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Dulcy the Dragon
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #29

Biographical information
  • Unknown


Physical description


  • Eye color: Purple
  • Scales: Light Green
  • Crest/Wings: Pink
  • Blue, yellow and black gown with black shoulder pads
  • Blue and gold gauntlets
  • Black pants
  • Blue, white and gold boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Flight
  • Fire Breath
Notable Super Forms



Dulcy the Dragon is a female Dragon from the Eastern Forest Clan. She's an ally of the Knothole Freedom Fighters and the leader of the Shijin Warriors.


Friend of Freedom

Dulcy grew up with her mother Sabina in the Eastern Forest Clan, one of many clans in Yurashia that feuded with others over territory and ideology. Dulcy hated these feuds and eventually ran away from home, making it all the way to Westside Island where she first met the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Dulcy's encounter with them, particularly with Sally Acorn, inspired her to return back to Yurashia and start her own team of Freedom Fighters and unite the clans through fighting a common enemy: the Eggman Empire. Dulcy sent out a call in hopes of finding others to join her cause, and after attracting three likeminded Mobians, formed the Shijin Warriors. (StH: #257, #281)

Dulcy later helps Sonic fight off Eggman forces and helps Sonic search for the next key. (StH: #281)



Dulcy is shown to be capable of breathing fire and flight. She also seems to have some combat skill. (StH: #281)


In the new timeline, her appearance has dramatically changed; she has pointy golden horns on her head, she wears a blue gown with black shoulder pads and a black belt with a blue cloth hanging from the front, brown pants, blue and gold gauntlets, and blue and gold boots. Her body has also become thinner and more slender, adapting to the slimmer, slightly more cartoony "Sega-Sonic" art style that has, after the reboot, become mandatory to use in the design of every character. In addition, her nose-ring was removed, and like everyone else, she too now wears gloves, again following the mandatory Sega-Sonic art style.

Background Information

  • Her current design incorporates traits from Asian dragons, such as pointed horns and a thinner, more serpentine body.

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