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Doctor Finitevus
Biographical information

33 (Born in 3204)

  • Doctor


Physical description
  • Warp Rings
  • Black cape
  • Black gauntlets and boots
  • Purple glasses
  • Black belt with image of a crescent
  • Bandages
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Chaos energy manipulation
  • Scientific expertise
  • Abilities over Warp Rings
  • Enhanced endurance

Doctor Finitevus was an Echidna from the city of Albion, and one of the last known surviving citizen of that city by birth. He was transformed into an Albino Echidna after using his creation, the Chaos Siphon Suit in an attempt to drain Chaos Knuckles' power and restore him to normal. After this, Finitevus's mind has slowly transformed into that of a villainous mad scientist, who betrayed his city to the Eggman Empire. When he was first discovered by Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna, he was working for the Dark Legion and was subservient to Lien-Da. Shortly after this however, Finitevus left his position as a Legionnaire and began enacting his own schemes. Recently he was responsible for turning Knuckles into Enerjak as part of Project Enerjak: Reborn and using him as a pawn to "cleanse the world" with fire. His plans were ultimately stopped by Super Sonic and Locke, though he managed to escape to scheme for another day, and remained a continual threat to Knuckles.


Scientist and Transformation[]

Before becoming an albino Echidna with Chaos energy-manipulating powers, Dr. Finitevus was an ordinary Echidna residing in Albion. An ambitious and brilliant scientist, he was particularly interested in Chaos energy and offered promising talent in Albion's research of Chaos radiation. He was also a student of technology from Echidnaopolis, which he made efforts to improve upon. One of Finitevus's many inventions was the Chaos Siphon Suit, based off the design of Dimitri and Edmund's original Chaos Syphon. When Knuckles evolved and wielded power even greater than Dimitri in his Enerjak form, the Albion High Council voted to drain the immense power from Knuckles in order to prevent him from becoming a threat. Their original attempt failed, which caused Knuckles to evolve even faster into Chaos Knuckles. Following this, Albion sought to use Finitevus' Chaos Siphon Suit to drain the immense power from Knuckles as a backup plan. (StH: #94, #182, CSE)

Finitevus shocked

Finitevus is transformed as the Chaos Siphon Suit malfunctions.

Knuckles was recaptured by the two bounty hunters Nic and Nack the Weasel, by whom he was handed over to Albion. Finitevus then started using the Chaos Siphon Suit on Knuckles. Although initially it seemed to be working, the process was interrupted by Charmy Bee and his girlfriend, Saffron, resulting in Finitevus absorbing the Chaos energies into himself. This massive surge of Chaos radiation not only mutated Finitevus into an albino Echidna, but corrupted his mind into believing the world was corrupt and needed to be purged. The interruption also caused Knuckles to remain in his Chaos-form, becoming even more powerful than he had been before the ill-advised attempt. (StH: #94, #182)

Betraying Albion[]


Finitevus watching Albion's destruction

Due to the vast amounts of Chaos radiation he was imbued with through the Chaos Siphon Suit, Finitevus' mutations went beyond physical. He gained mastery over the Chaos Force, using it to create the Warp Ring as a means of faster travel. Additionally however, Finitevus's views of the world had been warped and distorted as well. He began expressing beliefs that the world was corrupt and had to be purged, as opposed to Knuckles' desires to protect it. Upon realizing the effects the Chaos radiation had on his psyche and the danger he posed with his mastery of the Chaos Force, the Albion High Council voted to have him euthanized. However, he saw through their plans and escaped captivity via Warp Ring before the Albion Security Team could stop him. To exact his revenge, Finitevus returned to Albion and sabotaged its defenses. He then manipulated the Eggman Empire into invading Albion and killed all of its citizens. He then moved onto planning his next move. (StH: #182, CSE)

Member of the Dark Legion[]

Finitevus study01

Dr. Finitevus studying Sabre and Moritori Rex while Dimitri watches

Following Albion's destruction, Dr. Finitevus joined the Dark Legion and offered to save a dying Dimitri, no one knowing that he had ulterior motives in mind, namely learning more of the nature of Chaos by dissecting Dimitri's body. Finitevus did indeed save Dimitri, but at the cost of his body, leaving him as a floating head in a glass ball. It has been assumed that the doctor told the rest of the Dark Legion that Dimitri had died during the operation, as Lien-Da apparently thought he was dead. Finitevus then captured the Brotherhood of Guardians (minus Locke) to study how their bloodline could manipulate Chaos energies. Finitevus had also captured former Dark Legion Grandmaster Moritori Rex, as he had pretended to be the Guardian Tobor for years. After learning all he could, Finitevus threw the Brotherhood and Moritori into the Twilight Zone. (StH: #183)

