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The Eagle Flock is a group of Eagles that inhabited a mountain range near Knothole. Led by Cyril, they came under attack by Dr. Robotnik, and all survivors hid out in the mountains. Cut off from the rest of the flock, Cyril believed them to have perished or have been captured and Roboticized. However, he was reunited with other survivors after meeting Sonic the Hedgehog, which relieved his feelings of isolation and defeat. He would later leave them, however, in order to train and then join the Substitute Freedom Fighters. (StH: #12, Sonic Live)

Background Information

  • Following their initial appearance, the Eagle Flock was not revisited for a considerable time in either the main comic series or the various spinoffs. It is possible, given Cyril's retirement as given in The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia, that Cyril returned to his people, but this is unconfirmed.
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