Two Memories
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E-120 Phi was an E-100 Series robot.


Phi was the twenty-first E-Series robot created by Dr. Eggman. According to the Egg Network it has been destroyed, presumably by E-102 Gamma, but due to a memory error the robot has no recollection of this happening. (ASUB)

Background Information

  • Phi was never formally introduced in the comics, but its fate was revealed in the (now defunct) Sonic Universe blogs.
  • In the video game Sonic Battle the robot designated as Phi was E-121 rather than E-120. According to Ian Flynn, this misnumbering is the real-world reason for Gamma's memory error.
  • Since Gemerl exists in the Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity, it is logical to assume that the events of Sonic Battle have taken place, including the creation and subsequent destruction of the Phi robots.
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