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Dr Light
Dr. Thomas Light
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Dr. Thomas Light is a world-renowned robotics engineer from Earth in the Year 20XX. He is the creator of Mega Man, Roll and Proto Man among several others, as well as the founder of Light Labs.



Dr. Thomas Light was a genius in the field of robotics, whose ultimate dream was to create robots that can live and work alongside humans seamlessly. To that end, he invented the Robot Masters, and similarly, Rock and Roll. When Light's former colleague Dr. Wily stole the six Robot Masters, Rock volunteered to be modified into a super fighting robot named Mega Man. (AMM)

Pre-Worlds Collide[]

During Mega City's celebration of Mega Man's birthday, Dr. Light witnessed his former creation Proto Man (under the alias Break Man) attacking the city, making quick work of Robot Masters Bomb Man, Guts Man and Cut Man. Proto Man then fought Mega Man and was about to defeat him, only for the latter to plead to spared so that his "father" Dr. Light's heart wouldn't be broken. Break Man was about to depart until Mega Man grabbed a hold to unmask him. Before either could do anything further, however, the Genesis Wave struck, rewriting reality across Earth 20XX and the universe of Mobius. (FCBD: #7)

Worlds Collide[]

As the Genesis Wave subsided, Rock Light helped Dr. Light build a new Robot Master named Bond Man in the Light Labs, but before they could begin, Roll had ran inside the laboratory to notify that Proto Man is fighting against four new "Robot Masters", which were, in reality, the Roboticized Masters. Mega Man, realizing the situation calls for it, switches to his Blue Bomber form and transports his way to Mega City. He saves Proto Man from nearly being crushed by the Robotcized Masters, and the two transport on a rooftop. Proto Man informed Mega Man that the Roboticized Masters had a gem (which was, in reality, a Chaos Emerald) that they stole from the bank, which led Mega Man to chase after them. (SU: #51)

Dr. Light appeared again when an injured Proto Man teleported to Light Labs. An overjoyed Dr. Light greeted him, but Proto Man maintained his distance from his creator as he provided him with the data drive containing his info on the ring. Roll, recognizing the damage he had suffered, persuaded him to let her repair him-with no involvement from Dr. Light-so that he could rejoin the battle more quickly. Proto Man's repairs were completed just in time, as the lab was attacked by Metal Sonic and Bass, who managed to capture Dr. Light but were prevented from doing any serious damage by Proto Man's efforts. The two villains escaped with their captive just as Mega Man arrived with new friends Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails, the latter having been restored to his original form following his transformation into Tails Man. With Proto Man's input, the Fox was able to create another Warp Ring to take them where the evil robots had gone. Sonic and Tails volunteered to join Mega Man in the rescue mission, and Proto Man joined in and suggested bringing Rush as well. Assured that the lab would be safe in their absence-especially since Dr. Light had managed to contact their old ally Duo before being captured. The band of heroes then passed through the portal into the Skull Egg Zone. Once inside, they quickly ran into more trouble in the form of Copybot and the Genesis Unit. Proto Man squared off with Mega Water S, and was briefly kept at bay by his attacks, but managed to strike back. Once his teammates had dealt with their own opponents, Proto Man was able to finish off Mega Water as he attempted to flee the battle. Despite their victory, the two robot brothers were concerned, explaining to Tails and Sonic that they had previously destroyed the four robots who had just attacked them, and that the loss of their Integrated Circuits should have meant their permanent end. After discussing the implications, the group moved on, only to run into Dr. Wily, Dr. Eggman, and their remaining force of Roboticized Masters. (SU: #52, MM: #25)

Dr. Light ended up a prisoner aboard the Wily Egg, with his cell next to that of Snively. Wily and Eggman took the occasion to mock him over his imprisonment, but Light then received a more welcome visitor: Rouge the Bat, who informed him what the doctors were up to and then showed him a schematic of the flying fortress so he could help her figure out how to sabotage it. Wily and Eggman came back again during the battle between the heroes and the Robot Master Army, and set a Motobug and a Met on him that ended up wrecking each other. Light tried to reason with the two scientists, reminding them of all the times they had played with powers too great for them to control in an effort to get them to forsake their plan. Unfortunately, his pleas fell on deaf ears and tipped Eggman off to the fact that he had been helping Rouge. The doctor from Mobius later arrived while Light was trying to reach help using a communicator cobbled together from the destroyed robots, and had Metal Sonic drag him to a nearby airlock. Dr. Light was then dropped from the Wily Egg, with no one close enough to rescue him physically. (StH: #249, #250, SU: #54, MM: #26)