Finitevus first became known to Knuckles and the Chaotix when they went to Angel Island to help rescue Locke. The Dark Legion's technomage and a personal confidant to the Legion's acting ruler Lien-Da, Finitevus demonstrated his utter disgust at the civilian Echidnas' beliefs in the Avatar. When an Echidna couple named Meri-Ca and Pollu asked Knuckles, who they believed to be the Avatar, to heal their daughter's blindness, Finitevus snapped at them, angry at how they believed in the prophecy of the Avatar and how they showed no appreciation for the Legion's assistance to their family, or how they refused to allow the Legion to replace their daughter's eyes with cybernetic ones. (StH: #139)

While Knuckles entered the Master Emerald Chamber, Lien-Da and Finitevus watched, and while Lien-Da insulted Knuckles, Finitevus remained silent. Later, when Knuckles and the others were forming a plan to rescue Locke from the Dingoes, Finitevus took part in the meeting, but never actually said anything. Finitevus was one of many Echidnas who stayed at the Master Emerald Chamber during the mission, and when Hunter arrived he stood poised to defend it. After Hunter transported Remington and numerous other Echidnas to Dr. Eggman's Egg Grape Chambers, Finitevus began his attack. According to Archimedes, Finitevus was also defeated by Hunter. However, no one knew that the doctor had simply used Hunter's attack to mask his own escape. (StH: #140, #141)

The Enerjak Agenda[]

See also: Project Enerjak: Reborn

Finitevus healing Remington back to health

With everyone assuming Finitevus to have been captured, the mad scientist took this chance to free Remington from his captivity in the Egg Grape Chambers and heal him back to health. Hoping to use someone from the bloodline of Edmund or Dimitri to create a new Enerjak, Finitevus informed the amnesia-riddled Remington of his heritage as the son of Kragok and replaced parts of his body with cybernetics, turning him into a member of the Dark Legion. Now aware of his birthright, Remington went off to contest Lien-Da for control of the Dark Legion. Finitevus had also considered Lien-Da as a candidate, but rejected her based on her instability and unpredictability. He eventually decided that Knuckles would serve best as the new Enerjak, since the Guardian already had a connection to the Chaos Force. (StH: #165, #183)

After laying low for some time, Dr. Finitevus saved Scourge the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat from Shadow the Hedgehog's wrath, providing them with a Warp Ring to escape. He then asked for their help in return, and they accepted, Scourge willingly and Rouge reluctantly. Finitevus and his new minions then broke into Eggman's Egg Grape Chamber, where they freed the Destructix. Having been abandoned by their former master Mammoth Mogul, the Destructix became the willing servants of Dr. Finitevus. Finitevus and his growing army then headed to an ancient military base, where the doctor stole some data from the long-running robotic guard, Isaac. Finitevus also planned to use some old nuclear missiles within the base, but Rouge betrayed him here and sabotaged the missiles, not approving of such potential destruction. Finitevus then sent the Destructix and Scourge after Rouge, but she escaped to Knothole with one of Finitevus's Warp Rings. Finitevus dispatched Scourge and Sleuth Dawg to retrieve the Warp Ring, which they did. (StH: #161, #165)

Following this, Finitevus showed up on Angel Island and helped Locke prevent the Master Emerald from being summoned by A.D.A.M.—Eggman's computer virus "son" gone rampant. The doctor aided Locke because of his own sinister plans for the Master Emerald. (StH: #169)

Finitevus Locke2

Finitevus tricking Locke to leave the Master Emerald in his care to search for the Brotherhood

