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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
Original Continuity

Dr fukuk
Doctor Fukurokov
Biographical information
  • Chief Engineer
Physical description
  • Black Hat
  • Red Labcoat/Robe
  • Red Spiral Glasses
  • White Gloves
  • Grey open-toed Sandals/Shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Genius-Level Intelligence
  • Technical Expertise

Dr. Fukurokov (pronounced fu-koo-row-kov) is the leading scientist and technician of the Battle Bird Armada.


Armada Engineer[]

As the Armada's chief engineer, Dr. Fukurokov designed and constructed an entire flying base that was meant to serve as their mobile center of operations. He was also responsible for the maintenance of all its equipment, as well as the development and production of new technologies and weapons to further the empire of the Battle Kukkus. Years ago, he was assisted in these duties by Wave the Swallow, but caught her making modifications to his engines one day. Regardless of whether it was jealousy of her or because it was unauthorized, Fukurokov had Wave put in the brig for her actions. Wave resented him for that, and it contributed to her joining the Babylon Rogues once she escaped. (SU: #18, #33, #34)

Meeting His Match[]

When the Armada settled their base offshore from Cocoa Island, Dr. Fukurokov camouflaged it to resemble a real island, considering it to be one of his finest works. He also designed a small fleet of submarines with superior dampening technology to patrol the fortress and keep it safe from underwater attacks. The submarines would unfortunately proved to have inferior weapons and durability compared to other vessels like the Sea Fox. (SU: #18)

After Antoine's escape, Speedy paid the doctor a visit in his workshop to use his computer. Fukurokov then flew into a rant about why he bothered wasting his talents on the Armada when nobody respected his privacy while working or could even remember his name. Speedy claimed to know it but could not pronounce it, and then distracted him with the Egg Network's file he found on Bunnie "Rabbot" D'Coolette. Discovering their "D.E.L liason" was actually one of the first Freedom Fighters, the doctor showed disgust at the Roboticization process' illogical rule-bending. Speedy then commissioned Dr. Fukurokov to upgrade the Mole Mech to deal better with their adversaries, to which the doctor happily agreed, claiming it to be a labor of love that would be his finest creation. (SU: #19)

Intercepting Tails, the D'Coolettes, and T-Pup in the base's storage bay, Fukurokov arrogantly warned them to stand down. Instead, he was only humiliated by their inability to pronounce his name as well. Incredulous, Fukurokov unleashed his Mole Mech on the trio, and began proudly boasting of his creation as it attacked. His mood soon turned to anger and then dismay due to a combination of the Mole Mech becoming caught in the bay's ceiling chains and the resultant damage to the facility during the course of the battle. He was finally confronted by Tails who warned him to call off the robot if he wanted it to remain intact, only to gloat at the fox's immediate capture by the Mole Mech right after, proclaiming nothing could stop it. A throw of Tails' wrench was quick to prove him wrong though, as the entire machine fell apart and burst into flames, leaving Fukurokov in a state of utter disbelief. The doctor soon recovered and made his escape, swearing his eternal hatred of Tails. Sometime after the Battle Fortress took off, Dr. Fukurokov found himself on the receiving end of the Battle Lord's wrath for their operation's failure. As his punishment, the doctor was ordered to make use of his love for building by repairing all of the fortress' damage from the battle by himself. (SU: #19, #20)

Finding Babylon Garden[]


Dr. Fukurokov realizes his drones' limitations a bit too late.

Some time after the Armada fled Cocoa Island, Dr. Fukurokov was alerted by his equipment of a Babylonian energy signature. Realizing this could be an important lead to finding the Babylon Garden, Fukurokov quickly informed the Battle Lord of this, and the Armada made a course for the point of origin. Arriving in the Gigan Mountains, the doctor then deployed a pair of his new Pursuit Drones with the task force to find the signature's source, and watched as they gave chase to the Babylon Rogues. Fukurokov was confident the Rogues would be no match for his drones, but he sullenly quieted as the Battle Lord reminded him of how his Mole Mech had failed. The Battle Lord was soon proven right as they witnessed the Rogues destroy the drones with ease, leaving Fukurokov embarassed and struggling to save face in front of his leader's anger. (SU: #33, #34)

Despite the failures of his creations, Fukurokov's technical prowess proved himself to be a valued asset to Armada, as at an earlier time the Battle Lord allowed the doctor to examine a ring that had been passed down his family line. Fukurokov discovered it could produce a compressed gravity field and briefly immobilize a target, an ability which the Battle Lord put to good use when he stepped in to apprehend the Rogues himself and forced them back into the Armada. Once the Babylon Garden was revealed to be beneath New Mobotropolis, Fukurokov used the intel gathered from scouts spying on the city to build a device that would bypass the nanite-generated dome force field. Wave was reluctant to admit it might work, and the device did so perfectly after she deployed it, much to the doctor's good fortune as he claimed to stake his life on it's success. (SU: #34, #35)

While the Battle Birds besieged the city, Fukurokov readied the Battle Fortress' drill beam for the next stage of the operation and once they were in position over Castle Acorn, opened fire on the Battle Lord's command and decimated the city while digging out a massive hole to excavate Babylon Garden. After that, Fukurokov remained on the bridge and waited for news from the Rogues over their status with the Garden. When Babylon Garden surfaced and started to fly off though, the doctor admitted he had lost contact with the Rogues after the Battle Lord demanded answers for what was happening, and was thrown aside as the situation continued to deteriorate, leading to both the Garden and Fortress crashing into the mountains. (SU: #35, #36)


Dr. Fukurokov is an arrogant, boastful scientist, evidently esteeming himself to be the great mechanical mind on Mobius. As such, he is shocked-and enraged-by the presence of rival intellects such as Tails or Wave, particularly when they prove the inferiority of his work. Despite his bluster, he is fairly cowardly, being easily cowed by the Battle Lord.


The first and foremost feature on the doctor's part is the huge beard and odd-looking red spiral glasses, which gives him the appearance of a stereotypical mad scientist. He also wears a hat similar to the battle lord's, a pair of gray open-toed sandals/shoes, and has a red lab coat/robe hidden underneath his beard.


Fukurokov is a brilliant inventor and machinist, but unlike other high-ranking Armada members seems to lack any sort of physical prowess.

Background Information[]

  • Doctor Fukurokov is based on his Tails Adventure counterpart. He differs from his game self in a few items of attire, including his spiral eyeglasses, hat, and gloves. This design is a new version of the one used for him in Tails Adventure and was first conceptualized by Jon Gray before being drawn in the comics by Tracy Yardley.
  • "Fukuro" means "Owl" in Japanese, matching Fukurokov's owlish appearance. A running joke in the comics features various characters having difficulty pronouncing Fukurokov's name.
  • When his design was first updated by artist Jon Gray, Fukurokov was going to be named "Osijan."