Fortunately, Shadow was able to rescue him using Chaos Control, who brought him to Proto Man. After informing Mega Man that their father was unhurt, Proto Man lent Light his helmet so that he could talk to Mega Man directly, and then defended him from Gemini Man. Light urged his son to stop Eggman and Wily before turning his attention to helping the others in the battle. He soon found himself with a patient to attend to: Sonic's friend Tails, who was injured during their infiltration of the Wily Egg. Unable to do much for the friend due to being a doctor of robotics rather than medicine, Light tried to make him comfortable. Fortunately, it was then that Duo arrived in response to Dr. Light's call, and the two conversed briefly before Duo departed to help Sonic and Rock. (MM: #27; SU: #54)

When the other Robot Masters created by Dr. Light arrived to aid the heroes, Proto Man recruited Knuckles the Echidna, Rush, and Dr. Light to help him board the Wily Egg and learn the fate of Sonic and Mega Man. Finding the pair at the mercy of Eggman and Wily, Knuckles and Proto Man went on the offensive while Light and Rush freed the captured pair. Knuckles and Proto Man pressed their assault, causing heavy damage to the Egg-Wily Machine X that was aided by the doctors' mutual sabotage. Unfortunately, the doctors got their mech back up and running and were able to draw energy from the Genesis Reactor, repairing their damage and greatly increasing the machine's power. Proto Man and Knuckles were forced to retreat with Dr. Light in tow, but their efforts bought Sonic and Mega Man time needed to absorb some energy from the reactor themselves. Super Mega Man and Super Sonic thus took up the fight, while Proto Man and his companions came across Bass, Treble, and Metal Sonic just before the Super Genesis Wave washed over them all. With the doctors' defeat, Super Mega Man then reversed the effects of both waves, returning Proto Man and the rest of the inhabitants of Earth 20XX to their proper places in reality. (StH: #251)


Some years into the future, Dr. Light created an even more advanced type of robot with the capacity for human emotion. Dubbing his creation X, Light placed him in a protective capsule that would analyze his systems and insure that they wouldn't break down, doing so because the process would take longer than he had left and he had no successors to carry on his work. X would later be awakened in the year 21XX-a century after the time of Mega Man-and become the template for a new race of robots, the Reploids. X made it his mission to fulfill Light's dream, but would face difficulty in the rise of the Mavericks, a group of robots who turned against humanity due to infection by a virus and through conscious rebellion against their creators. (MMX)

Worlds Unite[]

Light with Masters

Dr. Light with the Robot Masters.

Dr. Light's present and future creations would later meet, though unfortunately it would be brought about by the villainous Sigma-1. After the Light Robot Masters helped rebuild Light Labs, Rock went into town for supplies, only to go missing. Dr. Light and Roll had little time to wonder about his absence, however, as Mega City was promptly attacked by Sonic Man. Reluctantly, Dr. Light allowed the Light Robot Masters to go into battle against him, only for them to suffer a humiliating defeat. He then called upon several of Wily's Robot Masters who had chosen to abandon their master and embrace a new life. Together with Quake Woman, a creation of Light's old colleague Dr. Noele Lalinde, they went after Sonic Man at Light's request, but similarly failed. Sigma's Unity Engines soon fused Light's world with Mobius, leading to an alliance between the returned Mega Man and the other Robot Masters, Sonic the Hedgehog and the Knothole Freedom Fighters, the Maverick Hunters, and Team Sticks. (SU: #76; SB: #8; StH: #273, MM: #50)


Dr. Light is an idealist whose greatest hope is that his robotic creations can make life better for humans. He is tremendously proud of his "children," caring for them with all the affection of a father for biological offspring, and expressing concern for them as well. Like Mega Man, he has been reluctantly forced to stand up and defend the world from the predations of Dr. Wily and other evils, typically doing so by aiding Mega Man from the sidelines. Despite the many betrayals Wily has dealt him, however, Light has never ceased his efforts to help his former colleague see reason, particularly when the latter takes a path of self-destruction that Light has seen him walk all too often.


Dr. Light is a brilliant scientist and an expert in terms of robotics and machinery. He is capable of cobbling together useful gadgetry from even the meanest spare parts, and while he abhors violence is a capable shot.


Dr. Light is a tall, male human with thick white hair and a long beard who is somewhat overweight-one of the concepts behind his design was "Santa Claus in a lab coat." Under the coat he typically wears a white shirt with a light brown vest and a blue tie. He also sports red pants and brown shoes, and during the final battle with the Robot Master Army donned Proto Man's helmet and a cannon he built himself out of wreckage from the fight.

Background Information[]

  • Dr. Light's first name is derived from famous inventor Thomas Edison. His last name "Light" could also be seen as an allusion to the fact that Edison was known for creating the light bulb. In Japan he is known as "Dr. Right."