Not long after this, a group of Dingoes attacked the now small village of Echidnaopolis, only to be stopped by none other than the Destructix. Locke arrived as soon as this happened, only to find Dr. Finitevus explaining that he had "reformed" the Destructix and they had come to protect Angel Island. Locke was skeptical, so the doctor brought forth Dimitri to help convince Locke of his motives. Finitevus then gave Locke a Warp Ring, telling him to use it to find his forefathers, the Brotherhood of Guardians while he guarded the emerald and Echidnas with the Destructix. As a final push, Finitevus asked Locke if he should contact Knuckles for assistance. Locke, who had been having arguments with his son lately, immediately said "no" and left, though not before telling Finitevus that he'd be checking up on him. As soon as Locke left, however, Finitevus commented this was "all too easy" and led Dimitri into the Master Emerald chamber. There, he told Dimitri his ultimate goal was to revive Enerjak and use him to crush the Dingo Regime and reunify the splintered Dark Legion. In actuality, Finitevus had hoped to revive Enerjak to destroy the world, which he felt to be corrupt beyond repair. However, he tricked Dimitri into believing he'd be the one revived as Enerjak so that he'd help convince Locke to leave.(StH: #171)

During the Egg Fleet's attack on New Mobotropolis, Scourge reported to Finitevus (who was busy performing some sort of ritual on the Master Emerald) that Dimitri had fled, apparently no longer trusting the doctor. However, Finitevus was not distressed. In fact, Finitevus was happy that Dimitri had left, as he was hoping he would. Scourge, though confused, dismissed it and left. Not long after this, Scourge and his new girlfriend reported to the doctor that the Dingoes were launching another attack on Echidnaopolis, and that the Flame Legion and Frost Legion had figured out that Finitevus was up to something and decided to work together to stop him. Finitevus thought of neither as threats, and simply headed back to the Master Emerald Chamber. A few seconds later, the new Enerjak appeared in front of Scourge and Fiona. Not long after this, Finitevus sent the Destructix (Scourge and Fiona included) to guard a weapon that the Brotherhood had designed solely to destroy Enerjak should he ever return. (StH: #177, #180, #183)

Finitevus betrayal

Finitevus preventing Remington and Lien-Da from stopping Knuckles becoming the new Enerjak

The new Enerjak was later revealed to be none other than Knuckles. Earlier, when he had come back to Angel Island to liberate it from the Dingoes and patch things up with his father, the Destructix ambushed and captured him. They then handed him over to the Flame and Frost Legions, who in turn handed him over to Dr. Finitevus and the Grandmasters Lien-Da and Remington. Knuckles demanded an explanation from Finitevus for Remington's apparent amnesia, and the doctor explained how he had saved Remington from Eggman's Egg Grapes, which had drained him of his memories. Finitevus then told Knuckles 90% of the Echidna population had been slain by the Eggman Empire, including those in Albion, (though Finitevus left out that he was the one responsible for the death of the Echidnas in Albion) leaving Knuckles speechless. The doctor continued to explain how he had gotten Lien-Da and Remington to work together, promising some of the Master Emerald's power so they could crush the Dingoes. But Knuckles, thinking it was his responsibility to stop the Dingoes, started taking the Master Emerald's power himself. Lien-Da and Remington tried to stop him, but Finitevus revealed how Knuckles taking the Master Emerald's power was part of his plan. Deprived of the power they'd been promised, Lien-Da and Remington then quickly retreated to rally their forces against this new threat, as Finitevus convinced Knuckles (who had taken most of the Master Emerald's power and was now brainwashed by a spell Finitevus put on the emerald) to become the new Enerjak. Knuckles' old mentor, Archimedes, had witnessed all of these events, attempting to contact Knuckles through telepathy though to no avail. (StH: #181)

Later, while Enerjak was out on his rampage through Mobius, Sonic and Tails came to the Master Emerald Chamber, looking for Knuckles(not knowing he was the new Enerjak). While the duo searched, Finitevus simply hid from their sight. (StH: #181)

After Enerjak had escaped from Dr. Eggman's Egg Grapes and destroyed much of New Megaopolis as well as the Egg Fleet, he had found that the Egg Grapes had drained much power from him and so he teleported back to the Master Emerald Chamber on Angel Island, where Dr. Finitevus was still hiding. Finitevus had started repowering Enerjak with the emerald when, suddenly, Sonic entered the chamber (Spindashing Finitevus in the process) and used this as a chance to take some of the Master Emerald's power, becoming Super Sonic once more. However, Finitevus actually seemed delighted about this. A while before the new Enerjak was made, Finitevus explained his motives to Scourge. He was angry at the fact that many generations of Guardians and Dark Legion Grandmasters had accomplished nothing short of ruining the lives of countless Echidna families, and believed the world was irreparably corrupt and needed to be destroyed so it could be revived anew. He had decided to use Enerjak to cleanse the planet, thinking it fitting that as the war between the Brotherhood and Grandmasters began with him, it, along with everything else, would be ended by him. (StH: #183)

