the Dark Legion successfully joined the city. The Dingo immigration also resulted in the city becoming more inhomogeneous in the matter of race. When the city ceased to exist its inhabitants were scattered across the island, many being transported to Echidna Prison Camps while other found harbour in the Hidden Palace. The majority of the population of Echidnaopolis either died in prison camps or in the egg grapes, the remaining survivors were transported to Albion. (StH: #107, #138KtE: #6)

As of the year 3235 the largest group in Echidnaopolis was the Echidnas, followed by the Dingoes. Other Mobians, who immigrated after the city was transported back from its pocket zone, also lived in the city, but they were still minorities compared to the larger populations of the Echidnas and Dingoes. There lived no, or close to no, Overlanders or Humans in the city. The Echidnas were richer then other groups like the Dingoes, who were the working class of the city. (CSE)

The majority of the population worshipped the deity Aurora and to some extent the Ancient Walkers. Echidnaopolis was a religious city with many temples, mostly Auroriums, located in the city. (KtE: #16)

Known Residents[]

  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Lara-le
  • Locke the Echidna
  • Constable Remington
  • Harry the Dingo
  • Helmuth von Stryker
  • Benedict


Cultural Activities[]

Ascension day was celebrated yearly in memory of when Angel Island ascended from the surface of Mobius.

Happyland was a large amusement park located on Angel Island close to the city. Citizens could easily travel to the park through roads from the city. #13


Various restaurants existed in downtown Echidnaopolis, some of which offered a high standard of food, such as the restaurant Bistro. There were also many local stands which sold fast food in the city. (KtE: #26)

Parks and Recreation[]

One of the most popular parks and recreation areas of the city were the Echidnaopolis commons. In this area citizens could perform various cultural activities. Echidnaopolis also hosted many parks and squares. One of the most famous squares had a statue of former guardian Hawking. (KtE: #7)

A large park called Guardians Park was located in central Echidnaopolis, it hosted trees and a large grass field with a stage and was used for political rallies. (KtE: #23)


Echidnaopolis hosted at least two association football teams which competed regularly. One of the players of one of these teams was Ronrique. (KtE: #15)


Echidnaopolis was a city state, thus the local government was the same as the nationwide, who governed the whole island. The government of Echidnaopolis controlled various parts of society both in the city and on the surrounding countryside such as the E.S.T, the police and military of the state.

Echidnaopolis highest legislative body was the High Council. The High Council was elected by the people on elections for a term of years. Elections were made effective by using Fibre-optic data transmission networks to vote, which was installed in every house. This enabled the election to occur under a couple of days, instead of several weeks, as it were before the installment of the voting devices. The council ultimately had the say in all government topics ranging from housing to the relation with the Dark Legion. The High Council resided in the Echidnaopolis parliament building. (KtE: #7)

The leader of the High Council had the title of High Councilor. He or she resided in the High Councilor residence and had the most important role of the councilors. As of 3236 the High Councilor position was hold by Pravda. Aiding the council was a Mitre, the spiritual leader, who advised in various topics.(StH: #108)

The Guardian held a special role as protector of the inhabitants of the island and had therefore a special role in Echidnaopolis' government. The Guardian could be described as a monarch but there are some differences to what a monarch and the Guardian could do with the power in their positions respectively. Regardless the Guardian was seen with high respect by many of the inhabitants of the city. (KtE: #5)



Economical Situation[]

The economy of Echidnaopolis was in an post-industrial stage and was highly developed. The city had a service centered economy, which could be seen as there were several shops, restaurants and malls located downtown Echidnaopolis. EST employed many Echidnas and were thus large employers in the city. The construct of houses for the Dingoes after they were incorporated into the city contributed to the growth of the cities economy. (KtE: #30)

