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Drago the Wolf
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #46

Final Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #238

Biographical information
  • Grandmaster of the Dark Egg Legion


Physical description


  • Fur: White
  • Eyes: Blue (formerly)
  • Yellow with black slits
  • Blue shirt with ripped sleeves (formerly)
  • Blue pants (formerly)
  • Blue boots (formerly)
  • Cybernetic arms
  • Purple sleeveless uniform
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Fighting

Drago the Wolf was once a member of the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters. He was the wildcard of the group - usually the first to disobey orders and go off on his own. Easily swayed by his lust for the easy life, Drago defected to Dr. Ivo Robotnik's side and started acting as a double agent. After being discovered, Drago was imprisoned at the Devil's Island Gulag along with numerous other convicts. After being freed by what they believed to be Snively, Drago and the others served under Robotnik's nephew for some time before Snively was seemingly killed. Some time later Drago was roboticized by Dr. Eggman along with the Fearsome Foursome and Sleuth Dog but were de-roboticized with all the other Mobians by the Bem. Afterwards, Drago joined the Destructix and has since served under numerous masters before leaving the group to serve the Eggman Empire as one of the Grandmasters of a Dark Egg Legion chapter.



During Operation: EndGame, Dr. Robotnik managed to bribe Drago to work for him. Drago proceeded to convince his abused girlfriend, Hershey, to sneak into Robotropolis wearing a Sonic the Hedgehog suit in a staged mission to kill Robotnik's nephew, Snively. Unknown to Hershey, the suit was fitted with an optical device that caused her to believe that anyone she saw was Snively. Because of this, Hershey nearly killed Sally Acorn, cutting the rope that was suspending Sally with a knife. When Hershey realized what Drago had made her do, she later retaliated by mercilessly beating him up and knocking him out by throwing a rock at his head when he tried to make a hasty escape. Drago was captured and sent to the Devil's Gulag with several other prisoners, sentenced to life behind bars. (StH: #47, #49, #50)

Jail Breakout

After the mass jailbreak from Devil's Gulag, Drago teamed up with Sleuth Doggy Dogg and the Fearsome Foursome and hid out for a while in West Robotropolis on Big Kahuna Island. The group, under the leadership of Snively, went to Mobotropolis and abducted the Overlander Nate Morgan, only to loose him to the Royal Secret Service later. The group fled after Snively was believed killed by a robot squid. (StH: #63, #69, #70)

Months later, Drago and the others were approached by Robo-Robotnik (known at this point as Dr. Eggman). Attempting to buy a warehouse in the Forbidden Zone from Eggman in exchange for Sonic the Hedgehog, this encounter left Drago roboticized, and caught in an explosion shortly thereafter that leveled the building. Drago apparently escaped the building's destruction, and with the rest of the inhabitants was De-Roboticized by the Bem. (StH: #117, #123)

However, he was later seen making a deal with a mysterious entity known as "Anonymous." Robotic duplicates of Drago and his cohorts were later deployed by Anonymous, only to be destroyed. They carried video footage of Drago and the others' meeting and a message from Anonymous, who was later revealed to be Robotnik's computer virus "son" A.D.A.M.. (StH: #135, #136)

Member of the Destructix

The true Drago formed the Destructix with his fellow former inmates. Thus renamed, the group attempted to defeat the Knothole Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix on their own. Unfortunately for them, they were defeated and imprisoned, only to be later freed and pressed into the service of Mammoth Mogul. After a battle against both the Freedom Fighters/Chaotix and the Arachne, the two villain forces united, placing Drago and the other members of the Destructix together with the Arachne under both Mogul and Ixis Naugus. However, after the Sword and Crown of Acorns were destroyed, Drago and his fellow villains were all captured by the Egg Fleet and imprisoned in the Egg Grape Chambers. (StH: #162, #163, #164)

Drago with the rest of the Destructix, plus Scourge and Fiona.

