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Eggman ATAP

Dr. Eggman

Dr. Eggman is a mad scientist and an alternative version of Dr. Robotnik from an alternate reality.


Orbital Terror[]

During an attempt to take over the Little Planet, Dr. Eggman unleashed his Metal Sonic robot to destroy his hated foe Sonic the Hedgehog, but failed. He later constructed a powerful fleet of spaceships to attack the planet and was confronted by Super Sonic, but revealed that it had all been a trap. He was able to drain Super Sonic's energy and use it to shatter the planet into several large fragments in his bid to release a powerful creature, but ended up transforming Sonic into the Werehog as a result. Terrified, Eggman had him removed from the ship, but after thwarting that scheme a back to normal Sonic would continue to plague Eggman. The next occasion was on a space station amusement park Eggman created with sinister intentions for the Wisps. (SSSM: #3, StH: #193, #219)

Further Villainy[]

When the Little Planet returned, Eggman set out to defeat Sonic once and for all by salvaging Metal Sonic. Though that plan failed, Eggman gave his mechanical minion another chance during the Olympics. After capturing Sonic's various friends using booby-trapped equipment, Orbot and Cubot and his Caterkiller robots, Eggman challenged Sonic to defeat Metal Sonic in order to save his friends. However, Sonic managed to achieve victory by channeling the spirit of the Olympics and forced Eggman to flee. (SSSM: #3, #10, StH: #242)

Background Information[]

  • Except where shown to be different in the issues he appears in, this version of Eggman is presumed to have a history identical to that of his counterpart from the video games.


This Dr. Eggman is typically identical in appearance to his counterparts from Mobius Prime and the Sonic X Zone, though during the Olympics he did briefly disguise himself as a referee.