Finitevus escape

Finitevus fleeing the scene via Warp Ring

While Finitevus anticipated that Sonic, like Knuckles, would fall victim to his spell, Sonic's positive aura somehow prevented the hex from affecting him. Curious but unconcerned, Dr. Finitevus watched as Super Sonic and Enerjak did battle above Angel Island, thinking that two super-powered beings fighting would destroy the world all the more efficiently. When confronted by Julie-Su and Archimedes, who demanded that he return Knuckles to normal, Finitevus replied calmly that even had he wanted to, he couldn't. As insurance against the efforts of Knuckles' various allies, he had "locked" his spell on the Master Emerald, preventing anyone from tapping into it and thus helping Knuckles, taunting that it could only be broken by someone sacrificing him or herself. Julie-Su and Archimedes were both willing, shocking the doctor, but then Locke stepped forward, hoping to mitigate his failures as a father. Finitevus vicously attacked the trio, determined to kill them to prevent them from interfering, but was then teleported away by Archimedes long enough for Locke to fulfill his task. Returning, Dr. Finitevus was attacked by a vengeful Knuckles, who knocked him to the edge of the island. Knuckles demanded he get back up, but Finitevus merely smiled and allowed himself to drop, falling into a Warp Ring. (StH: #184)

Pursued by Knuckles[]

After the failure of Project Enerjak: Reborn, Dr. Finitevus began conspiring with the Platypus Dark Egg Legion forces in Downunda. Setting up a base of operations in an ancient pyramid similar to those in the Sandopolis desert, he was eventually tracked down by Knuckles, Julie-Su, and Mighty the Armadillo who had been tipped off to his location by General Von Stryker. When encountered by the three, Dr. Finitevus managed to fend off Julie-Su and Mighty, but was soon beaten down by Knuckles. However, he managed to force Knuckles to temporarily align with him after the Platypus Dark Egg Legion chained Angel Island to the continent. (SU: #9, #10)


Dr. Finitevus and Knuckles fight using Chaos energy.

Knuckles was quick to interrogate Finitevus as to what he was doing, but the doctor brushed off his questions and denied any involvement, claiming that he wished to aid them so as to safeguard the Master Emerald for his research. Knuckles claimed he had a team in place, only for that team—led by Vector the Crocodile—to come through a Warp Ring. Dr. Finitevus mocked Knuckles' claims of the Emerald's safety before joining the Chaotix in battling an approaching group of Wing Dingoes. After the arrival of the Downunda Freedom Fighters, Finitevus agreed to fight along side them to release Angel Island, though Walt Wallabee and Knuckles later decided in secret that the Downunda Freedom Fighters would kill him off. When Thrash attempted to kill Finitevus, the latter simply mocked him as a "failed experiment" and used his Warp Ring technology to subdue the Downunda Freedom Fighters who were also under attack by Wing Dingoes and the Platypus Legion. Eventually the Dowunda Freedom Fighters along with Knuckles, Vector and Mighty were subdued and taken prisoner. Finitevus mocked Knuckles as he woke up, preparing to finish off the Guardian once and for all. (SU: #11)

He proceeded to reveal to Knuckles that he had met the Dark Egg Legion while investigating the very ruins that had led Knuckles to him, and had agreed to assist them in capturing Angel Island and the Master Emerald in exchange for access to it for his research, despite having no love for Eggman or the Iron Queen. He then left to finish securing the island, leaving orders that Julie-Su and Ray be captured, only to be intercepted by Knuckles after Bill turned out to be a double agent. After making a few cryptic remarks about the bits of Echidna history he could teach Knuckles were the Guardian to join him—such as the existence of Enerjaks before Dimitri, information about Aurora, and the "secret sins" of Albion-he was attacked by Knuckles. The two engaged in a brief but intense battle, which ended as Julie-Su came to Knuckles' aid by shooting Dr. Finitevus with her pistol and the Guardian threw Finitevus off the island. His allies scattered and his arm in a sling, Finitevus remarked that Knuckles was beyond saving, but that he could still be useful.(SU: #12)