However, Drago and his associates were later rescued by Dr. Finitevus, an action reported to the Freedom Fighters by Rouge the Bat. Drago, like his cohorts, took part in Finitevus's plans to trick Locke into handing over the duties of protecting Angel Island to the albino scientist. Drago and the other Destructix later ambushed Knuckles the Echidna when he arrived on Angel Island, and even Drago's getting knocked down didn't save Knuckles from being taken to Finitevus, Lien-Da, and Remington, and then becoming the new Enerjak. Drago participated in the Destructix effort to prevent Locke, Sonic and Julie-Su from using the Anti-Enerjak Weapon, though Sonic ended up destroying it himself. (StH: #165, #171, #181, #183)

Drago later attempted to capture the shoes of Sonic after Mammoth Mogul hired the Destructix (along with Nack, Bean and Bark) to do so, with Drago more than pleased to get the opportunity of revenge on Sonic. After receiving a few blows from enemy and comrade alike, Nack managed to subdue Sonic and the Destructix took him back to the Bottom of the Barrel Bar 'n' Grill at Mogul's Casino Night Club along with Bean and Bark. Once they were at the BBB&G, Drago quickly became angered with Coconuts and Mogul not paying him at their convience, and even threatened the Badnik a couple of times, only to be shot down by Sleuth. After Sonic escaped and Drago received a kick in the face from Princess Sally, Drago witnessed Sleuth confess to the whole operation but said that Mogul wasn't responsible, which the canine later explained was a new way of getting paid by Mogul for humiliating Sonic to Drago. (StH: #187, #188)

Serving the Eggman Empire

Drago interrogating Sally

Despite his previous encounters with Eggman and tired of carrying the weight in the Destructix, Drago later left the Destructix to work for the Eggman Empire. He was legionized and became one of the two joint Grandmasters of a Dark Egg Legion chapter operating in the Mystic Ruins, an ancient settlement from the Knuckles Clan. His companion Grandmaster was disgraced former Felidae champion Razorklaw, fitting given that the ruins the two claimed as their base was right between each one's former people. When Princess Sally came investigating their domain, the two Grandmasters pursued her, and she was finally forced to surrender after finding herself outnumbered. Believing her at his mercy, Drago proceeded to gloat, unaware that Sally was goading him into giving her information. After telling her Razorklaw's origin, he attempted to break her spirit with the suggestion of framing her for his theft of the Ancient Onyx-an artifact sacred to new Wolf Pack Nation and Felidae alike-and thus instigating a war, or killing her and involving New Mobotropolis in the conflict as well. He then stopped Razorklaw from killing her, wanting to torment her before eliminating her: however, he changed his mind after Sonic arrived with the Wolf Pack and an armed group of Felidae in tow. Before he or Razorklaw could harm Sally, Big the Cat invaded their control room, and sent Drago flying through a wall with a single punch. Stunned, Drago was aided by several Legionnaires-including Wolves who had been missing when the nation formed-only to receive a retreat order from Razorklaw. Struggling to maintain a professional grip on the situation, Drago ordered his men to evacuate to a secret bunker, leaving the attackers with their victory. (StH: #213, #214, SU: #15)

Meetings with Eggman

After he (like all other Grandmasters) received a falsified message from Eggman's nephew Snively, stating that Sonic the Hedgehog had finished off Eggman as the Death Egg Mark 2 plummeted into the ocean, Drago started harassing one of Razorklaw's soldiers, as Razorklaw confronted him they were teleported to a table in the Death Egg's conference room, along with the other ten equally-surprised Grandmasters. Eggman himself appeared, confirming that he was neither dead nor had his Empire fallen. Drago angrily shouted at him, demanding that he be treated with more respect because of his cybernetic limbs, but backed down when Eggman mentioned the explosives he planted in them. Eggman then presented Mecha Sally and the Metal Series to the Grandmasters, something that Drago found amusing to the point of laughter, and after reasserting his control over the Grandmasters, he set a new task before them, instructing them to search for and recover his missing Blue Chaos Emerald while also continuing to expand their own territories. Drago, Razorklaw, and the other Grandmasters were then dismissed and forcefully returned to their posts to resume their duties. (SU: #37)

