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Dr. Ivo Robotnik's Empire
Form of Government
  • Totalitarian Dictatorship

3226, founded by Dr. Ivo Robotnik Dismantled in 3236

Territorial Claims
Capital City
Areas of Influence
Allies and Enemies
Armed Forces

Dr. Ivo Robotnik's Empire was an evil totalitarian regime ruled by the infamous Dr. Robotnik during the First Robotnik War and the predecessor of the Eggman Empire. For ten long years, it controlled much of Mobius until Robotnik's demise.


Early Development

In the aftermath of the Great War, King Maximillian Acorn made the decision to dismantle the War Ministry and to appoint Julian Kintobor (The Future Dr. Robotnik) as Minister of Science. Unknown to Max, Julian planed to overthrow him. At first, Julian planned to use an army of cyborgs to take control of the Kingdom of Acorn but his only successful subject was Monkey Khan, for the rest had died. To remedy this mistake, Julian sabotaged the original Roboticizer and forced Sir Charles Hedgehog to give him the device. With his plan formed, Julian enlisted the aid of his nephew Snively and prepared to take control of the kingdom. (StH: #43, #72, #79, #86)

The Coup

See also: Robotnik's Coup d'état

Conquest of Mobius

See also: First Robotnik War

Spreading Influence and the Freedom Fighters emerge

After believing he secured his hold over what was once the Kingdom of Acorn, Robotnik began to traverse Mobius looking for new areas he could control and establishing Sub-Bosses wherever he could. Among the more notable regions was the Dragon Kingdom (the homeland of his failed experimental cyborg, Monkey Khan). It was here that he endorsed a local warlord known as Jun Kun and his Overlander Magitek sorceress Regina Ferrum with weapons needed to gain the upper hand over the free people and Ninja Clans resisting them, establishing the Iron Dominion. (StH: #207)

Although successful in taking control over Mobotropolis and rechristening the city Robotropolis, Dr. Robotnik had the problem in the form of the Original Freedom Fighters. This group, led by Col. Tig Stripe led guerilla strikes on his city and lured out his robotic army into the Great Forest to destroy them. In time, the fighters became more and more of a greater threat to his regime. Robotnik then bribed Trey Scales into betraying his comrades, who lured them to Robotropolis into a trap. Revealing Trey's betrayal, Robotnik then roboticized the entire group and proceeded to send them all, (Including Scales) into the Zone of Silence. (StH: #142, #143)

In time, he had conquered most of Mobius, leaving only a select few escaping his expanding reach. He then placed his regional governors to maintain lead campaigns against other local resistance movements. (TMS: #1, #2)

However, inspired by the original Freedom Fighters, a resistance group known as the Knothole Freedom Fighters took up the fight against Robotnik. Led by Princess Sally Acorn and the one who would become Robotnik's greatest enemy: Sonic the Hedgehog. (StH: #143, OSM: #0, SSS: #5)

Battles Against Sonic

Dr. Robotnik would launch several plans in his attempts to destroy the Knothole Freedom Fighters. These plots included using the robotic-plant Krudzu to spread and destroy the Great Forest, creating the "Versatile Evolvanoid" E.V.E. to destroy Sonic, the use of the Weather Annihilator to flush out any resistance, using an amnesia-ridden Sonic to betray his friends, the use of Combots to locate Knothole, and sending supplies to Crocbot in Downunda to quell the local Freedom Fighter cell. All of these attempts proved futile however. (StH: #1, #21, #26, #27, #28, #34, TMS: #3)

Turning Points

At one point, Robotnik nearly managed to achieve victory over Sonic and the Knothole Freedom Fighters. With the help of escaped convict Nack the Weasel, Robotnik managed to capture and roboticize his nemesis, making him the powerful and subservient Mecha Sonic. While Mecha Sonic managed to destroy a large portion of Knothole Village, he was prevented from providing its location when Mecha Knuckles attacked him. Ultimately, Robotnik's plan backfired when the two Robians collided into Robotropolis, turning it into nuclear slag. Sonic was restored to his organic self shortly afterwards by his One Billionth Power Ring, while Knuckles used the de-roboticizer. (StH: #39, SMM)

Following the Mecha Sonic disaster, Robotnik set to work on his next big scheme - the Death Egg; a powerful, orbital battle station capable of roboticizing the entire planet. Robotnik boarded his vessel upon its completion, leaving the rebuilding of Robotropolis to his nephew Snively, who instead used the SWATbot labour force to pamper him. Although nearly successful in sinking the Floating Island, the Death Egg was ultimtely destroyed by Sonic and Tails. (SQM: #1, #2, #3)

After suffering numerous setbacks, Robotnik was furious. He finally developed his ultimate scheme, Operation: EndGame. (StH: #50)