Some point afterwards, Finitevus struck a deal with Fiona and the Destructix, who approached him seeking access to the Cosmic Interstate to break Scourge out of prison. Finitevus agreed to help, but only if they would do a job for him on Moebius, and gave them one of his Warp Rings. Meanwhile, the Chaotix attempted to use a Warp Ring they had obtained to rescue the Guardians banished to the Twilight Zone by Finitevus, only to learn that the rings apparently were unable to breach the zone without Finitevus' power and expertise. Finitevus' work eventually benefited Thrash after the Tasmanian Devil infiltrated Finitevus' lair while the doctor was absent, as Thrash not only learned the location of Albion but also how to super-charge his Warp Ring using the Master Emerald.. After accomplishing the latter, the Tasmanian Devil proceeded to transport all Echidnas remaining on Mobius proper-with the exception of Dimitri, Mari-An, Jon, Knuckles, and Finitevus himself-to parts unknown. (StH: #232, #244; SU: #29, #32)


Finitevus is among the more audacious villains, having acquired his minions by rescuing them from the antagonism of some of his most dangerous possible opponents, such as Dr. Eggman. Finitevus varies in his involvement with other parties, only interfering in the schemes of others if his own are threatened. He also takes Dark Legion contempt of Angel Island Echidnas to the extreme, similar in fashion to the hatred of the Guardian Spectre towards members of the Legion, although it seems he actually despises both sides. Finitevus is a master manipulator, having managed to send away Locke from the Master Emerald, trick Dimitri into believing he wanted to help him and trick Lien-Da, not to mention a corrupted Remington, into believing the same. Indeed, his plans advanced in the background without any third parties being any the wiser.

Though originally he was fully dedicated to Albion's ideals, his transformation left him with a vehement hatred of Mobius' current state of society and an apparent wish to see the world demolished and rebuilt as he believes it should be. Unfortunately, for all his insanity he retains enough awareness of right and wrong and the world around him to recognize what his actions are bringing about, but simply doesn't care. According to him, the world must be "purged by fire", due to having developed an opposite view of Mobius to Knuckles. His reasons for recreating Enerjak are as follows: he feels that the Brotherhood and the Dark Legion have accomplished nothing in their generations of conflict, and that it is only fitting that Enerjak end the conflict since he was its progenitor.

He is well-spoken and intelligent, but has a strong temper, occasionally giving into rage. As he sees the world and its people as corrupt, he is unable to find any good in it; thus, when Julie-Su, Archimedes and Locke are all willing to sacrifice themselves to save Knuckles, he becomes enraged, not understanding why they'd give up their own lives; indeed, he set the hex that way thinking no one would willingly kill themselves for the sake of another. Such is his perception of others that selfless deeds become twisted into acts of stupidity in his mind, part of the reason he can't understand why anyone would do such a thing. He is unable to understand self-sacrifice; he only helps others to ultimately serve himself, often placing them in his debt so that they are forced to assist him in return.

It also seems that Finitevus was not honest with both his plans and his own allies, as Scourge was shown to be clueless about Finitevus' goals, even after a lengthy elaboration that culminated into a history lecture and only left Scourge even more bewildered. His favor towards complex methods is in opposition to Knuckles' preference for simple solutions to problems. He also gains little respect from those he judges as his minions, particularly Scourge, who refers to him as "Dr. Creepy Von Evil".

Finitevus also seems to be fascist, and/or sadistic at times. He talked to Thrash as if he was an animal with a cruel smile on his face saying things like, "Easy there, boy." "Heel." "Stay." Finitevus also mocked Knuckles on several occasions, and has taken a particular liking to tormenting him. Despite this, he seemed to genuinely want Knuckles' help, thinking to "save" him from his corrupted view of society. When Knuckles refused to give in to his offers of information that even the Brotherhood couldn't have offered, however, he was quick to try and eliminate him. From his taunts, he seems to possess a greater knowledge of Echidna history than Knuckles, and this awareness gives him a superior attitude towards other Mobians. However, he finds Knuckles a puzzling subject, given that the Guardian did not react to his offers in the way that he expected. Due to their completely opposite personalities, Knuckles also seems to set the doctor off even more than other heroic Mobians. (CSE)


