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E-107 Theta
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E-107 "Theta" was an E-100 Series robot.


E-107 Theta is the eighth E-Series robot created by Dr. Eggman. At some point its brother E-102 Gamma pursued it into the radioactive Robotropolis underground but lost it due to the hazardous environment. Gamma assumed it was destroyed. (ASUB)

Background Information

  • Theta's alternate future self was name-dropped by Queen Sally as one of the various threats quarantined underground in the Castle Mobius catacombs, implying it was too dangerous to be simply destroyed. This was likely connected to its earlier encounter with Gamma in which it was lost underground in a radioactive facility.
  • In the initial solicit released for StH #258, Theta was said to be one of the elite Badniks guarding the Egg Train. Jon Gray clarified on the Bumbleking forums that the solicit was inaccurate, and Ian Flynn later stated that he did not wish to use any Light Mobius concepts in the comics until the Ken Penders case had died down. Later, Flynn revealed that Theta's role in the issue would be filled instead by E-106 Eta. A typo in StH #257 led to confusion as to whether the E-107 designation had been reassigned to Eta, but this was later correct in StH #258.