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The Echidna Prison Camps where various Dingo-operated Eggman Empire prison camps intended for enslaving the Echidna population of Angel Island. Scattered throughout Dingo territory on Angel Island, these camps where often cruel as both torture and forced labour occurred in them. Because of the inhumane conditions in these camps, a large amount of Echidnas perished there, which resulted in a large reduction in Echidnas on Mobius. (StH: #138)

The highest military rank stationed on a Prison Camp was a Colonel.


One of these camps came under attack by the Chaotix and Sonic during Knuckle's return to the island after Sonic's one year in space. When the camp got liberated, the former prisoners, among them Remington, started to worship Knuckles as the Avatar in the Prophecy of the Ancient Walkers. (StH: #138)

Background Information[]

  • The Echidna Prison Camps share similarities with the concentration camps used by Nazi Germany during the Second World War.