Echidnaopolis hosted some food companies the most notable being Oakmund Cookies and Argylean Tea as well as Axis Industries which produced sauce for hot dogs. The hydroponic gardens of Echidnaopolis provided the city with staple-food such as crops during its time in its pocket zone and were thus important for the cities food consumption. There existed several industries in Echidnaopolis. One of the largest being the factory that produced the sauce made by Axis Industries which was used as sauce for the hot dogs sold at Happyland. Because of the sauce containing dangerous ingredients which could be proved lethal for children, the owner of the industry, Downtown Ebony Hare, was arrested, the fate of the factory is unclear after the Happyland Incident. There also existed weapon manufacturers in Echidnaopolis, the Brotherhood of Guardians offered weapons from Echidnaopolis to the Kingdom of Acorn during the Second Robotnik War, but the offer was declined by Princess Sally Acorn. (KtE: #29)

Echidnaopolis was not affected as much as the Kingdom of Acorn or the Overland from The Great War and the First Robotnik War, because of them not being involved in either of these wars. However, the economy of Echidnaopolis was greatly affected by the Second Robotnik War because of it being involved in the conflict. Weapon manufacturers and  Axis Industries were large industries. House constructing contributed to growth. There were many smaller shops and restaurants downtown, such as E2 Mart. (KtE: #6, #15, #19)

Known Companies[]

Food and Restaurants[]
  • Argylean Tea
  • Axis Industries
  • Bistro
  • Chris' Cookies
  • E2 Mart
  • Gabries Pizza
  • Oakmund Cookies
Other Companies[]
  • ENN
  • Echidna News
  • Happyland Amusement park
  • Rainbow Deliveries

Police and Military[]

The Echidna Security Team worked as both the city's police and military and had the task of keeping order on the streets, guarding prisoners and defending the city from outside threats. Due to Echidnaopolis being in its own pocket-zone, The E.S.T did not have to defend the city from outside threats until the city was transported back to Mobius Prime, where it quickly became a part of the Second Robotnik War. E.S.T managed to defend the city on numerous occasions from both dingoes, the Dark Legion and the Eggman Empire until the city eventually was destroyed by the Dingo Regime. (CSE)

E.S.T operated from the E.S.T Headquarter which was located in the centre of the city. E.S.T operated different vehicles which were used in combat and as transport, the most common being the E.S.T van and a smaller police car. The E.S.T uniforms consisted of green vests with a white shirt underneath, the vest had a patch depicting the E.S.T logo on the shoulder and chest. The uniform also included a blue cap and blue high boots. The leader of E.S.T had the title of Constable which was held by Remington prior to the city's destruction. (KtE: #4)


The Echidnaopolis Hospital offers high standard of healthcare and was the primary source of health for the city. The hospital hosted some of the best healthcare in all of Mobius. The services of the hospital were not free. (KtE: #14)


Echidnaopolis had relatively few ways of transportation to the surrounding island. This was most likely because of the fact that no other large city existed on the island. Therefore the city did not have a well developed train or highway system.

Pashas were used for both transportation inside and outside of the city, but it was more common to use hovering cars or other vehicles who had better accessibility to all locations in the city. Echidnaopolis had a subway system which was used for transportation inside the city.  (KtE: #4, #17, #24)

Echidnaopolis had a hoverport which was used to dock shuttles transporting residents to various locations on the island. Echidnaopolis also had a small port located on the shores of the Eternal River which could hold ships able to transport residents to various locations on the island, but it was probably not used much because of Echidnaopolis being the sole large city on the island. (KtE: #16, #19)


Despite the ban on technology, Echidnaopolis hosts one of the highest standards of education on Mobius. Echidnaopolis, like all echidna civilizations, had a high respect for science and it is only recently that they banned technology. Both schools and higher educations which educated scientists of high standard were present in Echidnaopolis. Before the city's transport to its own zone the city had a large telescope which was used to map the star systems. The city also had a science centre called the Hall of Learning where the public could gather to discuss and listen to new scientific breakthroughs. (StH: #34)


The largest media corporation in Echidnaopolis was the Echidna News Network, often shortened ENN, which provided news for the population. It operated news channels on televesion that provided news bulletins and other programs. ENN covered the 3236 election through television. (KtE: #23)

Despite the ban on technology television was widely used in Echidnaopolis as a means of information-gathering and entertainment and they can be found both in homes and in public spaces. Various channels exists, one of the largest being ENN. Echidna produced movies are also distributed on TV. (KtE: #27)

