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Dr. Ivan Kintobor
Doctor Ivan Kintobor
Biographical information

Unknown (born day 157, 2006 CE)

12,011 including years after death.


Physical description


  • Skin: Caucasian
  • Moustache
  • Lab coat
  • Black shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Earth
  • His research and design team
  • Cybernetic expertise
  • Mechanical expertise
  • Biological expertise

Dr. Ivan Kintobor was a Human scientist, the leading cyberneticist of his day, and the ancestor of the infamous Julian Kintobor. Dr. Kintobor was the head of the team that captured and dissected the Xorda emissary sent to Earth. This in turn caused the Xorda's first attack on the planet, causing billions of deaths and the creation of Mobians and Overlanders, the latter of which his descendants would later de-evolve into. In order to save himself from death, Dr. Kintobor used the robot Isaac, that he built with the help of Professor Clarke, Dr. Niven and the rest of the team of scientists would see to it that he was well cared for during both his stasis and after in the "post-apocalyptic environment". His plan failed, however, and he died during his 12,000 year stasis, possibly due to Isaac's degrading databanks.


Scientific Career

During the 21st century of Earth's time, a group of scientists under Dr. Ivan Kintobor created Isaac, with his hardware created by Professor Clarke while his software was produced by Dr. Niven. When the Xorda attempted to make an alliance with Earth and sent down an emissary to see to it that the alliance was achieved, Dr. Kintobor and his team of scientists captured and dissected the creature. Dr. Kintobor used the Xorda technology from the emissary to make a power matrix for Isaac that would end up lasting the robot for over 12,000 years. (StH: #148)

Surviving in Stasis and Death

Ivan Sealed

Isaac sealing Dr. Kintobor in stasis to ensure his survival

Angered by the death of their emissary, the Xorda retaliated by launching Gene Bombs at the planet, triggering volcanic reactions which sent billions of tons of ash and dirt into the atmosphere and almost destroyed all life on the planet. But Kintobor programmed Isaac to ensure his survival in the "post apocalyptic environment". For several decades after the attack, Isaac was programmed by Kintobor to monitor and collect information on the effects the bombs had on the planet, as well as monitoring Dr. Kintobor's life cell chamber. Isaac continued to do this for the next ten thousand years. (StH: #148)

Dr. Kintobor's plan failed, however, and he died during his stasis. But Isaac still believed him to be alive, and guarded him while awaiting his next orders from the doctor. Whether or not Isaac's corrupted databanks had something to do with Dr. Kintobor's death is unknown. (StH: #149, #165)

Discovery by the Mobians


Finitevus hacking into Isaac who is guarding Kintobor's frozen corpse.

Isaac and Dr. Kintobor's body were discovered thousands of years later by Shadow the Hedgehog and Metal Sonic in 3237. Isaac recounted his experiences of observing history from afar, including the first conquest of Mammoth Mogul and the coronation of the first king of the House of Acorn. He temporarily left his post by Dr. Kintobor and joined Shadow in battling Metal Sonic and Sonic. When the battle ended, Isaac remained in the abandoned building, and waited for his next orders from the deceased Dr. Kintobor. (StH: #146, #147, #148, #149)

Dr. Kintobor and Isaac were discovered again by a rogue Dark Legionnaire known as Doctor Finitevus who hacked into Isaac and stole his corrupted data, and tried to activate ancient missiles in the base and unleash them on the planet, but they were sabotaged by Rouge the Bat before he could use them. (StH: #165)

Background Information

  • Dr. Kintobor's name was mistakenly spelled Kintobar in StH: #148
  • Whether or not Dr. Kintobor is actually dead is questionable, as Rouge the Bat only saw him in stasis, thus giving him the appearance of being dead. But due to this website's canon policy, Dr. Ivan Kintobor shall be officially labeled as deceased.
  • Because it was Kintobor dissected the Xorda Emmisary and unintentionally provoked the Xorda, who In turn used the Gene Bombs, makes him responsible for the creation of Mobius.
  • It is unclear how the Kintobor line would descend through the twelve thousand years following the detonation of the Xorda's Gene bombs and humans and animals were turned into primevel ooze. A possible theory is that after the overlanders evolved to a certain state after a couple of millenia, the Kintobor descendents of Ivan would have possibly been living in Station Square since the "Hidden City intiative", bred with overlanders to the point where they became more overlander than human before the time of Brutus Kintobor and his clan's attack on Angel Island, right up to Julian and Colin Kintobor. This is just pure speculation though.
  • Kintobor's date of birth was stated by Isaac to be June 6, 2006, but this wikia displays birth dates by Mobian standard using the specific number of day which is calculated using these. His birth date (6-6-06) also coincides with 666, possibly to link to the fact that Kintobor caused the end of the world through his actions.
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