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Eggman X


Dr. Eggman (Sonic X) is an alternate version of Dr. Ivo Robotnik. He was transported from his world to human world using Chaos Control. Now he tries conquering the planet but is constantly thwarted by Sonic. Besides the many robots at his disposal, he is mainly aided by his three main robotic henchmen, Bocoe and Decoe, and Bokkun. (SX: #1, #40)


Besides the standard Robotnik-mastery of robotics this version of Eggman proved to have some combat skills, as displayed during his tenure as El Gran Gordo, even able to hold his own against his Sonic and lasted longer than anyone of his robots ever had and defeat Andes The Ginormous who won the wrestling championship five times. Apparently this incarnation is also a skilled tailor judging from his near limitless collection of costumes and disguises, though he could have simply bought or stolen these.


This version is significantly more lucid than most others, in contrast he is considerably more flamboyant and attention hungry. Many of his crimes have seemingly no other purpose than to allow him to show off. He also has a curious interest in the concept of money. Despite being confused as to how "little green slips of paper" are so valuable, he does understand that having lots of it allows him to buy parts for his robots, so he often makes plans to obtain money in vast amounts. (SX: #1)

Background Information

  • This version of Eggman is considered to be a human, rather than an overlander.
  • It is implied that this version of Eggman is much older than his Prime counterpart's, as this one had known Professor Gerald Robotnik personally despite passing away fifty years ago.
  • This version of Dr. Eggman shares a similar trait with Dr. Eggman prior to the super Genesis Wave, in which it was revealed in both the anime and in the comic that Dr. Eggman is native to Earth but was sent to Sonic's world by his grandfather where he began terrorizing it's inhabitants; similar in that Dr. Eggman traveled from his Mobius to Mobius Prime.