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Ebony (on the right of Amy)

Ebony is a Mobian Cat who is known to have lived in or visited Knothole following Sonic the Hedgehog's return from space. She was present with Amy Rose during Maximillian Acorn's announcement that his daughter Sally Acorn would be ruler during his absence. She was also present at a Mina Mongoose concert. (StH: #134)

Background Information[]

  • Ebony originally appeared in Sonic the Comic, a British Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Fleetway. Her appearance, along with Tekno, was done as an in-joke tribute by the artist Jonathan Gray and is not considered part of the STC canon.
  • Though not explicitly identified as Ebony in her original appearance, this is the name given to her in STC. As such, the name falls under tier 2 canon.