Dr. Finitevus was designed by artist Jon Gray. Prior to his transformation into his iconic appearance, Finitevus was depicted as a red echidna in an orange lab coat. After his transformation, his fur color changed to white; his eyes became yellow with black sclera. He typically wears a flowing, tattered black cape with a gold star-in-a-circle insignia on the back (in some appearance, on the front as well) with a heavy gold crescent-moon clasp. Fintevus also sports holders for his Warp Rings on the forearms and feet, essentially wearing them like heavy bangles or bracers. As a "photonegative" of Knuckles, he also bears a mark similar to that of the Guardians: a double black crest. However, in later appearances this is usually colored gold, worked into his attire or missing. His eyes are rimmed in red; his eyelids are likewise red (though sometimes miscolored white). He also bears small metallic plates on his cheeks as well as think black lines on his head and dreadlocks; these lead to a black-and-yellow diamond-shaped mark on his forehead. Finitevus has gray wraps covering his hands and feet; he also wears a belt with a round gold buckle and a pair of small pince-nez with round (usually purple) lenses. He briefly wore a cast on one arm.

Early concept designs for Finitevus included a skull motif as well as a black bandanna on his head; at a time, the diamond-shaped mark was conceived as a hidden "third eye" kept concealed by the bandanna, though this concept was dropped.


Negative Chaos energy

Doctor Finitevus using his powers on a Warp Ring.

Dr. Finitevus is an insane genius of a caliber rivaling that of Dimitri or Dr. Eggman. His skills include not only robotics and mechanical expertise, but also a level of magical ability. Due to the accident involving Chaos Knuckles and his Chaos Siphon suit, which resulted in his transformation into a "photonegative" of Chaos Knuckles, he commands a corrupted form of Chaos energy that is black instead of the usual green and has possibly combined it somehow with another type of power derived from science or magic. Whatever the nature of this corruption, Finitevus can duplicate any ability used by a wielder of pure Chaos energy, as demonstrated by his use of Chaos Control to teleport to the Chaos Chamber and to help Locke hold the Master Emerald. The nature of his powers also apparently thwarts certain detection methods, as demonstrated by the failure of Hunter's scanner to register Finitevus.

He appears to have achieved incredible mastery of his powers, to the point where he can use the energies to create a brainwashing spell, like the one that persuaded Knuckles to become Enerjak, in order to render his victims docile and receptive to his commands. These powers were also put to use in a number of inventions, including the Warp Rings. Finitevus' powers also give him abilities similar to and rivaling that of a Guardian channeling the power of the Master Emerald. His abilities appear at least equal to Knuckles' own, given his performance in their battles, though other displays of his power seem to indicate that he might be even more adept than the current Guardian. The nearer he is to the Master Emerald, the greater his control, perhaps indicating that the decreased distance makes channeling its power easier.

Unlike most members of the Dark Legion, Dr. Finitevus has no cybernetic alterations, but he does have some sort of holders for his Warp Rings on his arms and legs. It has been seen that he can control his Warp Rings from these holders with a thought and he seems to also be able to activate them while they are still in the holder to allow him to use his hands on objects at a distance. It also appears that Finitevus' powers interacting with the Warp Rings make them capable of performing feats that they are incapable of by themselves. An example of this is how he was able to use one to transport most of the Brotherhood and Moritori Rex to the Twilight Cage, while the Chaotix were unable to access that dimension with a stolen Warp Ring.

He also seems to have some skill in hand to hand combat, used in conjunction with his Warp Rings he can keep up with fighters such as Locke and Julie-Su, though he was also caught off guard by the skills of Barby Koala. Finitevus also gained much of Knuckles' fighting prowess from the event that transformed him, and is able to go toe-to-toe with Knuckles in battle. He also uses his Warp Rings to great advantage by teleporting his opponents' attacks away from him, causing them to hit their allies or dealing blows from unexpected angles through the rings. The fact that he seems to carry a virtually unlimited supply makes them an even more dangerous weapon in his hands.

