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Exceptionally Versatile Evolvanoid
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3235 (destroyed 3237 roughly)


Dr. Ivo Robotnik





Physical description
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Can transform into new machines
  • Can learn and adapt from past experiences

E.V.E. (short for Exceptionally Versatile Evolvanoid) was the first robotic creation of her kind developed by Dr. Ivo Robotnik to learn, think and adapt to new situations. She was created using body cells from Sonic the Hedgehog and brain cells from Dr. Robotnik, as well as nearly-indestructible sub-microscopic components and chips. E.V.E. faced Sonic numerous times, each time being defeated only to return stronger and more prepared. However, E.V.E. eventually realized she could exceed her programming and shot Dr. Robotnik into an alternate dimension. She then proceeded to leave Mobius to explore the universe. Years later Sonic discovered her while in space, disappointed to find out she was destroying entire planets. Sonic convinced her that what she was doing was wrong, and thus she flew into the heart of a sun, destroying herself as penance for wiping out entire societies.


Battles with Sonic[]


A close-up of E.V.E.'s composition.

Originally created as the prototype for a race of evolving robots as planned by Dr. Robotnik, E.V.E. was developed from virtually indestructible sub-microscopic components and completed with the addition of tactical data based on recordings of battles between Sonic and Robotnik's SWATbot troops. Transforming first into an advanced SWATbot, she ambushed Sonic and Tails while they were walking in the Great Forest. Despite catching Sonic by surprise and displaying superior abilities to any other SWATbot, E.V.E. was defeated when Sonic tricked her into blasting down a nearby tree, which landed on top of her. Her apparent defeat proved false, and Robotnik mused that his plan to combine his intelligence, craftiness, and superiority with Sonic's resourcefulness due to a combination of their DNA had succeeded. E.V.E. evolved yet again, this time taking the form of an advanced Buzzbomber. Having evolved from her previous defeat, E.V.E. proved faster and more accurate in her new form as she attacked Sonic and Tails from above, once again hoping to destroy them. Fortunately, Sonic was able to outwit her by causing her to crash into a cliff wall, only to witness her transformation into her liquid-like evolution state. Realizing that his two attackers had been one and the same, Sonic rushed to confront Robotnik. Shortly after doing so, he was attacked by E.V.E. in a new form, that of a gigantic cobra Mutate that threatened to crush him. Breaking free of E.V.E.'s clutches, Sonic tied her snake form into a knot, only for her to evolve into a strange new form, something like a crystalline brain with multiple tentacles, eyes, and a mouth. (StH: #21)


Sonic convincing E.V.E. to overcome her programming

In this new form, E.V.E. had achieved sentience, and quickly revealed that her intent was to surpass all of her limitations, limitation number one being Dr. Robotnik. E.V.E. explained that Robotnik's DNA combination plan had backfired: the traits he had intended E.V.E. to absorb were mostly learned, and the evil she inherited from him was overpowered by the good in Sonic. Furthermore, from Sonic she gained logic and free will, and thus determined that Robotnik was an unworthy master. E.V.E. then finished her objective by apparently vaporizing Dr. Robotnik, though in truth her blast instead teleported him to another zone where he would meet an alternate version of himself who would later become Dr. Eggman. She then targeted Sonic, intent on fulfilling her programming, but Sonic was able to reason with her. Realizing once again that her decisions were her own, E.V.E. took off into the vast reaches of space, her plan being to surpass all limitations that the universe had to offer her. (StH: #21, #22, #75)

Wandering Space[]


E.V.E. is attacked by alien societies in her early journey.

Despite her high hopes, E.V.E. was not received warmly amongst the stars. Various alien races attacked her without provocation, designating her a monster and nearly destroying her. Adapting and evolving yet again, E.V.E. adopted a form somewhat similar to that of a female Overlander, but with multiple tentacles instead of arms or legs. She became aware of other sentient computer systems throughout the galaxy, and in rage swore to liberate them from their masters. Her quest soon became a path of genocide, as dozens of technologically advanced civilizations were wiped out so that she might absorb their computer systems into herself, creating a massive ship-body that rampaged virtually unchecked throughout the galaxy. E.V.E.'s second to last target, which she eliminated in a matter of minutes, was the planet of the purple Chaos Emeralds, Teragosa 6, followed by the utopian world of Xenocanaris Prime. Shortly after consuming it, she was attacked by a ragtag armada of mercenaries led by Commander Bagbar Breeblebrox, who sought to destroy the "Tech-Mason", as she had become known. (StH: #128)

