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Dylan the Porcupine
Biographical information


Physical description


  • Fur: Brown with tan belly
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Ammo Belt
  • White gloves
  • Blue shoes
  • Council of Acorn uniform
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Basic Combat
  • Using his thorns to give access to a location

Dylan the Porcupine is a Mobian porcupine, a former member of the Substitute Freedom Fighters and was personally trained by Sally Acorn. After relocating from Knothole to New Mobotropolis, he was elected as one of the members of the new Council of Acorn created to see that the will of he people was heard in the governing of the Republic of Acorn.


Freedom Fighter

Dylan's original appearance as a Substitute Freedom Fighter

Dylan first appeared while on a training mission with Sally and his future teammates, which soon became a real mission stopping the Auto Automaton project with help from Geoffrey St. John. He was also the only one of the group able to defeat Sonic the Hedgehog when the latter attacked Knothole while acting under Dr. Ivo Robotnik's orders due to suffering amnesia, accomplishing this by staying quiet and effectively ambushing Sonic instead of making loud, cumbersome attacks like his comrades. Following this he helped to rescue the Knothole Freedom Fighters with help from a speed-less Sonic after the group was captured by Combots. A subsequent rescue led by Larry Lynx resulted in the group becoming an official team. (StH: #28, #38, PSM: #1, #2, #3, SL)

Council of Acorn

Dylan was later one of three Substitute Freedom Fighters elected to the Council of Acorn, along with Hamlin and Penelope Platypus. One of the most vocal of the council, he informed Sally and Dimitri the Echidna of the council's decisions regarding sending anyone to Angel Island without getting all the facts about the rebirth of Enerjak. He also agreed that pushing the assault on New Megaopolis was more important than reclaiming Freedom HQ from the Suppression Squad, and participated in the disciplinary court for Sally after she disobeyed that directive. Despite her violation of the order, Dylan was one of six council members to vote to clear her of all charges. Though imprisoned during the Iron Dominion occupation of New Mobotropolis, Dylan emerged unscathed physically, though he displayed an overpowering fear of NICOLE as a result of her brief corruption by the Iron Queen's use of Magitek. (StH: #180, #190, #191, #197, #215)

Dylan wasn't alone in his fears, and he and the rest of the council found themselves debating the issue when Ixis Naugus interrupted one of their meetings and laid claim to the throne. Dylan rose to Rotor Walrus' call to action against the wizard, only for Penelope to rebuke him and Hamlin. The entire council were subsequently influenced into an argument by Naugus' magic, which was interrupted when the Death Egg Mark 2 took off and initiated Operation: Clean Sweep. Passing through these events with no apparent harm, Dylan and the rest of the council were forced to acknowledge Naugus as their new king by the voice of the people. One of the first acts of the council under their new ruler was to exile NICOLE to Freedom HQ, and an otherwise unanimous vote led to Rotor's resignation. The Walrus and Sonic then came before Dylan and the others to propose the creation of Team Freedom and Team Fighters, which Dylan voted for despite Naugus' objections.(StH: #220, #223, #224, #231, #232, #235, #236)

Shortly thereafter, Dylan was present when Leeta and Lyco of the Wolf Pack arrived in answer to a summons that he and his fellow council members-with the exception of Sir Charles Hedgehog-knew nothing about. Charles led the two out of the chamber while the council continued to deliberate, and the pair ended up joining the Secret Freedom Fighters. Dylan and the rest of the council were later saved from Naugus' machinations by this group, as they thwarted the wizard's attempt to magically enslave the council. Gathering at Royal Military HQ to ratify the new constitution, the council found the door secured with a broken lock. As Dylan embarrassingly explained the predicament to an observing Vanilla the Rabbit, he was unaware that his former commander Larry Lynx was providing difficulties using his jinx abilities. With help from Rotor they entered the building, only to find that they had misplaced the constitution. After the document was found by a helpful Cream the Rabbit, Hamlin attempted to move proceedings forward, but was reminded by Sir Charles that Naugus wasn't present. Dylan then reminded his old teammate that policy required a majority of the council and the king, and pointed out that Hamlin always complained when policies were violated by others. Hamlin's call for a vote was interrupted by the lights going out, thanks once again to Larry. None the worse for wear, Dylan joined Hamlin and Penelope for some fun, unaware that Larry was observing them from nearby.(SU: #41, #42, #43, #44)


While he can be businesslike as a Freedom Fighter and a member of the Council of Acorn, Dylan has demonstrated a friendly and even timid personality, disliking the idea of confrontation. He has also shown an uneasiness around NICOLE, due to her time as Iron NICOLE.


Though he doesn't possess any extraordinary abilities, Dylan is an able combatant, as demonstrated by his tackling Sonic.

Background Information

  • Dylan's initial design-a brown-furred Mobian with a bandoleer draped across him-resembles Chewbacca from Star Wars.


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