Robotnik's Death And The End Of The Empire

See also: Operation: EndGame

Operation: EndGame entailed several phases of the Doctor's greatest plan. Firstly, Robotnik tried to have Sally killed and frame Sonic for her murder, with help from the traitor Drago Wolf. Robotnik would then infiltrate Knothole using a robot replica of King Acorn. (StH: #47, StH: #48)

With Knothole's location now known, the doctor arrived at the Freedom Fighters' doorstep and held them at gunpoint. Rather than kill all of them immediately, Robotnik decided to make his victory more symbolic by using Knothole as a testing ground for his new "Ultimate Annihilator", a satellite weapon capable of warping reality and erasing matter. However, his plan began to unravel when Drago was discovered to be a double-agent and Sonic no longer charged with Sally's murder. Sonic went to fight Robotnik face to face to avenge Sally, but Robotnik managed to fire the Ultimate Annihilator anyways. (StH: #49, #50, SSS: #6)

However, unbeknownst to him, Snively had altered to weapon's programming to only target Robotnik's DNA, which would allow Snively to take over. Robotnik was subsequently erased by his own weapon during his battle with Sonic. (StH: #47, #48, #49, #50)


See also: Second Robotnik War

Unfortunately, not long after the empire's defeat, it would be succeeded by the Eggman Empire. With most of its territories being claimed by Dr. Eggman.

However, The Eggman Empire controlled far less ground than Robotnik's Empire. For a short amount of time the Eggman Empire, like Robotnik's, controlled 99% of the planet. However the empire crumbled a short while after that, due to Enerjak destroying New Megaopolis

Thanks to the Super Genesis Wave, Robotnik's Empire never existed as the Eggman Empire has taken it's place in history.


At its height the empire controlled nearlly all of Mobius, apart from small freedom fighter cells and the, the hidden, cities of the United Federations. However, the empires forces was spread thin and it had low controll on large regions on the planet. The heart of the empire was its capital Robotropolis where Robotnik resided.

Political Structure

The empire was a totalitarian dictatorship with the empereror, Robotnik, as supreme leader of all the branches of the government. The empire was founded on military conquest and was thus highly militaristic, with the military as highest priority and the rest of the economy as providers for it. The emperor was supreme leader of the army and commanded it in the conquest of Mobius. Directly under him was the empires various sub-bosses who commanded the Robotnik army in different regions on Mobius. Because of the wery few non-robot inhabitants with power in the empire, loyalty among the soldiers and workers were high. 

Armed Forces

The Robotnik Empire hosted a large amount of military forces, both in the air, on land and sea to secure the empires vast territories. The primary ground force of the empire was the Swatbot, altough at the end of the war it became more and more outdated and was replaced by combots.

Ground Forces

  • Swatbots, where the primary foot soldiers for the empire.
  • Icebot, swatbots equped for sustaining the cold enviornment of the northern tundra.
  • Combots, better equiped and more dangerous than the Swatbot, it became more common during the last year of the war.
  • Eggrobo, Snivelys personal amry of robots.
  • GOONs, giant two-legged robots used in Mercia, used for support and for reconnaissance.
  • Badnik Horde, a vast amount of different kind of robots used for various military situations.
  • Robians, roboticized mobians often used as cannon-fodder against the empires enemies, more commonly used as a working force.
  • Trackbots, non-combat robots made for logistical and office works, they where also used as pilots.
  • Auto-Automatons, Robots made to look like mobians often used for spying and infiltration.
  • War Machines, massive steamrollers used to completely destroy an area.
  • Shredbot, a large robot made to cut down vast amounts of trees.
  • Mobian bounty hunters such as Nack the Weasel have been hired by the empire.
  • Bot on the Spot, a portable roboticizer.
  • Stealth 'Bot, a large robot equiped with stealth capabillities.

Air Forces

  • Aerobot, flying version of the Swatbots used to guard airborne transports such as blimps.
  • Stealthbot, a large bombplane.
  • Hover Unit, a small aircraft used for attacks and reconnaissance.
  • Blimps, The Empire have used various blimps such as the Robotnik Supply Blimp.
  • Flying badniks such as Batbrain and Buzzbomber
  • Destroyer, a large ship used to terraform the landscape it flies over, used to transform Mobotropolis into Robotropolis.
  • Winged Dingoes, Airborne troops used by Crocbot in Downunda.
  • Death Egg, a large battle station shaped like an egg.

Naval Forces

  • Jaws, a badnik used for submarine activities.

Background Information

  • Robotnik's Empire was never classified by this name in the comics. However, it is similar to how Sonic Underground termed the doctor's dominion the "Robotnik Empire" prior to his receiving the name Eggman in Sonic Adventure.
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