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E-100 Series
Form of Group and Statistics

Elite robot fighters

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The E-100 Series are robots who were created by Dr. Eggman to serve as his enforcers. While many of them, like E-106 Eta, have been fully dedicated to serving their creator, others, such as E-123 Omega, have rebelled and joined his enemies.


E-106 Eta served as a Badnik Horde Commander near Spagonia, and was dispatched by Dr. Eggman to abducted Sir Charles Hedgehog and Professor Pickle. E-123 Omega, having turned on his creator at some point previously, served as a member of Team Dark, an elite strike force employed by G.U.N.. (StH: #257, SU: #55)

The Status of the E-100 Series

Most of the early E-100 Series models were destroyed during Eggman's attempt to conquer the world with the power of Chaos. A few remain active, while the final unit has forsaken Dr. Eggman in favor of joining his enemies. (VG: SA, SH)


A line of combat robots, E-100 units vary in terms of weaponry and function from model to model. Early models, such as E-102 Gamma, were apparently designed for ranged combat due to their laser weaponry. At least one model, E-106 Eta, was designed for close combat, with piston arms particularly adept at smashing through obstacles or enemies. The earliest models, from Beta to Eta, are all humanoid in form, whereas some later models have modified forms for specialized purposes. These models include Iota, Kappa, Lambda, and Xi.

E-123 Omega, the last robot in the line, apparently balances the two extremes of long and melee combat, possessing a considerable arsenal for attacking enemies from a distance or at close range and also considerable strength for battling enemies hand-to-hand. Many of the E-100s are also capable of limited flight, whether through built-in engines or specially linked anti-gravity disks. E-108 is a notable exception in being designed for aerial combat.

Background information

Sonic destroys "Steel Donut" alongside OC-001 and the Bean metal counterpart

A Prime Zone version of E-107 Theta was originally to appear in StH #258 as the primary antagonist, but was replaced with E-106 Eta due to worries over Theta's association with the Light Mobius concept and its ownership by former head writer Ken Penders.

The "Steel Donut" Badnik in the Off-Panel of Sonic: Mega Drive - The Next Level who's name is obscured closely resembles the E-100 Series design-wise.