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Dr. Eggman
Biographical information


Physical description
  • Green tinted gray goggles
  • Blue pince-nez glasses
  • Red, yellow and white military/dictator's uniform
  • Wrist Controller
  • Gray baggy pants
  • Black long boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Incredible IQ
  • Mechanical expertise
  • Advanced piloting skills
  • Control various technology with Wrist Controller
This article is on the Eggman of the Sonic Boom Zone; for other versions, see Dr. Eggman (disambiguation).

Dr. Eggman is the recurring nemesis of Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends from the Sonic Boom Zone in company with his henchmen Orbot and Cubot.


One day Dr. Eggman attacked Sonic and his teammates using his new Big Boy mech, only for it to be defeated fairly easily by the heroes' teamwork. However, Eggman had set another plan in motion by planting a device beneath Tails' house that gathered nearby rocks and became the Rock-cyborg. Unfortunately, this plan failed to defeat the heroes, though it did have the surprising result of helping get Knuckles to approach Eggman regarding a teamup. Eggman soon attacked again in a poorly repaired Big Boy mech, which served as a distraction which allowed Knuckles to attack and capture his teammates, with the exception of Amy Rose, whom Eggman captured with the mech. Confident that he had achieved victory, Eggman set his sights on the main village of Bygone Island, though he debated what to do when he got there. However, it turned out that Knuckles remained loyal to his teammates, and he soon caught up with Eggman and ripped the Big Boy apart once again, forcing Eggman to retreat. (SB: #1, #2)

Returning to his lair, Eggman ordered Orbot and Cubot to repair the Big Boy so that he could launch it in another attack. However, the pair were distracted by the discovery of Amy's Piko Hammer, and their arguments over it disabled the Big Boy's alarms, leaving Eggman unaware that it wasn't in full operating condition. The Hammer then ricocheted around the interior of the mech and caused it to fall apart. However, Eggman rebuilt it yet another time, determined to have a final climactic battle with the heroes. Upon learning that they had forgotten about it, the angry Eggman attacked, and demonstrated to the heroes that their previous methods of defeating it had been negated by new defenses he had installed. However, his sure victory was thwarted by Sticks the Badger and the Rock of Justice, which proved just as devastating as the Piko Hammer and finished off the Big Boy. Furious over his defeat, Eggman began laying plans for his next scheme. (SB: #3, #4)


Like all other alternate versions of Dr. Robotnik, this Dr. Eggman is gifted in mechanics and has an IQ of 300.


Unlike his Prime counterpart, this Dr. Eggman is more comical and laid back; similar to his Sonic X counterpart. He is also shown at times to get along with his enemies but will not hesitate to betray them when the opportunity presents itself.



Dr. Eggman in the animated series.

This reality's version of Dr. Eggman retains the pin-eye glasses and trademark mustache (slightly shorter than most incarnations) and his goggles have a slightly different design as well. Unlike his Prime counterpart, this Dr. Eggman is noticeably not fat, but instead has upper body strength and wears a military general-style outfit that resembles his classic video game design.

Background Information[]

  • As stated by Dr. Eggman's current English voice actor, Mike Pollock, this version of Eggman is still shaped like an egg; albeit an upside-down one.