With the Death Egg Mark 2 damaged and in need of more fuel and supplies, Eggman set out for Drago's base in Soumerca, only to learn from Drago and Razorklaw that it was unfinished due to the antagonism the Soumerca Dark Egg Legion had suffered from both the Felidae and the Wolf Pack Nation. Eggman decided to solve the problem by having Mecha Sally kidnap Grand Chief Lupe and Queen Hathor, intending to start a war between the two factions as they blamed each other for the disappearance of their leaders. Hathor was able to escape with Lupe's help, but was forced to leave her royal robe behind, and the ever-vain Drago quickly incorporated it into his wardrobe. After Team Fighters arrived and Eggman was forced to prepare an early launch, Drago went to visit Lupe and gloated over his prospects as a Grandmaster. When Lupe reminded him of Eggman's sadistic amusement at forcing loved ones to fight each other, she questioned what he thought Eggman would do with her once she had undergone Legionization. Drago mused that she would probably be turned over to him to serve as his Kommissar, only for Lupe to suggest that she was more likely to be appointed the new Grandmaster. In response to her claim that he would be lucky if Eggman only decided to demote him, Drago grew agitated, arguing that Eggman valued him more than that. Sadly, Drago's overestimation of his own abilities ran true, as he was attacked and swiftly knocked out by Lyco. (StH: #237, #238)


Drago's personality makes him one of the more unlikable villains. He is loud, swaggering and self-serving. He is quite a brute, but also a coward, bullying those beneath him and taking the easy way out in most situations. His betrayal of the Wolf Pack and Freedom Fighters was motivated purely by greed. Since he values strength above all else, Drago will also serve anyone who can outdo him in terms of ferocity. However, Drago is quite clumsy, often getting hit accidentally by Sergeant Simian in battle; even after becoming Dark Egg Legion Grandmaster, he accidentally shredded his teammate Razorklaw's robes while attempting to slash Princess Sally with his claws. Despite this failure, his ego was boosted by his appointment and cybernetic implants, though he obviously remained a bully. He is also less than subtle, others can easily use his vast ego against him. Despite his arrogance, Drago is secretly insecure, particularly when it comes to discussing just how little he truly matters to Robotnik.


Spaz's sketch of Drago roboticized

Drago is a tall white wolf with blue eyes. He tends to wear a purple or blue shirt with torn-off sleeves, belt, boots and on occasion some form of wristband, though later depictions also include pants. In his first appearance, he was somewhat more rounded; he gradually became more muscled and angular. Initially he was coloured light blue and white, rather than white simply shaded with blue.

During his brief time as a Robian, Drago appeared as a silver metallic version of himself, devoid of any other color. His body-particularly his head-gained a number of jagged fins in place of fur. This form was later duplicated in a robotic duplicate of "Mecha Drago."

After joining the Eggman Empire, Drago's attire changed to include a sleeveless purple uniform with horizontal jagged stripes with two gold buttons in the center. His arms were also replaced with new cybernetic ones with sharp claws, and his eyes changed color to yellow with black slits, giving him a more feral and sinister appearance.


Hershey Cat

Hershey and Drago.

Drago has never been confirmed to have had a serious relationship with anyone. However, during the End Game period, he had a 'fling' with Hershey in order to use her to kill Sally making her think she was actually killing Snively, she cut the rope, making her fall to her aparent death. Hershey, later finding out the terrible truth, burst out to tears since she truly loved him, while Drago only cared about being a Duke of mobius. Later on, Hershey got payback by attacking Drago, almost throwing a stone into his face. Hershey explained everything to Sonic and was forgiven.


A somewhat decent fighter with very limited leadership skills, above average strength and agility both before and after being enhanced cybernetically. Pre-Legionizing he mainly used a blaster or his fists for combat, after gaining his new limbs he relied on their strong arms and sharp claws, though his aim is still less than straight. He has also shown a certain degree of intelligence at times, though he is usually more successful at manipulating other individuals than actually defeating them.

Drago was briefly a Robian, during which time he presumably enjoyed enhanced abilities; however, he lost these upon returning to normal. As a result of his Legionization, Drago's shoulders and arms were replaced by a pair of mechanical ones, with the upper and lower arms connected by a wheel-joint at where the elbows used to be. His shoulders and hands are disproportional to the size of his arms, and the claws are impractically large.

Background Information

  • Writer Ian Flynn shares in much of the fans' dislike of the character. As such, he tries to have Drago beat up as often as possible in the comics, usually with a punch to the face. However, he has grown tired of this and has said he might find a better use for Drago, as evidenced by Drago's leaving the Destructix in order to become a Dark Egg Legion Grandmaster. Nonetheless, Drago still gets, at least, a punch to the face.
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