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Knuckles and Tikal, the most well-known Echidnas.

The Echidnas are a race of Mobians that have dwindled to the point of near extinction. Knuckles the Echidna is the last known living Echidna, though Tikal continues to exist as a spirit. While the race itself has all but disappeared, ruins of their civilization are found around Sonic's World, most notably on Angel Island where Knuckles serves as Guardian of the Master Emerald.


To the Edge of Extinction

One of the earliest known Echidna civilizations was that of the Knuckles Clan, a group of Echidnas who inhabited what is now the Mystic Ruins. Under the leadership of Chief Pachacamac, they became embroiled in a war against a powerful foe. Faced with destruction, Pachacamac determined that the only way to secure his people's future was to steal the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald from their shrine. Unfortunately, he and his warriors harmed the Chao who inhabited the area, thus invoking the fury of the guardian known as Chaos. The raging elemental promptly annihilated most of the Knuckles Clan, and was only stopped when Pachacamac's daughter Tikal sealed herself and Chaos within the Master Emerald. The energy released by this event lifted the Mystic Ruins and much of the surrounding area into the sky, creating Angel Island. The remaining Echidnas built up something of a civilization on the island with amazingly advanced technology, but continued to dwindle until only Knuckles was known to survive. (SA/SADX, SU: #63)


As the Echidnas only continue to exist in the persons of Knuckles and Tikal-the latter a spirit-much of their culture is unknown. What is evident is that some of them might of possessed advanced technology, as seen in the ancient constructs on Angel Island as well as devices like Fixit.


Background Information

  • According to Ian Flynn, Knuckles' family history from the old reality-and presumably much of the Archie exclusive Echidna history-is no longer considered canon in the new world.
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