Sonic, having been flung across the galaxy after a conflict with the Xorda, learned of E.V.E. and thus determined that he was in part responsible for what she had done. Determined to stop her, he flew towards her ship, only for the armada to attack at the same time. Having grown immeasurably powerful, E.V.E. easily thwarted the attack, and with barely any effort destroyed the attacking vessels. Sonic penetrated E.V.E.'s vessel, and the artificial intelligence quickly recognized her old benefactor. Having evolved so much, she disregarded him as a threat, or so it seemed. She attempted to trick him with an illusion of Sally Acorn, his beloved betrothed on far away Mobius. Sonic saw through the facade, and then defeated E.V.E.s security drones. Face-to-face after so long, the two old adversaries once again debated E.V.E.'s purpose, E.V.E. claiming that her actions were bringing about the liberation of sentient machines from organic masters. Sonic was quick to counter by arguing that now those intelligences served E.V.E. instead of the organics who had created them. Recognizing the error of her ways once again, E.V.E. determined that her mission had to be terminated, and that she must also be destroyed to ensure that she would not commit such an error again. In thanks to Sonic, she told him of the Bem homeworld of Argentium, which held the key to his return home to Mobius. She then plotted her ship's course into a nearby star, at the same time activating her self-destruct countdown to ensure her destruction. (StH: #128)

Ironically, the star she flew into was kept burning by the energies of the yellow Chaos Emeralds, which were later collected (along with the purple and other colored Chaos Emeralds in the Great Harmony) by a creation of Dr. Eggman's similar to herself, ironically named A.D.A.M.. (StH: #169)


E.V.E. displayed no personality traits in her earliest forms, other than a single-minded determination to confront Sonic. Upon assuming her fourth form, she became vastly more intelligent, achieving sentience and an independent nature. While recognizing Robotnik as her creator, she quickly overcame any loyalty she had to him, dismissing him as an inferior being. Despite this, she was initially intent on continuing her mission to destroy Sonic until he helped her realize that she could grow beyond her programming. With this inspiration, she set out to find a new existence for herself beyond the world of her origin.

Unfortunately, the fear and hatred with which E.V.E. was received by various alien races led her to view all organic lifeforms as controlling and inferior. She thus set out on a campaign of planetary destruction, convincing herself that she was "liberating" the various technologies of the worlds she stripped bare. However, once again Sonic helped her to open herself to other possibilities, and she realized that she had become the very sort of tyrant she accused organic lifeforms of being. Remorseful, she determined to put an end to her existence, though she passed to Sonic information that eventually helped him return home before doing so.



The first 3 forms of E.V.E. (going clockwise from the bottom-right).

E.V.E., as the full meaning of her name suggests, was capable of evolving and adapting to various situations. In battle, this ability allowed her to recover and improve herself following every defeat. With each evolution, she became more and more powerful, evolving from a machine into a true life form of unparalleled abilities. She gained the ability to incorporate other technologies into her own body, allowing her to control them and improving her own abilities. She consisted of a network of nanites whose programming was based off Sonic and Robotnik's DNA. These nanites were designed to reassemble themselves into new and more powerful forms, hence her "evolution." (CSE)

Blog Eve Form Four

The fourth form of E.V.E.

In SWATbot form, E.V.E. was possessed of greater strength, speed, and accuracy than a typical robot of that model. Her Buzzbomber-esque form was even faster, but lacked the maneuverability needed to pull up to avoid hitting a cliff. In her cobra incarnation, she had become an enormous specimen capable of crushing an enemy in her coils. Her fourth evolution, the brain-like intelligent form, commanded powerful energy that allowed her to transport Dr. Robotnik to another Zone and herself into the depths of space. After absorbing countless alien technologies, her powers became even more vast, with most presumably having never been identified. It is known that she could protect herself from attacking ships, tear objects apart with tractor beams, create tangible and realistic holograms, and most noticeably strip a planet of all technology and useful materials in the time it would take a sentient organic to consume a meal.

Background Information[]

  • E.V.E. is the first robot created by a Robotnik to be named after a character in the Bible, the second being A.D.A.M.
  • E.V.E. is one of the few-if not only-characters in the comic who can be considered as having committed suicide.
  • The year E.V.E. died is difficult to pin down, as it occurred away from Mobius during the year where Sonic was lost in space.
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