There existed a newspaper called Echidna News in Echidnaopolis. ((KtE: #13))

Points of Interest[]

Attractions and Cultural Buildings[]

Hall of Learning[]

Hall of Learning was a centre for science in Echidnaopolis. It was there that scientists Kayla-la and Jordann announced that the White Comet would destroy Echidnaopolis. The Hall of Learning was presumably destroyed during the Dark Legion civil war. (StH#34)

Echidnaopolis Commons Hall[]

The Commons Hall was a public building where residents performed various cultural activities. The Hall was the place for Knuckles' 16th birthday. The commons hall had a dance floor where citizens could enjoy a night out. (KtE: #28)

Guardians Park[]

Guardians Park was a large park in Echidnaopolis. The park hosted tress and a large grass field which had a stage located in it. The stage was used for political rallies, and for public information from Government officials. It was at Guardians Park that High Councilor Pravda proposed Benedict as the new High Councilor candidate. (KtE: #23)

Hawking Square[]

There was a square in Echidnaopolis which hosted a statue of guardian Hawking. The square had white pavement, as the most of Echidnaopolis roads and squares and was surrounded by skyscrapers. The statue depicted guardian Hawking in his years as guardian and was erected because of him saving the city by using the Hyper Zone Projector and was made of white stone, probably marble. The statue had a placard which had the inscription: "In Gratitude to our Guardian Hawking " with the subtitle "Creator of the Hyper Zone Projector Our Civilization Endures Because of him" It was located in connection with the EST Headquarter. (KtE: #4)

Governmental Buildings[]

Echidnaopolis Parliament Building[]

Echidnaopolis Parliament Building was the main building for the city, as well as the nations, government. This Building was used by the High Council to decide in government matters. The buildings entrance was decorated by high pillars and the inside was home to the High Council chamber. (StH: #108)

High Councilor Residence[]

The residence of the high councilor was a large building in the city. It was luxuriously furnished with many modern amenities that were prohibited for the ordinary citizen. (KtE: #22)

Technology Now Campaign Headquarter[]

Technology Now Campaign Headquarter was the headquarter for the political campaign with the same name. The campaign and its leader, Benedict, were a decoy for the Dark Legion to gain control over Echidnaopolis. The Campaign Headquarter was blown up when the Dark Legion experimented on Guardian Knuckles the Echidna. (KtE: #24)


Echidnaopolis Subway[]

the Subway of Echidnaopolis was a form of transportation in the city. The subway could be used by private subway shuttles, Dimitri once used a private subway shuttle to escape a burning Technology Now Campaign Headquarter. (KtE: #24)


The Echidnaopolis Hoverport was where the citizens and EST could land with hovercrafts used for transport. The hoverport was Echidnaopolis main transportation hub for travelling to other places on the island. It was surrounded by a large fence and had various hangars where hovercrafts could be stored to avoid extreme weather. The port also had a runway for crafts and possibly planes to land.  (KtE: #20)

Echidnaopolis Port[]

The Port of Echidnaopolis was a small port connected to the Eternal River with a small amount of wharfs. It was surrounded by large skyscrapers. (KtE: #16)


EST Headquarter[]

The EST Headquarter was the main building of the Echidna Security Team. It was located at the Hawking Square and it was there that many officers of the force had their workplace such as the Constable. The building had a brown interior with a sign informing people that it was the headquarter of the EST. The interior consisted of offices, an foyer and various other rooms.  (KtE: #4)

Directly inside of the entrance, a large foyer was located in which desk clerks sat and took visitors. The foyer was connected to a library and a lab in which the police could examine samples from crime scenes. The foyer was also connected to a briefing room by a corridor. The building was also connected to Hawking's personal bunker through undergrounds shutes. There were also shutes connected to rooms with a armchair. The building also had a garage for EST vehicles. (KtE: #5)

Echidnaopolis Hospital[]

The Echidna Hospital was the hospital of Echidnaopolis, it hosted high standard of healthcare for the cities residents. (KtE: #13)

Hydroponic Gardens[]