He also display some level of enhanced endurance in his wall-to-wall tangle with Knuckles, seeming to recover quickly with little actual damage and when he was thrown off the edge of Angel Island, he survived with only an injured arm, and that from being blasted by Julie-Su while still on the island. (CSE)

He may have been able to take on a Super Transformation.[1]

Finitevus was a "Technomage" for the Dark Legion. He has never been seen to possess the powers of a Technomage, though this may simply refer to a title or rank he held within the Dark Legion.

Background Information[]

  • Finitevus bears a heavy resemblance to the character Dr. Zachary from Sonic the Comic, as well as the ********** glitch from Knuckles' Chaotix (commonly dubbed Wechina).
    • The main villain of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Lord Pir'Oth Ix, also resembles Dr. Zachary and Finitevus.
    • While Finitevus, Zachary and Ix are no longer used in any continuity, they received a spiritual successor in the form of Dr. Starline in the IDW comics.[2] Notably, Starline is based on the "Wechina" glitch and is based on the Platypus - an Australian Montotremata like the Echidna. Of the three he especially resembles Finitevus given his initial preference for utilizing portals via the Warp Topaz being similar to Fintevus' usage of Warp Rings, among other reasons.
  • Fans previously believed that Finitevus might be related to Dimitri, as during the Mobius: 25 Years Later arc, Dimitri mentioned that he "has not been so ashamed of [his] bloodline since [he] worked with Dr. Finitevus." However, series writer Ian Flynn has stated that Dimitri's shame was directed towards himself for working alongside Finitevus. Many fans also believe Doctor Finitevus to be involved at some point with Lien-Da, and think that he may be Rutan's father in Mobius: X Years Later, due to the tips of Rutan's dreadlocks being white.
  • When penciller Jon Gray was first developing Finitevus's design, an early sketch had the diamond mark on his forehead replaced with a bandanna bearing a skull that covered a third eye in the middle of his forehead. While very interesting, this rendition was scrapped as Finitevus's character was described as already being creepy enough without becoming horrifying. The drawing was previously viewable on Jon Gray's personal website, but the site has since been closed.
  • In a video interview with Jon Gray, Gray revealed that a scrapped panel in #141 involved Finitevus escaping Hunter's chaos spear attack by lifting his bandanna and revealing his third eye, causing Hunter to be induced into a hypnotic state. This plot element was dropped at the last moment, and Finitevus' design was changed to no longer include the third eye. In this same interview, Gray also noted that Finitevus' power ring arm bands were not originally intended to be Warp Rings, but purely ornamental to Finitevus' design, and that Finitevus' association with Warp Ring technology was created after the fact and later incorporated into the character's theme by Ian Flynn.
  • It is unknown why Dr. Finitevus was not hunted down and eliminated by Sir Connery given his use of corrupted Chaos energy. Perhaps Sir Connery was unable to distinguish the corrupt form of chaos energy from the regular kind, or Finitevus' use of it was not particularly malevolent. It is also possible that Connery was unable to reach Finitevus while he was a member of the Dark Legion.
  • Finitevus's albino appearance and evil alignment plays into the western stereotype of the "evil albino".
  • According to a post on writer Ian Flynn`s forum, Finitevus is in his prime, late twenties or early thirties. In Segabit's Ask Ian #6 Podcast, Ian also described Finitevus as one of his favorite villains to write.
  • In Sonic Universe #12's Off Panel, Finitevus is depicted as left-handed.
  • Finitevus's origin in a secluded city of genius animals is similar to DC villain Gorilla Grodd.
  • Finitevus's name stems from the Latin finitivus, essentially meaning "limit" or "end" (root word for final, finish, finite, etc..), which ties into his nihilistic views.
  • Finitevus is notable among villains in the Sonic the Hedgehog series in that he has been mentioned or has appeared in some form in both the Light Mobius and Dark Mobius alternate futures, likely due to the prominence given the Echidna characters in both timelines. He is also one of the only Echidnas prominent enough to have been named who has survived the near extinction of the race without being either a descendant of Dimitri or Edmund, as well as being present on Mobius itself for the purge.
  • Thanks in part to his own research falling into Thrash's hands, Finitevus is one of only a handful of Echidnas who isn't known to have been imprisoned in the Twilight Cage or banished by the Tasmanian Devil. He was also in the narrow category of being one of the only Echidnas remaining on Mobius itself prior to the reboot.
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