The Hydroponic Gardens of Echidnaopolis were large artificially constructed crop fields, utilizing the hydroponic farming technology to maximize the numbers of crops per area. The gardens consisted of crops being farmed under large glass ceilings. They were constructed because of the limited space in the Echidnaopolis pocket zone and it is unclear if they were maintained after the city was transported back to the island and more space became available around the city. (KtE: #17)

Hyper Zone Projector[]

The Hyper Zone Projector was a large tower constructed by guardian Hawking. It was a tall tower with an antenna on the top. It was used to transport the various settlements on the island to their own pocket zones after the Dingo nuclear attack on Echidnaopolis and its effects lasted up until Echidnaopolis was transported back by the effects of the Ultimate Annihilator. (KtE: #4)

Other buildings and Sights[]

Echidna Tower[]

Echidna Tower was one of the tallest buildings in the city. It was a residential complex and home to Guardian Knuckles mother Lara-Le. (KtE: #16)

Hawkings Personal Bunker[]

Hawkings Personal Bunker was a bunker located under Echidnaopolis. It was used by guardian Hawking after the transport of Echidnaopolis to its own pocket zone. The bunker was connected to the EST Headquarter by a chute which led directly to a foyer which hosted several modern artworks. Connected to the foyer by a corridor was the inner sanctum which had a large screen and several smaller computers, the inner sanctum also had many log entries from Hawkings time as a guardian. The bunker also had a large statue of the two first guardians, Edmund and Steppenwolf depicted holding the island together. (KtE: #5)


Echidnaopolis hosts a slum where the poorer part, mostly dingoes, of the population resides. The houses are cheaply built and run downed by years of inproper care and the streets are filled with garbage. There where also large camps with tents in the slum where dingoes lived when echidna construction teams constructed houses for them. (KtE: #26)

Axis Industries Factory[]

Axis Industries was a company which had its main factory located in Echidnaopolis. It was owned by Downtown Ebony Hare and produced sauce for hot dogs.  (KtE: #15)

Echidnaopolis Nuclear Storage Depot[]

The nuclear storages of Echidnaopolis was large storehouses which hosted the Echidnaopolis nuclear warheads. There were several nuclear storages across the island and they seemed to be surprisingly lowly guarded as the Dingoes managed to steal from these depots several times. It is unclear if these storehouses still exists or if the city even hosts a nuclear stockpile today. (KtE: #5)

Echidnaopolis nuclear defense[]

The nuclear defense of Echidnaopolis protected the city from nuclear attacks, it was mainly constructed to repel such attacks by the Dingoes. The defense used laser technology to destroy incoming rockets with nuclear capacity, the lasers was situated on towers which was foldable. The defense system was used by guardian Hawking to prevent a nuclear missile attack made by the Dingoes against the city of Echidnaopolis. The city of Echidnaopolis had banned technology before the use of the defense system, therefore the system was stored away in the Grand Conservatorium in large storehouses. Much like the storehouses which hosted the Echidnaopolis nuclear stockpiles, it is unclear if the nuclear defense system still exists, it is possible that it was decommissioned by the government after the Dingoes were incorporated into the city. (KtE: #5)

Background Information[]

  • Echidnaopolis was the first Echidna city to be introduced in the Archie comics and saw the introduction of many Echidnas who were not in the games.
  • Due to the post super genesis wave, Echidnaopolis and its inhabitants disappeared.
  • It is unclear how the height of the island's orbit does not lower the temperature in the city.
    • A possible explanation is the fact that Angel Island seems to be geologically active, supported by the existence of the Lava Reef Zone, this may rise the temperature of the island.
    • Another explanation may be that some of the energy emitted by the Master Emerald is converted into heat energy, heating up the island.
  • It is also unclear how the island's orbit time affects the time of the sunrise in the city.
  • The size of the city vary greatly in different depictions of the island. In issue 34 of the main comic, Echidnaopolis is depicted to take up nearly all of the island but in most other appearances it only covers a small part of the island. Due to the geography of the island, one can assume that Echidnaopolis only takes up a fraction of the islands size.